How To establish Yourself In Your First 90 Days In Real Estate
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How To establish Yourself In Your First 90 Days In Real Estate

Hello I’m Chanelle from Breeze Coaching
Academy and welcome to this video on what to do in your first 90 days in real
estate. I get asked this question a lot and it’s Chanelle what do I do I’ve just
started. Where do I start? what activities do I focus on? And how can I make my very
first sale fast? So there’s a number of suggestions that I can make to you today
and the first is when you get started in real estate
let absolutely everyone you know know that you’ve changed careers. Let them
know that you’ve moved into real estate, what company you’ve joined and how
excited you are to help them in the marketplace. That means looking on your
LinkedIn and updating your bio and profile they’re looking at your social
media connections and messaging everyone directly because a lot of people send
out a newsletter or a a letter out to people but in this day and age that can
cost a lot of money just by sending a message to everyone that you know and
letting them know and make a post on your social media platforms and let them
know you’ve changed careers. Also update your bio on your Facebook page your
Instagram link it to your website if you’ve
created a website the next thing I would do is find a coach or mentor or someone
within your agency that can help you that can roleplay with you that can
teach you the ropes that would give you the training that you need because often
we get thrown in the deep end here’s the photocopier, we’ve got training once a
week , and you’re on your own but often we need that that hand-holding and someone
to just chat to about things and get that ball rolling. Practice your listing
presentation structure it in such a way that it’s so easy and you just practice
and practice and practice in front of a video camera, in front of your colleagues
before you go out to the marketplace and start doing your own listings. The next
thing I would be doing is shadowing the top agent in your office or in your area.
Now when I first got started it was one of the best things I could have done. I
went along to the open homes. I went along to the listing presentations, I sat
back and listened and then I would write notes afterwards on what they’re doing
and how they’re doing it and just ask them questions about how to set up an
open home. How to call buyers. How to do a listing presentation. Go along and absorb
everything. Attend trainings, attend everything you can possibly do within
your organization and exterior training as well whether it’s coming along to one
of my trainings, one of my live events whether it’s joining my online program
or you’re going along to another event go along to as many events and trainings
as you possibly can because the more you train the more you
learn and invest in yourself. And read books, listen to podcasts. Do all of that
juicy goodness. The next thing I would be doing is asking your agency if you can
work with any buyers and that means seeing if there’s any
open homes available that you can do open homes on behalf of another agent
that’s how I got started when I first got started another agent said “Hey look
I’m going away this weekend can you look after my open homes ?” That gave me leads,
buyers to work with and follow up on and it gave me appraisals in the area. The
next thing is private sales. Cool any and all private sales that you can think of
because the more you get out there the more business you’re going to get. Go
along to their open homes introduce yourself see if you can help them. The
next thing is calling ‘to lets’ or rental properties . Believe it or not this is so
incredibly important and they are hot usually unless they’ve just purchased in
which case it could be a referral to your property management they that
property could be sitting vacant and they would actually think of selling so
go and see if you can appraise their property and see what comes out of it.
The next recommendation is joining networking groups I can’t tell you how
valuable this is I love Venus networking for women so of
your based in New Zealand and you’re listening to this join Venus they’re
fantastic otherwise is things like BNI or soapbox in New Zealand . There’s a
number of networking groups such as Chamber of Commerce go along join,
network and build your referral base that way.
The next thing is get involved in your community get involved in the community
events and see if you can host community events because your personal brand is
your business get in front of as many people as you can go to as many auctions
with your office as you can and understand how everything works. Create a
listing presentation and roleplay and practice it with someone else in your
office so you gain confidence. Well I hope that’s helped you today I’m really
excited to have shared that with you if you’ve enjoyed this content please
subscribe below and I will see you next time. Thank you so much for watching

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