How to Evict a Tenant from a Rental Property
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How to Evict a Tenant from a Rental Property


  • wave

    please make a video going over the expenses you spend on a rental property. Pick anyone of your rentals as an example and tell us the monthly rent, and all the expenses in details like insurance,property management, property taxes etc please be detailed and use exact numbers. I would appreciate it.

  • Dan Porter

    Here in California are property managers do not do the eviction they make us landlords do the eviction so we have to hire somebody independent from the property manager .well that is what I've run into all the managers I have used and spoke to

  • Karstens Bran

    Way too vague. There's much much more to eviction. Tennants can fight and keep and ruin your property and be within the law.

  • Kathy Malone

    NY stinks for landlords I had to deal with ‘professional’ tenants scammers and free loaders ugh, I had to sell my property, I wish I knew about management before I had them evicted


    I think when it comes down to whether states are landlord or tenant friendly it really comes down to the county. Example, I own property in NJ in various counties. When it comes time to evict a tenant in Hudson County I do run into more resistance from the court system. On the other hand when I go through the process in Passaic County it’s very easy. Normally I can have an eviction scheduled between 45-60 days from the time I file. It also makes a lot of difference when it comes to the judge presiding over the court as well. Some tend to side more with the tenants and some with landlords.

  • BlueMoonLightDreams

    ok i actually want to know if there is a way where i can legally get rid of my roommate, I have two roommate who are really being very gross, and i have told them to please clean their mess to only find the same problem again, if they dont move out on peaceful terms, is there a way i can kick them out lawfully?
    here is what its happening, i am the solo renter of the apt, they are helping me with the rent but are NOT in the lease, they have not miss rent, they are just not hygienic and that's a health hazard. many occasion i think they freaking shave their private parts and leave the drainer filled with their pubes and spits. I have told them to pleas clean always in a good manner, always very passive. can someone help me? how do i make them leave without wasting my time with lawyers.

  • Matthew Camillo

    How do you handle the situation of a "service dog", or an "emotional support animal", as they turn up after the lease signing? This in regards to deposits and damages.

  • Alexander Pitman

    Can a management company file an eviction notice against a tenant for failing to sign a new lease agreement? Even if they are still up to date on their old month-to-month lease?

  • Shrek_ Sam_47

    the tenant was there in property for more than ten year, And doesn't want to move out of the property. he is pay rent no disturbence made to the landlord ,but the landlord wants the property for own use says the landlord. what should the tenant do ,if he leave his source of income will be lost and will have loads of debt and goodwill of himself . can pls explain in a video (that is commercial property )

  • Christina

    I want think I want to stay in my apt. I owe 2 months rent. This is close to my job and campus. If they want me to leave, I'll leave. I don't understand what they want me to do

  • Ethan Pena

    i have a tenant the sing a latter ending the tenancy because they didnt want to pay any more and i took the deposisit from someone else because they sing the letter the said the where moving 30 day after thats the 1 of 10/2019 and now they saying they not moving so i ended the tenancy have the letter and is a month to month list and they dint pay on time and they havent pay 3 month what should i do ?

  • Michael Hickok

    What happens when your landlord dies? The new owners say our deposit is gone because it was paid to deceased landlord. Are they, as the new owners, not liable for that? They also say they don't know if we can stay. That are lease was to deceased landlord and not them. We live in TN and never missed rent or broke any rules. Our land lord just passed this past week.

  • David Crandall

    How many days notice do I have to give a weekly tenant in NC? How about a monthly tenant? I know it is 2 days and 7 days but I am not sure if I have to wait til the end of the term to file in court. Please help.

  • Ms B

    I have a question… Is an eviction needed for a room mate that is not on the lease but the homeowner is moving out into a new place?

  • Francie Hartsog

    Glad to find your channel. North Carolina law seems to be “investor friendly”. Have you ever offered, “Cash for keys” and if you have under what circumstances?

  • geheimschriver

    If there are solid laws that enable the efficient collection of debts, and if there is support available for people that need help (e.g. hoarders), there is no need to evict tenants.
    In fact, in this country, it is impossible for a landlord to evict a tenant.
    Neighbors can initiate an eviction if a tenant is a nuisance to the neighborhood. And no, tenants do not get free rides, because it is relatively easy to escalate cases to debt collectors, who can easily locate debtors, can relatively easily seize bank assets, garnish wages, or even hold debtors hostage (locked up in jail) if they believe that debtors have hidden funds in cash, or have assets abroad.
    Because, let's be honest about it: A roof over your head is a basic human right, which should prevail over the right for a business to make a profit/not turn a loss.

  • H B

    My tenant is 9 days into the month without paying on the 1st! Just bought the place and told them I would hold them to the lease they signed with the previous landlord. They stopped communication and are hardly home. I’m in Indiana and going to research the situation however can I legally hold them to the lease from the previous owner?

  • Adam Davis

    I have a question/idea. If you live in a non-landlord friendly state and it was very hard for you to evict tenants could you have the tenant sign a 2 month lease and if they don't pay on the first month then don't renew it after the second month ends and if they do pay on the first and second month then just have them sign another 2 months lease? That way you will have the tenant out in 2 months if they dint pay. Do you think it could work?

  • 404TRUCKER

    Here in Georgia, it's all online. From the door posting to the writ of possession to the sherriff. 2 to 3 weeks there out.

  • Ramon Russell Sr.

    Bought this property with a tenant in had some things wrong with this apartment that I fixed but after I fix them seems like he wants me to fix something every time he pays his rent so I wasn't fixing it fast enough for him so he called The code enforcement on me now I want to get rid of him how do I

  • Derek Sutton

    Pls help. My wife recently lost her mother. My mother in law allowed someone to stay in a room. This person is very dirty, mean, and argumentative. After mother passed we told this person she had to leave. She became very irate and yelling she knows her law. Mind you this person doesn't pay anything. Mother just had a big heart. My question is, what type of eviction should we file. We are renters of a property in Los Angeles California. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  • Norman Tran

    How do you get rid tenants that lie to you and we only have verbal agreement? My tenant lie to me she rent my place then she have someone else living with her. She stay for 1 month. After that she leave the country. But he still paying rent. She been gone 3 months now.

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