How To Find Cheap Houses For Sale In The UK | Property Investment UK Tips
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How To Find Cheap Houses For Sale In The UK | Property Investment UK Tips


  • Adam Warren

    Great advice – currently looking at my next UK property which is looking like a cheap 3 bed semi or detached up North. Currently living in hotels on viewings. Estate Agents really make it tough.

  • Nostalgic Ài

    My personal preference would be finding houses close to the Universities and renting to students? Any thoughts or advice on this? Cheers

  • fade

    i have got my third house now im thinking of buying a cheap house but its destroyed i will be paying 10000 pounds and i will be fixing it is that a bad investment

  • Jeet S

    Came across your videos as I was searching for UK properties. Liked the way you explain clearly. I am currently looking to buy in the UK for long term investment with good rental income. What would your advice be for Students Accommodation approved by CRM and Elderly Homes which are running on NHS. And the 2nd question is which location in UK you would advice to buy.

  • daveharruk

    Another great video, I am looking to invest in Edinburgh which while not at London prices, is still pretty expensive. It seems like everywhere sensibly priced here gets snapped up really before we even have a chance to view and so only locations outside of the city are really available for reasonable prices, so while I appreciate your hour by car guidance I think widening our search area to central Scotland and Northern England (which I know quite well too) is worthwhile. Do you have any further advice or thoughts?

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