How To Deal Real Estate Agency in Dubai, UAE, 2019
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How To Deal Real Estate Agency in Dubai, UAE, 2019

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information about dubai property market then subscribe to my channel eye dubai properties or want to buy or sell property in dubai then call or text me on my number available in description hope that helps. HI, Listeners This is Mohammed this Mohamed Rizwan A Real Estate Consultant, my this video is about the dubai landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers that how they can reduce the headache
while dealing a real estate company first we have to understand about
exclusivity, exclusive rights in property is similar like exclusive life where
only one person is accountable for everything you can hire a real estate
consultant after your market research to whom you are comfortable and you can
sign an exclusive contract with that specific agent for a month or three
month and give them a responsibility particularly the property which you are
looking for a property you’re selling for are going to buy but keep in mind in
this period you have to be loyal with that agent that if any case of
transition will be happen it will go through only with that agent so let’s
move on some practical examples that how you guys can give your responsibilities
to your exclusive agents but it cost you less stress so smart idea for smart
people you are looking a house be a
tenant, make a call to your contact agent for example you have chosen me and say
this one I’m looking at house discuss a budget and custom requirements for area
sized kitchen view and layout what you are looking for so your job has been
done now instead to find a number of online ads or call to different agents
let me do this job on your behalf either I have a direct property in my
stock or I have to contact with other agency profession colleagues so you have
no need to explain your requirement to hundred other agents are needed to be
worried about your move-in date because this one is working exclusively for your
requirement this one will find properties and arrange various and it
costs you the same fee what you are paying in case of non exclusivity but it
costs you less Tres smart idea for smart people let’s suppose you’re
selling or renting your property and you are giving your property to list every
real estate agency which is calling you not even a single real estate company
will give your property to a loyal exposure and energy because they know
that the landlord is already connected with other many real estate agencies so
it’s vice versa just in case they are walking on your listing it will create a
concept of racism between the real estate agencies and I have seen many
times they will advertise your property on less price than other agencies on
other side if you giving your property exclusively to one real estate agent
then what’s your job simple arrange a meeting with your agent and see some
transaction history of properties as yours for rent or for sale whatever you
are going to do and decide a target price give the
responsibility to your agent by signing an exclusive contract your job has been
done in this case the agents can arrange open house events premium advertisement
on portals add social media share freely the property to other clients are the
real estate agencies without any fear you use that property listing and in
this way the agency will use full force to make
that transaction happen successfully which would be win-win situation for
both for landlord and a real estate agent I will highly recommend you if you
have any property then let me serve you and if you have any kind of question or
concern then my number is given on the screen
contact me freely on my number thank you very much for watching the video


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