• San

    I watched your episode on the BiggerPocket podcast, it is one of my favorite episodes. Very genuine and informative. Thank you for sharing!

  • Dominion Real Estate Mentoring

    You seem like such a good guy Clayton. Love you on Fox and good to know you're an investor too. I have a radio show on WCBM in Baltimore. Would you be interested in being a guest on the show, assuming your contract with Fox doesn't prohibit you from doing so?

  • Aaron Christopher

    Will private lenders consider financing deals for newbies, or is it better to have at least one deal under your belt before approaching them?

  • Alex Martin

    12-15%?! Please tell me that was just a hypothetical number? If you're paying 12-15% to your investors how does that not completely kill your spread?

  • Rob Spencer

    I am not trying to be a troll here. This is meant as a genuine question. What do you do if everyone you know is worried about paying their next electric bill? People that I know are cab drivers, minus wage retail workers, etc. I'd guess that most of them don't have any money saved up, they are just struggling to make ends meet.

  • Brenda Vandyke

    Question: Why can't I set up a group trust account and put the private funding into the account instead into the LLC ? The money and properties would be in the trust account that will be protected. Right now i had invested $25k to an investor for rehab project. She had put the money into her group trust account.

  • Chris H.

    Can I borrow your rolodex, kind Sir? I'll give it right back. 🙂

    Great stuff! I have decided to take action. So I am binge watching your videos.

  • Tess Madame

    In your example with a minimum $50,000 investment, say you get 3 investors.. are each of them to come up with 50,000? Bringing the money to 150,000?

  • Jake Phelps

    Seems like when u sit down at the lunch meeting one of the main points of conversation from the lender would be about the "investment"

  • T Stanton

    should i be building relationships with contractors and property management companies as well or would that come later down the line and i should be focusing on private financing first?

  • joseph daoud

    Hi Clayton and Natalie, I know you guys have some properties in Michigan. I currently own 2 residential rentals free and clear in Michigan, and I am having trouble finding a local bank or CU that could help with a cash out refi or HELOC. Do you have any lenders you could recommend?

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