How To Find The Owner Of Any Property In The United States
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How To Find The Owner Of Any Property In The United States

– [Instructor] Hey, everybody. This is Seth from the REtipster blog. Thanks for stopping in. In the next few minutes, I’m gonna show you a little trick to find out the owner of any property anywhere in the United States. Now, my secret weapon for doing this is actually the same one that I use for a lot of other things, and it’s this tool here that
I’ve talked about a lot, which is called AgentPro247. And I’m gonna show you what I mean here just by using this example
from Hudson County, New Jersey. I’m gonna just type in
just a random street that I happen to know of in that county, and it’s gonna bring us there. Okay, now, as you can see, this has given us a lot
of information here. We can see all these
different partial maps all over the place. Just open this up a little bit. And all of these properties
with push pins in them, those are all properties
that have an address as Fleet Street. And just to give an example, let’s say we wanted to figure out who the owner of, oh, I don’t know, this parcel right here is. All you have to do is click on it, it’ll turn green, and then it’ll open this up, and it shows you right here, that is the entity that owns the property, and that’s the address. And to do something even cooler, you can actually open up these reports. And by the way, these
reports are available on every single parcel in the county. So, I mean, any single one you find, if you wanna learn more about it, this is all you gotta do. And essentially it’s gonna
open up this new window here. And we can scroll down. And the first thing I
want you to take a look at is the mailing address, so this is actually where the
owner can be contacted at, and the site address. This is the actual address
of the property itself. And you’ll notice the
addresses are not the same. They’re very close, they’re probably right next to each other, but it’s not the same. And essentially what that means is that technically this property is owned by an absentee owner. And, of course, as you look further down, you can see even more information, like the total area of the land, the year it was built, the use code. It looks like this is apparently
some kind of a church. And you can also see the transfer values, so that’s the amount it
was apparently sold for. And this happened back in 2012. You can see assess value. I mean really a ton of stuff here, which is awesome. In this particular video, the reason I’m bringing this up is because I actually use AgentPro a lot when I’m trying to find out
who owns a particular property. So, for example, let’s say we just bought this parcel right here, and we wanna find out who
owns the one right next to it. Well, we can do that, and all we gotta do is click on this. And if we wanna find out even more, we can click on this report and pull up all the information that we would ever wanna know. In this particular case, the reason I would wanna do this is to find out where this owner lives and to send them a letter so I can find out, hey, do
you wanna sell your property? Do you wanna buy my property? Do you wanna do business on some level? And it’s really cool because when you use this
information the right way and reach out to people, you’d be surprised how
often business can be done just with the person next door. So anyway, that’s really
all there is to it. As you can see, it’s
not really complicated or difficult at all. You just have to sign on here to AgentPro and go to your respective
county that you’re looking in and pull up the right information
and you’re good to go. So, as you can see, AgnetPro’s
a pretty helpful tool, especially for real
estate investors like us who are trying to get
property information, pull lists, things like that. I personally don’t know
of any tool out there that’s better than this. I mean, it’s been just a
really awesome resource for me. So if you’re watching this right now, and you’re thinking to yourself, “You know, this is good,
I gotta get in on this,” then there’s really a couple
things that you can do. First of all, if you
want to do a free trial, you can go right down
here, click on that button, and just sort of follow the prompts and do what you need to do. But, I mean, if you see this, and you know right off the
bat this is what you need, and you wanna pull the
trigger and sign up, all you have to do is go right up here to the Sign UP Now button. And the first thing that you’re gonna see is this right here. And what you’re looking at right here are all of different
types of subscriptions that you can sign up for. And something that you’ll obviously see if you look over here to the right is really just the cost per month. And they can be pretty expensive all the way down to pretty cheap. If you’re looking to run a
business like the one that I do, you’re probably gonna want to go with either this one right here,
the bronze subscription, or the profile package over here. The only real difference is
with the bronze subscription you’re going to want to choose this one if your primary purpose
is just to pull lists for direct mail purposes. If that’s what you’re after and that’s all you really want to do, then that’s probably
the best choice for you. On the other hand, if
you want to use AgentPro to actually do a lot of property research, pull up property profile reports, and figure out transaction
history, market values, locations, addresses, all this stuff, in that case, you’ll probably
want to do the profile package because it allows you to pull up to 50 full profiles per month. Personally, my business model doesn’t really require
me to pay a ton of money for these really expensive subscriptions, but I know that there are
some business models out there that actually require this kind of thing if you want to get foreclosure data or mortgage information
or all of that stuff. If that’s something you need, then by all means feel free
to sign up for some of these. So whichever one you want to do, I want you to pay attention
to something here, because this is a trick that
not many people know about. If you go right up here
the the Partner ID box, all you have to do is
enter in this code: CFGRSH. And when I click Update, I
want you to pay attention to what happens to all
of these numbers here, because once I do that, all the prices for everything across
the board goes down 10%, and that’s not just the
savings on one month, that’s a permanent savings for the life of your subscription. So you’ll definitely want
to enter that code in and save yourself some
money over the long haul. Once you’ve got your subscription chosen, I’m just gonna pick that one for now, you go Next. And this window right here I don’t really do anything with. You can just hit Next again. And then this one, again,
you just hit Next again. It just summarizes the prices for you. And in this step right here
it’s really just the usual drill where you fill in all
your contact information and choose a password and all that, but one thing I want to
draw your attention to is the fact that all of these fields are actually required fields, as you’ll see by these
little asterisks right here. And obviously that’s no big deal, until you get down here when it asks for your real
estate license number. I get a lot of questions
from people who say, “You know, Seth, I can’t get through “because I’m not a real estate agent. “I don’t have that license number.” I’ll just tell you right now, it’s okay. All you gotta do if you’re an investor is just type the word “investor” in here, and then you’ll have
something in that field and then you’ll be able to
click on to the next one and keep moving forward. In the next couple of steps you’ll have to enter in
your payment information and make your first
payment and get started. And that’s really all there is to it. It’s not too complicated. So thanks again for watching. I hope you found this video helpful. If you got any questions
you can always feel free to call this support number here. I know I’ve called it a couple times and usually they can help me with whatever it is that I need. So feel free to reach out to them if you need any help. And, yeah, I wish you all the best and go out there and find some deals. Good luck.


  • Melissa Clarkson

    Invalid XML error keeps coming up when I try to agree to terms and conditions. Customer service was unable to resolve this problem and told me I was unable to use certain browsers. Changed browsers and still received the same error. Then customer service said I need to be on a pc to sign up. Very frustrating experience. Would not recommend this to anyone.

  • jdmblackoffsetcoupe

    @Seth Williams , Great video Seth but theres 1 main issue that A LOT of property investors run into. The vacant property address & the mailing address are more than 50% of the time, the same address. This makes finding the owner to the vacant property extremely difficult. Even in this short video the 2nd property you view after your first example had matching addresses. (Im sure that particular property was not vacant, but you get the point.


  • Kenyon Lee

    Thanks @Seth Williams for the awesome video. I just join my experience so far with the site is going well. Quick question. If the mailing address is the same, as the site address how do you find the owner mailing address?

  • Florentine Quack

    Hi Seth, TFS! I purchased a Tax Certificate @ 1% in Orleans Parish in New Orleans. Do you know any thing about the process to clear title and/or quieting a title?

  • Pete Smith

    Yes, very good for anyone wanting to make a little extra cash on the side with mail order business with property owners.

  • Troy Stutsman

    I just found your channel and subscribed…!
    Thank you for sharing this information with us.
    Have a great day and Be Blessed…!

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  • Jonathan Trego

    Or you can do this for free on your County’s GIS website…. Or you can call the county tax assessor for free if you don’t have a smartphone…..

  • Andy Pollock

    Easier still is just to type into Google 'Property Appraiser xxxx county'. Once you get to the relevant PA page, you can search by name, address, parcel, etc, and it's free. Most have completion suggestion drop-down menus, as soon as you start typing. There is no need to pay for this info. It's all in the public domain, and it's the same database that the search engines that charge a fee extract their data from as well.

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