How To Generate 34 Real Estate Leads In 1 Week!!
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How To Generate 34 Real Estate Leads In 1 Week!!

– Today I wanna break down how to start generating your first
two to five leads per day for your real estate business, even if you’re a completely newbie and have no existing online presence. So whether you’re a newbie
to the real estate industry or you’re a newbie to lead generation, digital marketing, all that stuff, I’m gonna break it down, I’m gonna show you guys the
templates and everything of how you can finally get that consistency in your business. Because, obviously, if you’re
generating consistent leads, that’s gonna result in a consistent number of appointments that you’re setting, which will then result in a consistency with the number of deals that
you are closing each month. Alright, so I’m gonna show
you guys, with all that said, how Jamie leveraged this exact system, this exact strategy I’ll
be showing you today, to generate 12 leads at $1.02 per lead in his first 24 hours of implementing exactly what I’m gonna be breaking down and sharing with you all today. And how countless others have gone through and implemented these same strategies, and have seen almost immediate results with their lead generation, and generating leads for
a fraction of the cost, compared to all these other big advertising sites out there. Like Beth right here in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You can see she was
spending $350 per month for leads on And after just one week of implementing that strategy I’ll be breaking down and sharing with you all today, she was able to generate 25 leads in her very first week, at a fraction of the cost. Now, who this strategy actually works for. This works for all real
estate professionals. Doesn’t matter if you’re a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, if you have listings, don’t have listings. Or maybe you are a real estate investor, or even a loan officer, mortgage broker. I’m gonna break down
and share with you guys the templates, the strategy, everything, the whole blueprint of how to get your first two to five leads per day for your business. Alright, so, today, as I mentioned, guys, I’m gonna show you guys the
exact Facebook ad templates, the exact posts. I’m not gonna blur anything out, but I’m gonna show you
guys exactly what we use, and I’m gonna show you the
actual lead page templates that you basically can
just copy and paste, and use these templates to get that consistency in your business. Now, just a very quick brief intro to me and who I am, if
you guys are unfamiliar with me and my story. So my name is Jason Wardrop, and I specialize in digital marketing and lead generation, specifically in the real
estate and mortgage space. So I founded a software company
called Arsenal Marketing, which helps real estate agents, investors, and loan officers generate leads and qualify leads, back in May of 2015. So it’s been about four years now. And over that time, I’ve been able to work with over 5100 real estate professionals. So I’ve been able to see, really, what works, what doesn’t work, and we’ve been able to cut out a lot of the trial and error, and just get to these strategies that work time and time again, no matter what market you’re in, whether you work on buyers or sellers, or whatever your real focus is. And I personally spent over $750,000 on Facebook advertising. Generated well over 100,000
leads during that time, and that was just for my business. That doesn’t count all the other money that we’ve spent with our realtor clients and with these strategies
I’m gonna be breaking down and sharing with you all today. It’s allowed me to be
featured in Forbes two times, as well as on I was able to go through and do a full-on live presentation for
them a few months back, breaking down all of these strategies. And honestly, guys, that’s all you really need to know about me. But I’ve got a decent amount
of experience in this space. I’ve seen a lot of the good, the bad, the ugly, all that stuff. But with all that said, back when I first started my business, I started a marketing agency. And I was in a very similar position, where most realtor clients
that I work with currently are. Now, the goal of my first business was to go through and generate leads for all of the clients I was
working with at the time. So I got a website up, and I thought, if I’ve got this website, I’ll be able to generate leads for all of my clients, and then I’ll make my
clients happy, I’ll be happy, and the business will continue to grow. Now, the only problem is, like most people’s first business, my business was failing
extremely fast, guys. I mean, it was a steep, steep nosedive. And the reason why is because I wasn’t able to generate
any leads from my website. And so I was like, you know what, I gotta start messing around with all this social media stuff, I’ve gotta start messing around with Facebook, YouTube,
Pinterest, Twitter. And this was before
Instagram was even around, and I was a complete newbie at the time to everything lead generation, everything marketing, all this stuff. But I figured, all this stuff is moving towards social media, so I better start messing around with it and kind of figuring out what’s going on. And it was around this
time that I had a mentor friend of mine who I went through and I showed him my business and I told him about
where I was struggling. I wasn’t able to generate
any leads for my business, I wasn’t able to generate any leads for my clients’ business, and I just found myself
in this massive rut. And then he looked at it and he suggested that I add something
called a landing page, or a lead capture page, so those terms are synonymous, lead capture page, landing page, to my business, and from there, everything completely changed. And this right here, guys, this is the simple game changer that took my business
from completely failing to actually starting to see some results, and then, eventually, being
able to scale very quickly. So if you look over here on the left hand side of your screen, what I would do is I would leverage the top social media networks out there, to gain exposure. And then when someone
would click on my post, or tweet, or video, or anything like that, I would send these people
to my landing page, or lead capture page,
synonymous terms there, instead of my main website or my blog. And then once I generated a
lead from that landing page, I had an automated
follow up system in place to follow up with every
single one of those leads via email, as well as text message. And I used this exact model to go from generating basically zero leads per week for my business to 468 leads my very first week after implementing this simple lead capture page right here. Now, if you’re like me and almost every other business owner out there, you know you need a website to help you grow and market your business. About 98 to 99% of the realtors I initially start working with, they already have a website in place, which is great. But the commonality, the
common thing that happens is I ask them how many leads they’re getting from their website, and a majority of them say, I haven’t ever even gotten
a lead from my website, or, it’s been weeks or months, or maybe they’re getting
one to two a month or one to two a week. And there’s nothing consistent about it. So if that’s you, you’re
kind of in that same place, where you’re thinking about your website, and you’re thinking, man,
I don’t even remember the last time I generated
a lead from my website, you’re not alone. And real quick, if you do
not have a website yet, don’t worry, this is not a necessity to be able to go through
and generate leads. But I’m gonna break down the strategy of what you can do to implement to start generating leads within the next 24 hours. So if you’re like most realtors I go through and work with, they’ve got this website, but they’re not generating
any leads from this website. So what they’ll go through and do is they’ll go and create a Facebook page, because they’re like, man,
Facebook has to be the answer, because there’s over a
billion people on Facebook. So they’ll set up a Facebook page to go through, run some
ads, get some exposure. But what happens is they still struggle to get real leads. They might get some likes, some comments, some shares, some engagement on their posts, but they don’t ever see any real leads in the form of someone’s name, their phone number, and
their email address. And, honestly, guys, the reason why is because Facebook plus your main website, it just doesn’t work. Believe me, guys, I have tried it, and I have tested it out with thousands and thousands of
dollars of paid advertising, but it just doesn’t work. It’s kind of like trying to put a square block into a round hole. And that’s what my mentor
originally went through, broke down, and explained to me. But then he said, in order
to make Facebook work or Instagram or Twitter, YouTube, or any of these other social media sites that you had to use something
called a landing page, also known as a lead capture page. And a landing page is a simple site, just like this one right here that you’re seeing on your screen, that has no other
distractions on the page. There’s no other links, there’s no other ads, there’s nothing else, but everything is kept as
clear and concise as possible so that when someone
visits this landing page, they either opt in or they don’t, and then once they opt in, you can grab their contact information, their name, phone
number, and email address so you can eventually follow up with them. So unlike your main website
that you have right now, a landing page is actually gonna convert about 10 to 25% of the people visiting that site into leads. As opposed to your main website, it typically converts
less than 1% of people visiting that site into leads. Guys, this is not just
real estate-specific or mortgage-specific, this is industry-wide, that you will get these conversion rates. And that’s because just your main website, it’s not optimize to go through and convert a website visitor into an actual lead. So to kind of put this in perspective, if you have 100 people you’re getting to your main website, you might be lucky to get just one lead from those visitors. And I’m sure most of you guys have already experienced that. Whereas with the landing page, you can get as many as 10 to 25 leads with the same amount of
people visiting your site. So, now, instead of
making a post on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any of these other social media sites, and sending them to your main
website or even your blog, you now want to send
them to a landing page, just like this one, so you can grab their contact information and generate a real qualified lead. And that’s exactly what
I did with my business and went from generating
just a few leads per week to literally 468 leads my very first week after implementing a
simple lead capture page just like this into my business and sending people to that page as opposed to my main
website, or even my blog. And that’s also what we’ve replicated time and time again with all of the agents and brokers out there that we’ve worked with. As you can see, Chad right here, he went from struggling with Facebook ads in his lead generation for months to generating almost immediate 10 leads after just simply
implementing this strategy of the landing page into his business and leveraging Facebook and all these other
social media platforms, plus a landing page, and was able to start
generating immediate leads. And the best part is is we’ve got several plug and play templates where you can literally just copy and paste these templates
into your business that they’re already proven winners for buyer leads, seller leads, investor leads, mortgage leads, whatever type of leads
that you’re going after. So right here, let’s say that you have a listing that you wanna go through and market or promote. Or let’s say you’ve got, someone in your office has a listing and you wanna go and market their listing. So you can see, on the left
hand side of your screen, that is a look at what
the actual Facebook ad or Facebook post is gonna look like. And then, once somebody’s scrolling through their newsfeed on their phone or on their desktop or whatever it is, they’ll click on that post, and they’ll go to the landing page that you see right here on your right. They’ll put in their contact information, so their name, phone
number, and email address. They’ll become a lead. And this campaign consistently generates leads for less than $3 per lead. Now, here’s also a look at
my seller leads campaign. If you guys wanna go through, take a quick screenshot, no problem. But you can see on the left is the Facebook ad or the Facebook post. And when someone sees
that in their newsfeed, they click on that, go
to the landing page, opt in, and become a lead. Now, here’s an example of
my buyer leads campaign. If you don’t have a listing but you’re still wanting
to work with buyer leads, you can see the Facebook post, the landing page, as well as
my open house leads campaign, where you can generate dozens of leads before this open house even starts. And then just two more real quick. Here’s one of my mortgage leads campaigns, the Facebook post, plus the landing page. And we’ve got several others, as well as an investor leads campaign. You can see the Facebook post, as well as the landing
page right here, as well. And as I mentioned before, guys, this works for all real
estate professionals. So it doesn’t matter if
you’re a buyer’s agent, if you’re a seller’s agent, if you have listings, if
you don’t have listings, if you are a real estate investor, or even a loan officer. Now, guys, you guys can see right here, these are screenshots from
the Facebook Ads Manager, and you can see these
red circles right here. It’s showing you how much it costs us to go through and generate a lead with these different campaigns. And what I call a lead is someone’s name, phone number, and email address, where you actually have
their contact information to call, email, follow
up with this person, not just some like or a comment on a post. And you can see right here, we are generating leads
for less than $3 per lead, time and time again. You see $1.02, $0.89, $1.07, $1.23. And these are all updated with the new Facebook algorithm updates. And so we keep these all up-to-date with any changes that Facebook ever makes. And so you look at this and you literally can generate leads for
a fraction of the cost compared to all these other
big advertising sites. The average cost for most
realtors that I work with of leads on these big advertising sites is 25 to $30 per lead. And I worked with a realtor one time that I heard he was paying $81 per lead. So if you look at that, on average, you can be getting 20 to 30 leads for the cost of just one lead from these big advertising sites. So now we’ve broken down exactly how to get your first two
to five leads per day. We showed you the Facebook ads, we’ve shown you the
landing page templates. And now you have leads, but it doesn’t stop there. Because we all have
heard it a million times, that the fortune is in the follow up. And that’s dead on 100% accurate. So even if you’re generating two to five leads, or
even 50 leads per day, but you don’t have a proven follow up system in place, it’s just, it’s really not
gonna benefit you whatsoever. So later on this week,
what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna show you guys
the proven follow up system that we’ve broken down and we’ve tested and we just have this
down to an exact science that you will be able to have and use in your business. And I’m gonna show you guys
the whole follow up system. I’m gonna show you guys the exact email and text message templates, and I’m even going to give those to you so you can just copy and paste those and use those in your business. So be on the lookout later this week for that next video, where we’re gonna break down the follow up so you can piece these
two things together, as far as the lead generation. I’ll show you the follow up piece. And then with those two together, from there, it’s all
about scaling things up to the next level. So be on the lookout for that next video. We’re gonna go through
and walk you through the entire follow up, and I’ll even give you the follow up email and text message templates that you can copy and paste and use in your business. So with that said, guys, thanks so much for watching today, and I will see you in the next video.


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  • Jonathan Whitaker

    How do you capture the leads contact information from the lead capture page? All i see is a button, where do they input their information?

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