How To Find Real Estate Leads for Realtors and Wholesalers by  Tyler Sheff
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How To Find Real Estate Leads for Realtors and Wholesalers by Tyler Sheff

– Hey, Tyler here the
Cash Flow Guys podcast and in this video I wanna talk about a few different ways that you can get leads for your real state business, that you might have not thought about. Lets go ahead and get started. First of all, if you like the content that you seen today, make sure
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give you your money back 100 percent, ha ha, that’s a joke. Anyway, its free, you get it right. Its a joke, that means I
can’t give your money back oh, c’mon, you don’t think
that’s funny, anyway. Number one, code enforcement. You probably heard this one before, but what you’ll see in a lot
of your local municipality city and county, is they
have a tear down list. That is a list of properties,
that are scheduled for tear down and if you need
to make a couple of extra five-ten grands get a hold
of this tear down list. Its a matter of public record. They’ll usually give it
to you, you might have to go down there in person to
get it, but get a hold of the tear down list from the
local code enforcement office or the building inspector and reach out to those land-owners. A lot of times they just
think that their problem is insurmountable; its too
big for them to handle. They don’t know what the
solutions are, they don’t have access to the same
information that you and I as investors have access to. So, those folks might be
willing to get rid of their house for next to nothing. I’m sure that you can find a
contractor or another investor if you don’t want the
property, that you can find somebody else that does want the property, that will give them some cash. So lets say for example,
you got a broken down mobile home on a nasty lot with
a bunch of code violations, well talking to the owner,
you find out all these issues. You reach out to the owner,
you say “if I can solve this problem and I can get
you say, I don’t know two-thousand dollars for your troubles, would it be worth your
time?,” they say, “yes” great. Now you reach out and find
a buyer that says, “hey, I’m willing to take on these problems. I’ll cover the code violation,
I’ll cover the fees, I’ll tear down the house or
the trailer park or whatever, make the county or the
city whole we will solve all the problems, but we
need a ridiculous deal.” Well, tell you what, “the
owner needs two-grand, I need five-grand, so for seven-grand you can have this whole package.” The investor says, “heck,
yeah” you have them sign a contract, have the seller sign a contract, sign the contract. You can either do two
contracts, one between you and the buyer and one
between you and the seller. Or one contract between
you and the seller and then assign your rights
in the contract over to the new buyer, great way
to make some quick cash. The second one, is the Health Department. Now, I know what you’re thinking, well HIPPA violations, that’s
a HIPPA violation. They can’t share personal
information with you true. However, what you’ll find is
that the Health Department is not always just about health. Its also about that are just
having a rough time in general. And what you’ll find is
that the workers at the Health Department, its a
tough job, they’re probably there because they care, right? I didn’t mean to make that
rhyme, it just kind of happened. But they will unfortunate situations and if you have a bug in their
ear and they know that you’re a person that can
go out and solve problems using real state as a
solution and maybe some cash or somebody else’s cash, you
may get a phone call one day. “So you know, I just had
a you couple in here that just had a, they’re
going in for surgery and they can’t afford their house…” Don’t know what the scenario
would be, I be guessing but its still a good idea
to reach out to people at the Health Department, maybe somebody high up in the food chain
and find out what type of solutions your business
might be able to offer them as a real state investor. Animal control officers,
“why do I say this?” well, because people
sometimes don’t take good care of their dogs. Sometimes people don’t take
good care of themselves animal control offices are
usually one of the first people, you got to remember everybody’s
got pets pretty much; not everybody, I don’t have pets. That’s mainly ’cause I don’t like it when they get sick, it makes me sad. But, a lot of folks have
pets especially, a lot of poor folks and people having
a hard time tend to have pets. That’s just a demographic,
that said try reaching out to animals control officers,
could help you get clue in when those situations come
up, those problems come up. Lets say, the crazy cat lady
had too many cats in her house. Yes, I know cat pee never
goes away, but understand you don’t have to keep the house. Any problem is fixable, if you have enough money to throw at it. Now, I know lets say you
don’t have enough money to throw at it or you don’t
wanna throw money at it. You just simply find
someone else to do it. There’s lots of people out there. What you don’t want, I
guarantee you somebody else probably does at the right price. The key folks, to making
money is if you’re going to have something to sell
understand what your buyer. Your buying public is
willing to pay for it. If you’re willing to do that, you should be able to sell literary anything, okay, it comes down to finding
out what the other party will buy is willing to pay. Going back to the seller,
negotiating that deal. Your Johnny or Janie in the middle. Make yourself five, ten,
fifteen, twenty-hundred grand doesn’t matter, as long
as you’re adding value there should be no throttle
on what your spending is. City and county zoning
and planning meeting. I’m telling you I go to these things from time to time I learn a ton. Number one, its good to know what’s going on in your community. Number two, you will hear
people making plans, right? Think about they’re deciding to put a road through some place. Well, that means additional traffic, so lets say you have an opportunity. You see a failed
commercial property, maybe it be a good idea to get that property under contract or take
the option to purchase on that property, that way
when that path of progress comes rolling through town,
that property that you now have an option on at a lower
price becomes available. You exercise the option,
you can maybe wholesale that option to somebody
else, assign that option to somebody else, buy it yourself. Fix it up change the use, all kind of different ways you can make money there. Property tax collector,
this should be obvious. I know a lot of you thinking,
well tax liens, right? No, that’s not what I’m thinking. I’m saying use the tax
collectors office as a source or lien generation and
here’s what I mean by that. Most city, county, municipality
have their tax issues their past-due taxes online somewhere, most not all but most. Find the one in your local county and figure out how to use their system. Its usually pretty easy. What you’ll see is a whole list of people that are having a problem, i.e., they’re not paying their
taxes, their property taxes. I’m not suggesting that
you by the tax lien. I’m not a big believer in the tax liens, I think its over saturated, but that’s a story for another video. But I am a believer in you
recognizing opportunity, reaching out to these people and saying, “you know, I was on the
tax collectors office the other day, I see that
you’re behind on taxes, wondering if I might be able
to come up with a solution. Have you ever considered
selling your property?” Yes, No. Or go away. Lots of option there
right, but its still a good way to gets liens, its a
good way to reach out to people and get liens. My favorite go to barn
none source, to get rental property in a hurry is eviction
court guys eviction court. Go out to eviction
court, sit there listen, its a great education, you’ll find out who the good property managers are who the bad property managers are. I’ll tell you a little secret,
the good property managers generally are not at eviction court. The bad ones are there pretty often. That’s a good rule of thumb. So you wanna go learn who not
to hire, go to eviction court. Write down the names of all the property managers that are there. That means they’re probably
not doing a good job of controlling their tenants. Your not doing a good job of controlling their tenants you don’t want them there. However, what you’ll also find there is a bunch of tired landlords. Tired landlords, are a great resource. Here’s the thing about tired landlords, they are used to collecting
payments every month, right? They let somebody ‘borrow’
their property in exchanged for monthly payments,
so they’re already prime ready to go for sell or financing. So just think about that, a
little bit more on that later. Land Banks is the last one you’ll see. You can get properties
a lot of times, that are in a lot of major metros. Memphis, Atlanta, Las Vegas,
Los Angeles lots of big cities. Land for taxes that no body bid on. Remember, you know what they say, “there’s an ass for every seat,” right? Well, this is the case for
example Memphis, Tennessee. There are thousands of
properties in the land bank. Just because they are of no value to you, doesn’t mean they’re not
valuable to somebody else. For example, the city of Memphis right now is going under a major redevelopment, lots of money coming in to Memphis. Lots of development, lots
of good stuff coming up. That said, wouldn’t it
be great if you could park yourself on some vacate land for a couple years, until things around. Well, problem is you don’t have that disposal income lets say to do that. But what if, you went and
found those properties, you talked to someone that
has maybe a self directed IRA or a traditional IRA, help
them roll their money over to a self directed IRA
they buy the land, maybe you buy it for 100 to thousand bucks and sell it to them for four or five grand or sell it to them on terms. Maybe you just leveraged
the capital for them and do it as a partner. They bring the money, you do the work. You get to work with the
county, get the property under contract buy it close on it. Sit down and wait, right? Its a great strategy, its a great way to make yourself money. If you found value in this video, please make sure you hit like and subscribe. I’m gonna be doing a lot more videos like this, I hope you found value. If you have comments
or you wanna learn more please leave some comments
in the video below. Thank you very much and have a great day. (slow music)


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