How to Get Property from an Inmate | Maricopa County Jail System

Hi i’m David Cantor with the Law Offices
of David Michael Cantor. Today i’m going to talk about how to get
property from an inmate whose housed in a Maricopa county jail
system; that means they have something you need to get it. First of all the inmate puts in a tank
order and they will actually set the location for the pickup, usually
it’s in the lobby of the jail where they’re housed. Now the pickup percent needs have a
current valid government issued ID when they
show up, passport, driver’s licens, DMV DMV ID card etcetera. No Sam’s Club ID or swap meet
ID’s. Also, if you have an immigration card or visa, those are okay as long as you
have a valid ID. It’s very common for an inmate who’s
in the jail system, if they’ve pled guilty and now they
received a prison sentence and they’re going to be transferred to DOC Department of
Corrections they will fill out what’s called the DOC
release form and they’ll designate who’s supposed to pick up the property. Here’s the problem, if you do not show up
within 10 days to pick up their property it’s destroyed it’s thrown away so
make sure you show up to pick it up. Now a lot of inmates get picked up and their
bond is set or they’re non-bondable and when they
showed up they had their wallet or their purse and they have cash and credit cards
and cell phone etcetera. Now that’s usually when the inmate says
hey I want you to come and pick up my wallet or spouse will say look I need your credit card so I can
pay bills I need a certain other things I need your phone so we can
contact certain other people. That’s the time they’ll normally set for release in the lobby. Now with money from an inmate, this can be
released by an inmate to place on their own “books” so they can shop at the canteen store and
they can usually do that within 72 hours of being booked. Now if it’s more than 72 hours the jail commander has to prove that and
sometimes the jail commanders will say no it’s too late, you waited a week, too bad. Well all the inmate has to do is
say fine I’m gonna release my money to my loved one and once that money’s release a loved
one they can put it on the inmates books while they’re in the jail and we have a whole
video at that talks about how to place money on an inmates books, normally you do it at the kiosk in the lobby
and its self-explanatory and there’s fees involved. Now if you have any questions call the
sherrifs information management system or SIMS phone line at 602 876 0322. If you want to call the individual jails, we
list all of the jails and their phone numbers on our website at Now
this information is good as of today’s date but it’s always changing so you may wanna
call prior to going down to the jail to get property. If your
loved one is sitting in jail and they haven’t been convicted
of anything yet, there in the pre-trial phase, call us at 602
307 0808 or go to and fill out a contact
us form, we will be happy to do a free
30-minute consultation in our office doesn’t cost anything but takes about 30
minutes, we’ll go over the case from top to bottom and
hopefully we can find a way out of this for your loved one. If they’ve pled guilty but haven’t been sentenced, again call us are perhaps we can get the lower end of
the sentencing range at the sentencing, and lastly they’ve
been sentenced and convicted already call us we can do post-conviction
relief petitions, appeals or sentence modifications or maybe we can
get the sentence reduced or the whole case thrown out on a
technicality. Again, we look forward to hearing from you soon
good luck with getting the property from your loved one but give us a
call 602 307 0808 602 307 0808 or go to our website we look forward to seeing you soon, take care.

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