How to Do Real Estate Marketing in 2019 | First in Line Q&A
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How to Do Real Estate Marketing in 2019 | First in Line Q&A

– I’m going mainly Q&A so you’ll probably be
able to get your question, I’m trying to give you the hot tip to anybody who doesn’t ’cause I appreciate you
being part of First in Line. Thanks for being in Agent2021. How’s it going so far? Good? Anything stand out? – [Male] So much. – Awesome, great. So let’s just go into Q&A so… – [Rob] Hey, what’s up Gary. – How are you bro?
– My name’s Rob, I run a website called (mumbles). I’ve invested about 9,000 in Facebook. This is more of a thank
you than anything else, 9,000 in Facebook using
preroll over the last year since last year. Turned that into about
$90,000 in commission income. My direct mail’s also killing
it too which is wonderful. I’ve got a $30,000 online budget. What would you suggest in terms of the long
term brand building play? Should I max out what
I’m doing in terms of– – Direct mail’s not as good as Facebook. Here’s why. – [Rob] The question is do
I triple down on Facebook and YouTube with this
market content and retarget or do I invest in doing more
of a widespread content play to do more Instagram and LinkedIn and that type of stuff? – You haven’t even remotely begun to feel the effects of Facebook. Nine to 90,000 is good, 90,000 to 900,000’s better. – [Rob] So just double down on Facebook and go all in there? – Or 10X. – [Rob] Okay, thank you. – You got it. – [Male] So I’ve been doing, I took care of lead and did
kind of like an AskGaryVee– – I apologize ’cause I want to add value, I’m trying to give answers that
will add value to everybody, I’ll be right there and when you get to 90,000 to 900 and then the next day you to to 100,000 but it’s still 900,000, you’re like oh I tapped out. You didn’t tap out. A lot of you think you’ve
tapped out on Facebook. You just haven’t changed the creative yet. You can’t imagine, in a CAC, LTV world, in a world where last
night you were saying we’re getting leads for 250, when you were talking what
was going through my mind was or it could be 97 cents if they had a machine, so I’ve pretty much in the last month have decided I’m gonna write a new book and I’m gonna call it Volume. And it’s gonna be about all this which is when I hear what you did off of not knowing how to do it, that speaks to me that the whole
thing’s wide the fuck open. That’s ridiculous returns and you have no idea what
the fuck you were doing. – [Rob] Pretty much. – That’s right. So you can imagine why I’m excited. That’s why I’m yelling so loud. By the way, it’s my macro
thesis on real estate. The reason real estate’s so addictive is when it’s going good an ant can do well. And I don’t mean your aunt, I mean an actual insect. So that’s what’s happening with Facebook. But it’s more content. Some of you have a thing working and you don’t realize that you should be investing back the dollars
not into more media but into 17 different pieces of content that you’ve never made before. Content is where you need to be tweaking, not just segmentation. – [Male] So I’ve kind of
being doing the AskGaryVee, I was answering questions
about inspections, things like that and also interviewing people. – How’d it go? How long you been doing it? – [Male] I’ve been doing
real estate for two years. Been doing that pretty
much since I got started. – And? – [Male] And it worked out well and I’ve had six referrals
just from my videos. – Great. – [Male] So what would you
see as a next step from there or just keep doing what I’m doing? – Did you see the Gary
Vee content model deck that I put out, the 86 page deck? – [Male] I did not. – So when you get a chance Google Gary Vee content model deck, get it, read it, really read it because it’s very, very
thorough and very important. And again it’s this classic thing of you tell people
something and you tell ’em and they’re like yeah, yeah,
yeah but they don’t do it, like really read it because the answer is
within your videos, right, there’s another 787 pieces of content all of which will do better
than the actual videos. – [Male] Got ya. So kind of split it up like you’ve done with all of your content. – Right which is another
thing that drives me crazy when people are getting results when I’m look do what I’m doing, watch what I’m doing not what I’m saying, even that saying oh like you do, if you’re not doing that, we have now an arbitrage
opportunity right? – [Male] Right, okay. – Strip the audio, now
you’ve got a podcast. The reason video’s so powerful is it’s the starting point for everything. You can film one video and you have basically video long form, you have chopped up short
form video that overindexed, you have a podcast and when you really get advanced you have somebody transcribing
it and you’ve got articles. And Q&A’s the best because you don’t even
have to do anything. You just respond. It’s why I love when people are like, I’ve been in business for
21 years but what do I do? I’m like, you’re in the best position. You know what the fuck you’re
actually talking about. Sometimes you’re holding back the truth because you make more
money in the shadows. A lot of these industries
made a lot more money when the consumer was undereducated. Lot of OG’s in here hated
the internet at first because now customers had info and they were driving into
your margin, auto, real estate. You’ve got to lean into waves, not let them kill you. – [Male] Hey Gary. So first of all, it’s a
little hard to see you on screen (mumbles), that hurts.
– I know, fuck that dude. – [Male] So I’m in commercial real estate in South Florida obviously and I’ve developed a local audience. I’m in retail, that’s what I do, it’s shopping center
games, that’s all I do. I see where this can go naturally where I can start investing online ’cause I’m building relationships
all across the country but I also have a job to do the least local shopping
center space in Miami. I’m struggling with how do I scale where I go from being the local guy to how can I leverage these relationships and help each other ’cause people want to invest in Miami. But I know a guy in Boise and I want to buy something in Boise. How do I scale? – In the short term, you can
create a referral program. There’s somebody in Boise
that looks like you, find her and take a vig. – [Male] Sometimes it’s the
easiest thing that’s (mumbles). – Bro, the amount of things that I saw wrong with Wine Library the year after I stopped
operating it day to day that were all my doing
that were wrong was wild. Fresh eyes are smart eyes. If the person is smart. But that’s what I would do. Create another set of content to create the homies ad homiettes
that you want to jam with and create a referral business. That’s what everybody did to you guys in the industry anyway. That’s what all these platforms
are built on, arbitrage. They used Google. Now they’re using Facebook. I’m trying to get you to
use Facebook before they do. It’s the only thing you got, nothing else. The middle is finished. The internet wins. Hey. – [Male] What is up Gary? I’m from Texas, I’m a realtor. This is my second year here– – Thank you. – [Male] I’m really excited
to kind of implement and just let you know
that I did start a podcast ’cause of Agent2021 last year. So it says, they’re part of my crew now, I’ve got my assistant, I’ve got my camera guy and I did a bunch of stuff
that we talked about last year. My question for you is– – [Male] And what happened? – It’s great. Business for me with real estate, the ROI that you talked
about macrowise is there. I’m not charging anyone for this podcast. I’m highlighting people in my city, doing big things,
entrepreneurs, business owners and it’s really good ’cause I’m getting business
from their networks when they’re promoting my snippets, they’re promoting the podcast. – Brand always beats sales in the end. – [Male] Yeah it’s crazy. So my question to you is I’m at this point right now where my business for
real estate is great. My podcast has been something that has kind of evolved
into a child of mine. I’ve seen it grow. And it’s crazy ’cause I go out or I go anywhere and people recognize me
because of the podcast, it’s called Whisky
Wednesday Podcast Session, and they’ll tell me, hey, you’re the one that does the podcast, you’re the one that does the podcast, it’s amazing but I’m ready
to take it to the next level. I got my crew here that helps
me with my real estate game, content and day to day but I want to take this
podcast to the next level. So who do I need to look for or hire in order for me to really
take this to the next level? – What’s the next level, more listeners? – [Male] More interviewers,
more reach, more everything. My goal is to do one podcast
every single Wednesday. Yesterday we dropped episode number 30 which means that since Agent21 last year, I’ve done 30 episodes. My goal was 52. – Understood. – [Male] I’m too busy right now to focus on getting people scheduled. – Are you? – [Male] I’m too busy to write questions. At the moment yeah, with
real estate, it’s crazy. – It sounds like you’ve gone out. – [Male] Gone out where? – I’m making the joke of
being noticed when you’re out. Well there’s only one of two moves, you either pay somebody and
add to your team in costs or you do it. – [Male] So if I were to pay, I don’t have a problem with
making less to make more. – Great. – [Male] So who do I need to look for? What types of people and what
are their responsibilities to help me grow my podcast? – Well the making more episodes, if you’re telling me
that’s a game of logistics and you needed somebody
to book another 22 people, that’s who you hire. – [Male] Okay. – But if you’re talking
about I need more awareness, maybe you hire somebody to run media against awareness of your podcast. So there’s the making it, and then there’s the merchandising of it. Everybody likes to say
taking to the next level. That’s a vague ass thing. That’s why these sessions are so great. I get to listen. So I’m like are you saying
that it’s hard to make 52 because you didn’t have enough
time to book somebody, right. And the reason I go first
to how busy you are, it’s like I’m just fascinated
by the curve of ambition versus execution. I really, really, to really answer your question I just want to really know you because if you have time
to watch anything I put out that’s already a minute I
got back to make 52 episodes, – That’s true.
– I know. – [Male] You’re my daily motivation so– – I appreciate it and by the way, listen, I watch three hours of football
once a week in the fall, everybody’s got to do them but I want to know everything. You’re young. How big is your ambition? – [Male] Too big. – Well guess what, it
doesn’t sound like it to me because it’s easy as fuck to
get in 52 fucking podcasts. When I talk about how
hard my dad and I worked, those were real hours. This is how I was trained
by him in the back, when we came home, we left at seven and that was considered
this new thing that my mom at the time at my age,
this was a new thing that my dad was coming home early ’cause he used to close which meant nine or 10. Bro, do you actually work every minute from nine AM to 10 PM? – [Male] She’ll tell you. – I believe you, then the question is, is it smart? – [Male] True. And that’s where I think
we need to kind of get a little bit more– – Dude, honestly straight up because I love you, it’s not hard to produce a
fucking podcast 52 weeks. You chose something else. It’s not that. So that’s cool, that’s cool. That to me excites me
because it’s just not hard. It’s actually stupid easy if you’re working every hour. – [Male] Yeah true. Thank you.
– You got it. – [Dustin] Love you Gary Vee. – I love you back. – [Dustin] My name’s Dustin. I’m from Delaware and I’m interested in how
you cultivate a relationship with someone like a Steve Ross? How do you go from a normalish guy to a billionaire relationship like that? – For me, I just let things come to me. I’ve never sought out a
relationship in my entire career. I always thought that having the leverage
with the end consumer brings me all the opportunity, results. I think too many people think, people want things from people. I don’t want anything from Steve. So people are like, oh, if I could just become
homies with Gary Vee, he’ll put me on. What’s a lot better is me
being interested in you ’cause then you have the leverage. Got it? I’ve never sought out a
relationship in my entire career ’cause I’m not looking
for anything from anybody. The leverage is the consumer. I’m not gonna let some
other human have leverage. Got it? So I built a great company, I disproportionately indexed
it for the New York Jets, the main executive that benefit, Matt Higgins profile in the
NFL grew because of our work. He wasn’t kidding up there. Why did Steve want Matt? ‘Cause the Jets were the best at a thing that Steve was smart enough to understand was important. So then Matt goes there,
what happens next? Matt’s like I need Gary in my world. Now I have the leverage
to sell a piece, got it? Leverage. – [Female] Hi. – Hi. – [Female] I met you in the elevator. – I remember, this morning. So I have two part
question if that’s okay. So first it’s a professional question. I’m in real estate. How do you think that virtual reality’s gonna affect our industry in the future? – In 17 years, it might mean something. It’s minimally five years away. There’s just no indication
of anybody using it. In B2B at a conference you can see it. Maybe in commercial it could happen faster because businesses have less customers. So that might be a leg
up to go into an office and show somebody a location. But normal people not yet. – [Female] It would be
very convenient that– – But let me tell you
the more important part of that question. Everybody’s looking for lightning rods. Everybody always asks me a
question like that or what’s next because they want to
be on that next trend. It’s a game about being
best, not being first. Everyone’s addicted to being first. This is a game about being best. You know how long YouTube
prerolls and Facebook ads have been around by the time he ran his
first 9,000 to get 90,000? Forever. Got it? So everybody here trying
to catch that next thing, how about you do a decent job
in the current thing first? People are trying to get on that VR train and have six followers on Instagram. – [Female] And the second question, what if any advice do you give that you have a hard
time yourself following? – Probably firing fast. I’ve gotten way better at it but I’m still not a natural firer. I’m so optimistic. I’m always thinking, that’s what makes me great at what I do but it makes me vulnerable in firing. I just always think I’m gonna come up with some new cockamanian idea
that’s gonna make it work. I think it’s the reason I’m starting all these fucking companies. Somewhere else to go. – [Male] Hey what’s up Gary, how are you? – Really good brother, good to see you. – [Male] With all the money flooding into the real estate market, and the prompt type stuff like, MyBuyers, Opendoor,
Purplebrick, that stuff, that’s the disruption. You always talk about disruption? – Yeah that’s big trouble for you guys. – [Male] Right exactly. Where do you see it ’cause there’s so many different players getting into it right now? – I see one of them winning and eliminating all of you? – [Male] Right, you just see one? – Yeah I think one. It’s the same thing with
search engines, right? When people were doing Yellow
Pages and versions of that, they’re like what do you see happening with all these search engines? DogPile and Yahoo and
AskJeeves and I was like, I wasn’t asked questions like this but back in the day, and actually this is not true, I’m not gonna hyperbolize it, I was watching that with the theory of they
can’t all win right and that’s what ended up happening and that then became the
patterns that I watched. It’s what happened with social networks. I knew that HighFive and Beebo, you remember social media
for a few minutes there, TagWorld, if you’re an OG, there was a lot of shit out there besides just MySpace and Facebook and then remember there was gonna be a million new social networks? ADogStir, there was a million things. I knew then because of
search engines and browsers that there would be one or two. One or two of these companies
are gonna win forever. – [Female] Can I add to that Gary? – Do you want to disrespect
everybody and jump out? – [Female] Yes. – Go ahead. She was saying yes, she
does want to disrespect. Go ahead. – [Female] No but ’cause
Zillow has all the data. They have the data of
who’s searching for homes and who’s maybe bought
a home with an agent. They know exactly where
they’re gonna buy next. Amazon has all the data. So in my opinion, and I’ve been in real estate 34 years, I’ve been in technology 52 years, all I can say is the data’s gonna win. And Zillow has it and they have our money. $3.5 billion a year of
which 70% we’re giving. – Everybody goes for short term sales so you pay high commissions
for those referrals but then they get all the
data and it’s over, it’s over. It’s 100% over. Now the only thing left
is your personal brand. But you can’t build it
when you’re under Caldwell or RE/MAX or WIRE, so
how does that play out? That’s called channel conflict. Kraft and Pepsi and Coke are dead too ’cause they have a problem
called Walmart and Costco. If they want to go direct, Walmart and Costco have
something to say about that. There’s always channel
conflict during disruption. So what do I think? I think one or two of them are gonna win? – [Male] On the mortgage side too? – 100%. The internet is gonna squeeze everything. Do you know how many limo drivers never thought the internet was a problem? All of them. Bookstore people went first ’cause that’s what Jeff
went after first, got it? – [Male] Yeah, thanks man. – [Male] There’s no mics nearby. Can I just interject? – I want to follow Kim’s thing. So I want to follow it. – [Male] So since a lot of industries are eventually gonna be obsolete, what to you is the safest, or maybe not the safest ’cause I’m not looking for comfort but you have VaynerMedia, you teach people, well I don’t know if you teach ’em but you do their media for
them for big companies. Is that where the industry
you recommend the most is gonna have our own media company? – No. What you need to be conscious of is why everybody’s vulnerable and also recognizing it may never happen in your entire career. It’s a timing game. But to not act as if when it’s already happened is a mistake. It’s already happened in your industry. These things already exist, got it? In my world, a lot of brands are taking
all their services in house. That’s why I have a product now called Volume Model Internal. We’re selling to clients
the following pitch, hey K-Swiss, this is not true but I just saw K-Swiss, hey K-Swiss, hire VaynerMedia. In the first year, our
fees are four million. Sign a three year deal,
instead of a one year deal. Four million in year one,
two million in year two, one million in year three. Why? Because over those three years, I’m gonna give you my employees and now they work at K-Swiss. You have to react to the
reality of the marketplace. We don’t know when but when you see it, you can’t put your
fucking head in the sand. You see it. Zillow’s calling ’em direct. What else do you want to know? You think they’re just testing
it for kicks and giggles, they’re gonna stop that program? You have no leverage. – [Male] Hey Gary. I took your advice, I sold my house and I moved
back in with mom and dad. – I love you so much you can’t imagine. That really takes a lot of strength. But it’s really smart if
you play it right next. If you do the next thing right, you’ll be happy forever. – [Male] That’s my question. – Okay. I would go with red, put it all in red. – [Female] Then he has
to move in with you. – [Male] I’m gonna have like
60K in my pocket, like 70,000. Do I dump that on Facebook and Instagram or is there something? – In ads you mean or stock? I guess ads ’cause you said Instagram. – [Male] I’m sorry, I’m a realtor. – How’s business? – [Male] Good. – Why? – [Male] ‘Cause the market’s good. – Okay. And where are you getting
your business from? How many years in are you? – [Male] Three. – And what market is it? – [Male] Bellingham, Washington. – So look, my advice, everybody’s gonna have a
unique situation like this. Here’s what I would say. Is real estate what you think at this, you’re a young dude, do you have a self
awareness enough feeling that this is what you
want to do or you did it because the money looked
good in the short term? – [Male] Not 100%. – Cool. So that’s a good starting point because it will factor in to my advice. But it’s interesting, much what’s going on with him and Whisky and much what I was just
telling my sister outside, I can’t tell you guys enough how much I want, if you’re willing to, build your personal brand because you own it in perpetuity, right? So if you build local celebrity, you could switch to selling ice cream. So the answer is yes, I think you should but the problem is you
may be bad at spending it. He’s a success story at 90,000. I don’t know what he did. But what’s great about Facebook, it’s not like buying television or buying a piece of property, you can rev it up. So spend $50 a day, 80,
you don’t have to spend, people get cash in their
pocket and they burn it. My dad lent me $1,000 when I started my baseball card business when I was 13 years old. You know what I did? I went to Costco and because they didn’t
have the cards I wanted, the money was burning a hole in my pocket and I spent it all on secondary
shit I didn’t believe in but it was burning a hole in my pocket and I had to work harder to pay him back, I paid him back real fast
in the scheme of things, but I would’ve paid him
back fucking day one if Costco wasn’t sold out of what I knew I was going there to buy but I didn’t have the discipline at 13 to not buy something ’cause I never had that
kind of money before and I needed to spend it. That’s what I’m saying to you. If you have the discipline
to spend it strategically, you’ll be very okay. – [Male] Hey Gary. – How are you? – [Male] Oh I’m terrific. – Good. – [Male] I have two questions. – Please. – [Male] First of all, it’s absolutely amazing
what you are doing. So my first question is
how many clones do yo have? – Clones? It’s funny you brought that up, let him get his second question. I’ll answer the one question in a minute, what’s your second question? – [Male] So we started real
estate about six years ago. We are closing about
50 transactions a year with my wife and our own, (mumbles). We didn’t know anyone
when we moved to the US. – Where’d you come from? – [Male] Romania, went
to college in Hungary so I’m half Bulgarian, Romanian. – Understood. So we moved to Raleigh and six years later we are at a point where we are trying to take this business from 50 transactions to
100 transactions at least, so at least that’s my
next goal for this year. However, we spent quite
some money and time on advertising videos, Facebook especially and quite a few of your videos and if there would be one platform that you would use today.
– Facebook. – [Male] Besides Facebook. – More Facebook. I mean it, look I know your guys industry, you have to understand, you didn’t squeeze it. Dad, I don’t know if you’ve heard this ’cause I know you don’t
consume a lot of my content, I always get upset about how much I was able
to help grow the business because in hindsight it could’ve been more if I did more Google and less Star Ledger, we would’ve grew more. I was right but I didn’t realize how right I was. I was still too young and everything else worked too which is why I zoned in
on direct mail, right? Other things worked too but some thing’s work better and some things go away. – [Male] And how much
time do we have left? – Correct, that’s what I
mean, it’s gonna go away. Guys, Facebook’s gonna go away. Facebook’s gone away, it’s not as good as it was two years ago. Right now, I’m telling
you that in the macro but it’s still so fucking good, it’s good. – [Male] As realtors, how
much time do we have left? Not only with Facebook– – But in the macro? – [Male] I think realtors
have a long time. When I say it wipes you out, there’s two factors. One, how ambitious, you have to understand, Keller and RE/MAX, and Berkshire and Southeby’s are gonna have to respond to this soon. People aren’t happy. A brokerage is bringing no value. – [Male] Yeah, absolutely no value. – Not in an internet world
where it was completely, I said it last night, this is why I think Vayner
brokerage would be the biggest because our value prop
would be lower commissions and I’ll build your personal brand which is the only asset that matters. – [Female] Do it. – [Male] Do it. – So for me, they’re
gonna have to respond. These are not small companies. And by the way, this is
how it’s gonna go down, I gave you a couple but
you guys know better but one of the big four,
six, nine that are classics are gonna do something and try to compete with
the technology things or change the game ’cause they have too
much money to just die. And when one of them does it, the other five are gonna
follow very quickly. So the rules of everything
are about to change. So I think they’ll be time but you’re gonna get
squeezed out of margin. The modern day realtor that’s
gonna work for a Zillow or a dot this or RE/MAX’s new
direct-to-consumer product is gonna be a telemarketer. You’re gonna make 13 bucks an hour to show up and hug ’em out ’cause that’s what you’re worth. And here’s what I don’t know, if the economy collapses, it’s gonna happen faster. You go first. It’s real. I threw this, listen, this is a meta macro version of watch what I do, not what I say. Why did I create Agent2021? For my health? I could’ve made a conference
about anything in the world. This collective, and by the way, it’s a hodgepodge of four
different industries. People are like, what’s the
connection point last year? What the fuck? Like Travis, I was like, yeah,
yeah, yeah, we’re just weird. Maybe not. This is real carnage coming and I think 10 years from today, I’m very comfortable thinking
it looks a lot different. And for a lot of people in here, that’s gonna really matter. Go ahead. – [Female] Sweet. I was just gonna ask, what do you think the timeline is on all Google searches being video? – Never. – [Female] Never? – Never. So YouTube is not, you follow Billie Jean and
some of these guys are saying getting YouTube because
it’s all going video? – Billie Jean’s trying
to sell you a product. Why would it go all video? People have shown you
for the last 100 years that we read, listen and watch, right? – [Female] Yeah. – What is podcasting? It’s radio. Nothing goes away, humans stay the same. Timing is what you need
to pay attention to. Got it? So no, people will read forever. People will watch videos forever. But there’s timing. I think YouTube’s an
incredible search engine, yeah it’s great and I think YouTube preroll is incredible. You can run ads against people based on what they’re searching
on Google, it’s intent, it’s absurd. – [Male] Shit that costs $300 a click, I get for 15 cents video view with the same keywords. – Right, so then you think
about that arbitrage, right, now it only has to convert
one in 600 people, it’s crazy. Who’s got the mic? – [Jessie] Hey Gary, I’m Jessie and I’m from Lethal, Colorado, small town. – Thanks Jessie. – [Jessie] I’m on the real estate track. I don’t even have my license yet. – I love that. But you got the tee shirt,
you got the sneakers, I know why you’re here brother. I’m fired the fuck up. – [Jessie] Yeah and real estate’s gonna be like a side hustle for me. My main job is ranching. – Ranching? Fucking love it. – [Jessie] It’s real
rural, not many people. – Look now that AJ and I are
in the college football game, some of these places we have to go to get mama’s approval to sign, there’s a lot of America out there. Matt Paradis, our best player, he’s gonna sign the biggest contract for a center in football
history this off season, he played seven on seven
football in high school ’cause they didn’t have enough people. So I get it. And plus I got very fascinated
about Colorado and Idaho for wine growing towards
the end of my wine career and did some traveling
around that too so I get it. – [Jessie] Yeah grapes and what not. – Mmhmm. – [Jessie] Anyway, so with real estate following this gentleman,
pretty much personal branding, is what my question’s gonna be. Question is since we’re so small, how does something like that get played if people are like eh,
don’t want to listen to him? – Well my big thing is just
talk about your singular truth and your uniqueness. People may follow you just
for your ranching tips or because your tire on your
truck, you need to change and you videoed it. People think, people are like I’m not interesting and I’m like people are interesting. If you weren’t interesting, we wouldn’t have traffic. Rubber necking is completely based on, you know what a yenta is? Not necessarily a good, it’s more of an Israeli word necessarily but people are interested in other people. So you don’t have a whole
lot to say about expertise like somebody whose been in
the business for 27 years, that’s her advantage. But for now your advantage is the documentation of trying
to make it your side hustle. If you live streamed your entire, somebody in here is gonna live
stream and entire open house where nobody shows up, right, right and then one of those at the
right time is gonna go viral as somebody who’s persevering
through adversity. Chewbacca mom happens a lot. You just have to put
yourself in a position, somebody decided to
post a photo of an egg. You understand? You understand? Everybody’s saying no. You are all saying no for the audience. I never say no. If I would’ve said no for you, I wouldn’t have made a cartoon photo post and realized you guys want
cartoon photo posts from me too. Those comic posts I
started posting in January are outperforming my standard content. So what do you do? You just post all sorts of shit. Shave your beard, good content. I mean it, I mean it. And you live in a part of the world that New Yorkers don’t get to, you just never fucking know. But everybody says no
and I always say yes. That is literally the binary difference and I’m willing to deal
with, when it’s a no because I don’t care about the judgment. Too many people don’t do it because they care about three likes. It doesn’t look good. And then that’s why
everybody’s doing the same shit now on Instagram because everybody’s pandering to likes not business results. – [Jessie] Thank you very
much for this experience. This is awesome. – Love it, bro. – [Lamar] How’s it going? This is Lamont from Boston. – How are you Lamar? – [Lamar] Great thank you. My question is based around you’ve always stated that
you wanted to own the Jets. – Yes. – [Lamar] And one of the
reasons you chose your partner is to get a friend in the league. – Yes. – [Lamar] So when you were
offered stake in the Dolphins why did you chose the fund and then how did you decide
how you used the fund? – Two reasons. Listen, if Steve owned the Lions, I’d probably own a piece of the Lions. I just fucking hate the Dolpins bro. I don’t even know what to say to you. I’m really not economic, I don’t care about the money plus I thought I could turn
the $25 million in equity, yeah the Dolphins have gone up but that 25 million compounded, I was confident, especially
based on my track record that I could make that 25
million go further on the fund. Now what I didn’t realize at the time was how fucking special
of an investor I was when I didn’t think of
myself as an investor. I’m really good at giving you guys
business advice on the fly because I’m coming with clear eyes. When I was not an investor and just putting money into things that I was clear eyes seeing, they became Facebook, Twitter
and Tumblr, one two and three. When I got a little fancy and into the Silicon Valley thing and starting to think a little different or the way you’re supposed to think, I made decisions that weren’t as good because now I was high a
little bit on my own supply and what I didn’t know at the time was going to be in hindsight
my greatest flaw as an investor I just told you all, I say yes, you say no. I’m so talented of a business operator that I can deal with my nos because my yeses are bigger then my nos and I just keep moving forward. As an investor, I took that same optimism. The problem was I wasn’t
running that business. I saw what they could do, the same way that I know I could run every one of your
businesses better that you can but I’m not in charge. And that’s where I got caught. Now the good news is REZI, the things that I did, why do you think I’ve
basically stopped investing? Anything I do, gold. Anything I’m even deeper in,
REZI, BREVE, Faithbox, better. Anything when I’m clear eyed, gold. Any time I’m not in control, death. Got it? – [Lamar] Got it. – And what I just gave you was one big macro version of
experience and self awareness and having the humility and the confidence to be clear with myself. There’s a lot of people in here who shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, they just are aspiring to
be doing what they’re doing. And that’s on a delta of
happiness and financial success. The ultimate is happiness
and the other access is financial success. So I’m very cynical to
real estate, I really am because people jump in when it’s, it’s a money play for
so many when it’s good and it crashes so hard when it’s bad. And that’s why there’s not
that many people 37, 27, 15, ’cause you guys are really actually in it. The amount of people that I met in 2019, this is before I knew
anything about real estate, when I first got into social media, 2009, ’10, ’11 and I was popping, I just remember thinking, the amount of people that
literally were in real estate before they decided to
be a social media expert, by the way those same people now are cryptocurrency experts. Go ahead, my friend. – [Male] Gary, your
message resonates with us. – Thank you. – [Male] First of all, I come from a son of an immigrant family. I’m an attorney, a title
guy out in Boston as well. – So a whole lot of fucking
Patriot fans in here. – [Male] That’s right. – Go ahead my friend. – [Male] We’ve been in
the business for 18 years. So we celebrated doing close to a billion dollars
worth of sales last year. – Amazing. – [Male] But I’m always looking, I think much like
everyone in this audience is looking for the next thing. One of the questions that you
asked this morning off that which in my opinion went unanswered was what do we anticipate over the course of the next year or two, we didn’t get there which is– – Well because nobody knows. I’ve been talking about
death of the economy for a little bit longer and if people acted
immediately when I said it, they probably left some
upside on the table. I think we all agree that there’s a lot more talk right now about we’re concerned, and it’s funny, I am such a by nature
countercultural dude. Now that everybody else
is on the bandwagon of the economy’s in trouble, I’m not kidding, one of the
few things I’m spending time on is to see if I can see any
indicator that it’s not so I can go the other, I’m uncomfortable being with everybody. But look, here are the facts. We’ve been basically in
economic growth for nine years. We now have a president
who’s disproportionately leveraging the future for short term because that’s what he cares about and I understand that,
that’s not a Trump thing, that’s a classic republican thing which will always play out. And I have plenty of republican tendencies on the business side but not the core one which is mortgage the
future for the current so you look good. This is why I think George
Bush, who just passed away, deserves enormous credit for him to go back on his word to right the course of the country but Bill Clinton gets the credit. That’s the truth, that’s the shit nobody talks about. So what do I think? I think fuck, everything
is so clearly out of whack. College debt is at a place
that is so unsustainable, the remarkable amount of kids that were propagandaed to go to college because they wanted to, ’cause it’s fun or because their parents made them that collected debt that have absolutely no
leverage in getting a job that remotely starts
paying off $163,000 in debt with fucking nine percent interest, it’s not sustainable. And then one thing’s gonna happen, one little thing’s gonna happen and the whole fucking thing’s gonna crash. So I thought that could happen last year. I thought it actually happened the January before, if you remember that rough
little January in the market, right, like 17, was it
January 17th I think is right? Yeah, yeah. I thought that’s when it was happening ’cause January got a little rough there. Couple more things. So we are now living in a
generation of leadership of 40 to 80 year olds who are just not willing to go backwards. We should’ve been in the
real recession in 2009. We were in an eighth place
trophy recession, right? That’s still in the system. I think, Matt was saying I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad because I think he’s smart and realizes that politicians and society won’t let it be that bad. What I don’t know ’cause I just don’t is how much say do we have? Because it’s cool when
we’re the global empire but China’s not fucking around. So my intuition is that we are well into our decline as the global empire and we will have to face
those ramifications. So I think it’s coming. If I knew when, boy I would
be buying up stuff right now and sell it the hour before it happened. So I don’t know but I know it’s brewing. – [Kathy] Hey Gary. – Hi. – [Kathy] Kathy Sorren. So quick question, you think the Rams have a chance in the Super Bowl? And then I’ll go to my real question. – I think the Rams are
gonna get blown out. I think the Saints got
scared last week, my gut. – [Kathy] Thank you for
giving me the permission. – Caleb, by the way, when we cut this, if I’m completely wrong, cut in the final score,
let’s make fun of me. (audience laughing) – [Kathy] Thanks for
giving me the permission to give away all my content for free. I wrote a book, I have a book club that you were on, I love doing all this stuff for free. Last night we spoke about you created shoes and wine to monetize. I have my version of the 4D’s but as I’m building my brand and it’s pretty sizable, I also hold a small mom and
pop real estate conference, last year was my first one, it was unbelievable. This year we’re doing it
again, double the attendance. – Good for you. – [Kathy] And I have
women’s trips that I host and bring 40 women, all
commercial real estate. So I’ve been in commercial real estate for 32 years.
– I remember. – [Kathy] So besides my workshops where I go into corporate headquarters and teach them how to lease space, last night you peaked my
interest when you said, look, I have shoes and wine,
this is how I monetize. – Know this, when I laid out the game plan, well K-Swiss I only had so much say, when I laid out Empathy, the amount of sales from
Gary Vee’s social media that are penciled in was zero. It’s a very important part. I’m giving you the 3.0 version of give it away for free. Expectations of your audience when you give something away for free is a real dangerous play. So I do wine and sneakers ’cause I like wine and sneakers. And I know what to do with them. It’s not that I thought that’s strategic, it’s to my audience. Otherwise the only people that would be able to
ask questions right now are the people that are wearing,
like yourself, my sneakers. I don’t care. My thing is like, look, if you’re buying sneakers, I’d love you to buy mine but, to me, I didn’t pick, I definitely don’t want
to monetize content. And by the way, I don’t
begrudge Billy or Schmilly, I don’t give a fuck, do you, who am I? But when somebody wants to sell something, what’s coming out of their
mouth is predicated on that. So if I’m gonna sell you marketing advice then I promise you everything
I was doing up front was hedging. But what I love about you and I’ve gotten to know you through 4D’s and all these things, you’re a real fucking player in my mind. Like if you came to me and said, I want you to invest in business. – [Kathy] Thanks to you. You’ve had a lot to do with it. – Guess what? You’ve been able to maintain
a business for 32 years. I haven’t been putting
out content for 32 years. Maybe I was a boost or
a different angle, cool and that’s what I’m here for but I think if you asked me
what would work best, if you want to go off the reservation ’cause I see you a little
bit like me that way, sell something you like the best. Shampoo, sunglasses, not strategic. Good news, 40 year old women that are your core with the
trips and everything else, they buy all sorts of shit. Got it? – [Kathy] Yeah. – If you start with something you love, I consume sneaker content. I love wine. You know what’s so great about doing business
around something you love? You work more. Watching my brother and VaynerSports, you know how much happiness
he has analyzing every, my brother analyzed every
punt in the NFL in 2017 because we wanted to
position one of our clients in free agency and fucking loved it. Honestly that’s where I think
this nirvana’s all going. I think your grandchildren, well too many things will change, a lot of people like making
fun of the kids right now, they think they’re influencers, entitled, they get out of school they think they’re going to Bali and look at all these fuckers. The reality is it’s practical. Have a funny feeling a
lot of you fuck faces would be going to Bali too
if you could afford it. When you were 22 if someone was gonna pay you to go to Bali and take a fucking selfie, you’d go to fucking Bali, right? So there’s a lot of judgment, there’s a real, what the internet is
right now makes America in its greatest land of opportunity look like a shit hole, the internet. – [Kim] Last one. – Alright, now if your like hardcore about getting a question in I would definitely go
outside and get in line. Go ahead. – [Female] So I was at VoiceCon and I asked you then how you thought voice would be used in the real estate industry and you said that it was too early. But earlier today I saw
on one of the slides that Alexa was a platform
that agents should be on. So I’m just wondering– – Well I think, so to create clarity for that, I think you guys should be on it. If you can afford it, I think it’d be remarkable if you Googled, back to ambition, I’m looking
at you like ambitions. If you really want to catch the next wave, it’s so exciting for you to
be the voice queen, right, I mean this, then fucking learn how
to build an Alexa app. It might take you 47 hours but you could and then you could be on it. You could have one of the earliest Alexa, by the way, you should build an Alexa app for either $15,000 to somebody else or learn how to do it yourself just so you can say you
were one of the first people to have one in seven years if you want to fancy
yourself as a first mover. I do not fancy myself as a first mover. I fancy myself as a remarkable
observer of the current and a better executer of the current. 90,000 instead of something else for what? Got it? The reason I’m on everything is I’m fucking squeezing
the shit out of everything. But I wasn’t when it was just me. But I decided to give up a lot of money because I know now’s the time. And I believe that attention
is the ultimate real estate ’cause it’s convertible. Got it? Everybody’s watching you. They like you bro, they like you when
you’re making the videos, they like you. Whisky, you could start a fucking seven
million dollar whisky brand that you sell to Diageo for 450, of course it’s the game because you like whisky. – [Male] I do. – I get it. I’m gonna give you a very random fun fact that very few people on Earth know. The first vlogger in
our family was AJ not me because when I was thinking up the idea I pushed him to do Jets
TV out of his dorm room a month before I started Wine Library TV. And he doesn’t have the same personality traits that I do for video but he loved it because he loves the Jets. Struggling to figure
out what you’re doing, while you’re doing your open house, talk about Game of Thrones. Six weeks later, you’re gonna be in a
Game of Thrones video, people don’t get it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. For what? It’s risk, reward. What the fuck’s gonna happen if you put out a video about how much you know
about exotic flowers? I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen. Some homie that’s into exotic flowers is gonna buy your mortgage from you. Watch what I do, root beer
and wrestling and the Jets. You know how crazy my wine show was? You know what I mean? People don’t think that’s the
way you should do it today. You should do the wine thing. I was building context with my
audience from the beginning. Your biggest strength is who you are. It really is. Make a video about the
Tampa Bay Lightning. – [Male] Oh shit they won today, did a Facebook Live video talking about the real estate market. They see the jersey all the time. – You know, it just works. This happens with religions all the time. People like to buy from
people like them, right? We know that. Go look at any subculture, any minority, any ethnicity, they like to buy from each other. They razz on each other ’cause they know all their moves but they deep down like
to buy from each other. I’m trying to get you to
be everything that you are and find connection points with other, somebody else is a divorcee, somebody else went to the
University of Maryland. Somebody else just
changed their hair color from blond to brunette. You’re leaving all the good shit because you’re listening to experts that are trying to sell you shit. Thank you. (audience applause)


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