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Hey, everyone. I’m Lindsay
with Zillow Group, here today with a little bit
of a different conversation than you might be used
to hearing from us. This is PA Pro Tips, where we’re sharing tips
from pros just like you. Joining me is Mackinzie Ross. She is a productivity coach with
Keller Williams Group One in Reno, Nevada Hey. Hello.
How you doing? Good. How are you? Great. I want to ask you about that
make-or-break moment when you get on the phone. Having a conversation with
somebody, and converting that from a potential conversation
into a lead — what are your most
successful strategies when it comes
to that moment? First and foremost
is always a phone call— you have to make the phone call
with somebody and let them know that there really is a person
on the other side of that line. And the second one is,
we’re in a new age of technology and, really, text messages
are the way to go, with a 98 percent open rate. I want people to see my content,
and I want people to see me. So sometimes just sending a
business card photo is really good, and sometimes just
telling them who you are, and say, “Hey, I’m here for your — Let me help you.” When you do actually make
that first phone call, and you do connect with them,
once you get off the phone, make sure to write notes about what you
talked about, ’cause we’re humans, and I can’t remember
what I ate for breakfast, let alone what I just talked to somebody
on the phone about two weeks ago. I’m sure a lot of agents
out there want to know, when it comes to contacting
potential clients, how much is too much? Is there a happy medium
in there? Probably, but I go and go and go
until somebody says, “Stop.” Or always the best
conversation to have is, “How often would you like me
to talk to you? What is the best way
to communicate with you? Is it e-mail? Is it text message? Is
it a phone call? Is it face-to-face?” What is it that they want?
Ask them; they’ll tell you. So I’m sure you get a curveball
every now and then. Walk me through
the trickiest question that you often get from a potential
buyer on that first phone call. I try to categorize their questions or
their objections into two categories. I try to figure out
if it’s an objection, and objections are usually something that
requires just a little bit more information. And then sometimes it’s somebody’s
opinion, and those are not curable, or things that I have no control
over or I can’t fix. One of the things I think we all
get as real estate agents is, “What are your fees?” Or, “How do I get
to the first house? I just want to see
the first house.” And you just kind of have
to roll with it, and figure out a way
to get in front of them and explain what you do
as an agent, and that you really do,
as a buyer, work for free. When it comes to information,
you were talking about how texting is kind of king
for you these days. Yep. So now in the Premier Agent app you can actually send
and receive texts not only through your computer,
but also on your phone. It’s seamless.
It’s integrated. How much has that functionality
been able to help you when it comes to
reaching out to clients? Big time. With being
on the go all the time, traveling and being
out of the office, I can’t be attached
to my computer all the time. And having that option
to bring it on my tablet or on my laptop
or even my phone, and being able
to text somebody and carry all that
information everywhere I go — It’s amazing. Mackinzie, thank you so much for sharing all
of your tips with me and with the rest
of our PA community at home. Of course. And if you want to share
your own tips when it comes to lead conversion and some of the things
that have worked for you, you can share those
on social media with the hashtag
#PAProTips. Thank you so much for tuning in
for this episode of PA Pro Tips, and we’ll see you next time.

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