How to fill in form RX3: HM Land Registry guidance
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How to fill in form RX3: HM Land Registry guidance

Hello This video is to help you with filling in
our application form RX3 which is used to apply for the cancellation
of a restriction on the register We can only help you with the clerical aspects
of the form. As this particular form is often used in conjunction
with applications of a more complex nature, you may need to seek legal advice. Prior to filling in this form, we recommend
that you read the guidance notes available on our website Panel 1: Local Authority serving the property Fill this in with the name of the county borough,
unitary authority, district council or London Borough to which
you pay your council tax Panel 2: Title number On registration each piece of registered land
or property is given a unique number, this is called a ‘title number’ and ensures that it cannot be confused with
other land or properties. The title number is quoted at the top of the
first page of the title register and also on the title plan. When you write to us it is important to always
give us the title number. This will help us find the relevant file or
documents quickly and will help us to know that we are dealing
with the correct property. For multiple properties you will need to quote
all the relevant title numbers If you know your title number, write it here. Panel 3: Property Insert the address of the property as it appears
on the register Panel 4: Application and fee there is no fee is payable for this type of
application, so you can leave this panel blank Panel 5: the applicant Here you write in the name of the person or persons who are applying to cancel the
restriction Panel 6: Fill in the names and addresses of the person
sending the application. Ignore the box “Key number” as this is
for the use of those of our business customers who have an account with us This is the address we will use if we need
to contact you and to which we will return any documents If you enter your email address, we will use this if we need to contact you
for further information Your completed application cannot be sent
via email Please also supply your telephone number Panel 7: Documents lodged with this form Make a list of all the documents you are sending
in to us as evidence that the restriction is no longer
required Please see Practice Guide 73 on our website Panel 8: Application This is where you must specify which restriction
on the register you are asking us to cancel and whether it affects the whole or part of
the property You should do this by completing the statements
as accurately as possible Where it refers to “registered on”, by
this we mean the date preceding the restriction in the register If the restriction is in favour of an individual
you must state that individual’s name Panel 9 Here you must state why the restriction is
no longer required and you should lodge appropriate supporting
evidence to satisfy Land Registry that the restriction is no longer required To help you comply with the information that
we require please refer to our practice guides Panel 10: The person named in Panel 5 must sign and
date this box

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