How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing
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How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing


  • Patrick’s Hustle Hobbies

    My wife and I are doing the same. We are at a crossroads between buying a rental property and heavily investing to avoid the rental headache. I just dont know. What a great video dana !!!

  • Keebler50

    Do you know Clark Howard? He’s been around a long time. Has written books, has a radio show and became wealthy in real estate. Check him out! So down to earth.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Rich Carey has a blog “Rich on Money”—his story is that he paid cash for every one of his 40 rental properties. Not a fast talking “leverage your debt” kind of guy.

  • Eric J Corker

    I owned six homes and lost it all investing in Real estate. Real estate investing is not something you can learn overnight, it takes continuous research and lots of experience to stay successful in real .. I prefer to invest in a more controllable market, forex for example.

  • Jordan Williams

    Reiterating the recommendation of Paula Pant and her Afford Anything podcast. Really cool interviews and she even has a few videos where she shares monthly cash flows from her real estate properties, which I find incredibly transparent and insightful. She also has a GREAT blog with even deeper history.

  • Kelly Little

    I’m interested in the same exact thing. I would love to start investing in real estate and I also follow the Dave Ramsey Plan. New subscriber 👍😊

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