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Hey curlfriends and welcome back! Today I’m coming to you guys with another
collaboration with I’m going to show you guys how to accessorize
your crochet box braids or box braids in general using string. It’s really simple and easy to install. Divatress went ahead and sent over two packs
of this gold yarn for braid string. So we’re going to go ahead and add some gold
string to our box braids; make them look really nice and snazzy for the summer. It’s a nice, hot trend. You guys may have seen a lot of instagram
models wearing these yarn, thread, string in their box braids to make them look a little
bit more glam. Go ahead and stay tuned for the tutorial. I’ll see you guys in the tutorial! You guys know that I’m starting off on DIY
waist length box braids. This is the crochet method so go ahead and
check that video out before we get into this tutorial. I’m using the yarn for braid in the color
gold. It’s only 99 cents on You get a lot of string in one pack for 99
cents. I pretty much just used a little less than
half of one pack. This string has an elastic attached to the
inside, so you want to use sharp, not dull, scissors. You don’t want to end up with fraying on the
ends or straggly ends on your string. You want the string to stay together. I’m using these fabric scissors to cut this
string. I went ahead and unraveled the string out
of the pack. I’m doubling up my string to a little over
shoulder length. The technique looks really complex, but I
promise you guys, it’s super easy. You’re pretty much just creating these “X’s”
and holding down the “X’s”. You want to make sure that you’re doing this
on a flat braid or flat surface. You want to make sure that its’ nice and flat
before you start wrapping the hair. I’m just holding down the braid. I’m wrapping the strings across each other
to create that “X”. When I create that “X”, I’m going to hold
down that “X” between my index finger and my thumb. Then, I’ll wrap towards the opposite end. So, I’m wrapping on the top. Holding. Then wrapping on the bottom and holding. I’ll continue to alternate between the top
and bottom of the braid. This is why it’s important to make sure that
your braid is nice and flat. You can grip it well and have your “X’s” nice
and symmetrical. I’m just going for a subtle look. I want this crisscross effect. This is the most popular effect that a lot
of people are going for which is pretty much like I said, just crisscrossing the string. You can wrap this around in a circle by just
wrapping it around the braid to create bold chunky spots of gold. You can design whatever you like and get super
creative with this. At the end of the string, I’m going to tie
the string into a regular knot. I tied mine 3 times to make sure that it wouldn’t
pop on me at all. Then, I just cut the ends super close to the
braid so that it wouldn’t show the straggly ends. Now, I’m moving on to my next section. Like I told you guys, I wanted a really subtle
look, so I didn’t use a whole bunch of gold string. I pretty much just did 3 braids right towards
the front of my head so that when I pull my hair up, backward or down you can still see
a little hint of gold. One extra tip for installing this type of
elastic or stretchy string into your braids is you don’t want to pull super tight. You will end up with a scrunched up braid. It’s going to contract against itself and
scrunch up rather than lay nice and flat. This string comes in a wide array of colors
and tones. You can get anything from your golds and silvers
to super bright and colorful pieces of string. You could pretty much customize this and make
this your own unique hairstyle. I think that it’s a really easy, cheap and
affordable way to dress up your box braids. I felt like my box braids looked so much more
professionally done. They looked less crochet-like and looked extremely
professional vs DIY once I added in these gold strings. I must say as an avid box braid wearer, I
never really dressed up my braids ya’ll. The most that I’ve done is play with a little
bit of color or funky hairstyles but I’ve never really gone for accessories. I must say, I am totally addicted. I want to do this with every single box braid
install. These braids are waist length so this really
helped for me to spice things up since I can’t pull my hair up. It’s super heavy when I pull it all the way
up onto the top of my head. It’s a great nice touch. I love you guys. I hope that you guys enjoyed learning how
to add string to your box braids to glam them up. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the
next video. Bye curlfriends!


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