• Steve Carter/ Fort Lauderdale

    Enjoy the explanation of contract. You should do the same video. But this time pertaining to an investor doing an assignment and also doing a double closing . Amount of deposit, clauses for an investors, use the second deposit from the end buyer as your deposit, filling out an assignment and filling out the second contract etc.Thanks

  • William Pittman

    Mr Kevin, How can I get the purchase and sales contract as a wholesaler? And what's the difference between the contract and offer to purchase contract

  • Joe Celes

    Very informative video! Speaking closing costs in paragraph 9 line 131, if a buyer's agent put a dollar amount next to "other", does that mean the seller has to pay that amount at closing towards the buyer's closing costs?

  • Ive A

    can you show me how to fill out a double contract. I have a New York Queens 12 homes that are vacant it's not on the MLS yet and I have some of the owners talking to me but I want to know if you

  • Gino Tarabotto

    Hi, thank you for the video. When is this contract submitted? Is it submitted when a client wants to submit an offer and see if the seller will accept?

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