How to Get Out of a Realtor Contract
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How to Get Out of a Realtor Contract

Do you know how to get out of a realtor contract? Is your realtor that bad? She isn’t returning calls or handling customers
fast enough. And every month our house is on the market, I’m paying two house payments. Read the contract. The contract may specifically
say that if the realtor isn’t responding in a reasonable time period, you could get
out of it. What’s another option? If you decide you aren’t going to sell it,
you could cancel the contract. Well, I have to make the house payment. If you decide to try to rent it, you could
cancel the realtor contract. That might not work, because I actually want
to sell it. Talk to the realtor. She may not have the
time to do a good job and voluntarily terminate the contract. So if we both agree, we can cancel it. You may just need a better agent. Some realtors
let you cancel a contract with one agent as long as you sign up with another. I need a better agent. Dave Ramsey says a
realtor who is breathing should move a house a month, and ours is sitting for months. Look for contractual breaches. Is the realtor
not showing the house as many times as shown in the contract? And my last resort is going to court, of course. Sometimes just threatening to go to court
can cause the realtor to cancel the contract and release you. Free at last! Free at last! Except for the mortgage payments. If I get a good realtor, then that ordeal
will be over soon. And remember that it could be your fault,
too, if you have the house overpriced. Or if it’s messy, or if its – I get the idea. Let me find a better realtor,
and then follow that person’s advice to sell the place.

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