How To Find Buyers For Wholesaling Real Estate

Hey friends, welcome back. Listen if
you’ve been watching me and Jerry breaking it all down on the game of
flipping and how to get in, today we’re going to be jamming on this concept of “I
found a deal. Now, how do I find my cash buyer?” So, Jerry listen, they watched one of our
other videos, they they got a fantastic deal and their saying, “Okay, I don’t want
to be the flipper on it. I don’t want to do all of the work on it. I like Kris’s
least money, least time, least effort. Let’s just get this thing done, let’s get
paid some quick money.” How do they actually find someone that is willing to
pay them for that? How do they do it? Okay, well great. Well first of all, I want you
to know that there are investors out there that are looking for deals. A lot
of them like landlords and even a lot of fix and flippers, they’re kind of
lazy, right? They don’t want to have to go through all the work to like find that
good deal. They would love it if someone just brought it to them and handed it to
them on a silver platter. Which is what we’re talking about. — Wholesaling. So, these
investors, they’re out there and they want these deals… And let me share with
you, I’ve got a ninja tactic. One of my favor strategies. It works really well.
Let me share it? Well, okay. So, this is cool. So, what you’re going to actually
do is you’re going to tell us where we go to find people with cash
that will fund your deals? Yeah. Good point. So first of all, your buyer, you
want to be what we call a cash buyer or a cash investor. And basically what that
means is these are dudes with or dudettes, I guess. These are people with
money and they’re looking for deals. It’s either their money or they’ve got
funding behind them. And they come in with that cash and they buy these deals.
Dude, you know what I love about cash buyers? Cash buyers can perform. Oh yeah. If you’re trying to like, “Well, I’m waiting for the bank to,
maybe the loan will go through.” Dude, there are so many reasons why that won’t work
in a number of scenarios. So, if you have someone that, anytime you hit here that
you’re transacting real estate and your buyer has cash. All of a sudden, your
stress levels like, closes quickly. They’ll close quickly, don’t worry about
repairs. You’re not going to worry about whether the banks say that you’re a
qualified or not. They’ve got on money in the… So, how do you find them? Okay, so
here’s a really, really awesome ninja tactic. So, on the MLS, which is the
Multiple Listing Service, right? That’s the… That’s what we call on market, right?
So, that’s transactions that happen where real estate agents are involved. And just
for those of you that are watching like, “MLS? What’re you talking about?” There is, on the Internet all around America and most places around the world. Each county
or area, there’s many of them. What they basically do is all the Realtors get
together and they say, “Hey, let’s take all the deals for the whole area
and let’s put them in one location. So someone could go online or work with a
realtor, we can all see each other deals.” That’s the Multiple Listing Service. So
you basically go to that website for your area or work through a realtor. And
on that device, that tool, what are you searching for? Well here’s what happens.
Every time there’s a closing transaction, this is all transactions. There’s a field
there which they indicate how it was paid for. So, it could be you know FHA,
could be conventional, could be VA. Those are all loans. Yeah, those are all types
of loans and one of the categories is cash. So, it actually says on there, “Cash.”
Meaning that buyer who bought that property paid for cash to but it. Are you freaking
kidding me? No. Are you going back and doing a search in that area for all the
cash buyers? That’s exact. And you get all their contact information? It gets better
than that. So, imagine this: You’ve got a deal, now imagine it’s on a pin on the map.
Okay, this is… When you set ninja, I’m like, “I don’t know, we’ll find out.” Okay, I’m like the 1 to 10 ninja scale, this is a like a full 10 ninja tactic. This is cool. So, imagine a
map in your deal, your contract. You put it on a pin. Then you’re going to go in the
MLS or have an agent do it. You’re going to do a radius search of half a mile or
even a mile around where your deal is. Then you’re going to put the filter in that
says, “Show me all of the cash closings in like the past six months.” Okay. Now, what
better cash buyer list could you have? Think about it. They look, they know the
area. It’s under market, they’ve done a deal in the last six months. They’re cash. Almost all flippers… They might actually be done
just having to flip the deal and they’re waiting for their next one. They all,
anybody, all investors love to do deals in the market they’re already doing
deals. Yeah. So, when you can come and say, “Hey, I saw that you bought a
house, you know, a month ago, next door or across the street.” I got
another one. Do you want it? Not only that but you see what they bought it for? So,
you know their price range, you know their neighborhood,
so you… You could even go reverse even before you find the
deal. You could even actually go and build a buyer’s list. Now, when they do
the search, well they… Will you be able to get their name and their phone number
and things like that? Well, it’ll just have… If you do… If you backdoor in the public
records. So, you could do a little research, you’re going to have to find out
who that buyer was and then contact them. Okay. You know. But you can. So, the county
records are free online. It is ridiculous what you can search. It’s like, you got
all your underwear hanging out online. Everyone else does, no one just knows it
but when you go to the County web… Like that’s just there the other day. I typed
in my house and everything comes up. I’m like I feel kind of naked right now.
Anyone could track me down and… It’s all public information,
yeah. So, basically if you get the list, you can track them down very easily.
Yeah. And all the sudden it’s like, “Hey, I got your information. I saw you did a
deal on such-and-such address. I’ve got one on such-and-such address, it’s very
similar. Check out the numbers on it. Let me know if you’re interested.” And boom! You
have a buyer. Yeah, I’ll tell you a cool story where I did this. So, I
got this contract. And then I did this search here and there was
one buyer that had bought like 5 properties. I mean he was on like a
buying spree. and I was like, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got to find this guy.” He’s like,
before he spends all his money, right? And so… But I could not track him down. So,
here’s what I did. And this was in a rental market. So, I went to one of the
properties that he had bought, cash. I knocked on the door. The tenant actually
answered the door and I think his name was Rin. He was Cambodian guy. And
I said, “Hey, I’m looking for Rin.” And he says, “Oh, that’s my landlord. Do you want
his cell phone?” Hello. Dude, that’s awesome. So, I call him up. I say, “Hey, I got a
property. I’m looking to sell. It’s around the corner.” He said, “I’ll be there in 10
minutes.” He meets me in 10 minutes, we sign a
thing. Done. Wholesale to deal $6,000. Dude, that is freaking money. Like dude, I had
no idea I was going to be learning some really cool stuff going down here.
Friends, Jerry has just broken down for you probably one of those ninja ways
I’ve ever heard of. There’s a lot of ways to find people with money. But that’s
an insider secrets. That totally freaking takes the cake.
Thank you so much. So awesome. Hey, thank you so much for watching today. You should be
a subscriber. If you’re not a subscriber, make sure you do subscribe. And Jerry’s
got one final hookup for you. If you like that ninja secret, then check this out.
Yeah, this is even better hopefully. So, I’m looking for deals guys. I buy deals
all over the country. I’ve got systems in place where I can buy these deals, fix
them up and then flip them. My biggest problem is I need more deals. Now, I’ve
built a nationwide referral network. What that means is, people like you that can
go out and find these deals. Bring them to me, I’ll pay you $10,000
for every deal that you bring me. Okay, that’s hot. And by the way, that’s better
than $6,000 that Rin made you? Yeah. Mr. Moneybags over here. He’s got the money.
He’s got out lined up and he’s going to hook you up on your next deal. Jerry
thanks for playing today. And gang, we’ll see you on the next video. Click the link
in the description below. Hop on the webinar. You’re going to get all the details,
all the information about how Jerry can pay you $10,000 every time you find one
of these deals. And after you’ve done a handful of them, guys you don’t have to
wholesale them. You could do the deal. You might make 30,000 or 50,000 or whatever
you’re going to make on the deal. But you now have multiple options of how you can
find buyers. Because guess what? Jerry will be your buyer.

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