How to Create a Real Estate Landing Page with WordPress
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How to Create a Real Estate Landing Page with WordPress

hello this is Fernando from welcome in this video I’m going to show you how to create a small squeeze
page for real estate if you are an agent real estate agent you you will need a
page to capture to capture emails and phone numbers so I’m going to show you
right away how to do it it is very easy I have a wordpress installed in here I
also have a tutorial about how to install a wordpress and how to do
everything I will link it up in this video just check the card or in the
description ok so this is my WordPress I have installed a plug-in called thrive
architect I will also give you a link for this plug-in and I will show you the
plug-in in a bit just let me show you that page this is a page i have just
created with thrive architect okay so here is the the page the real estate
page this is all a template you have a lot of templates in here to select from plenty of templates okay this is a very
powerful plug-in and let me see it was in the thrive with this one in here it
is a 5-piece you have templates for every single niche okay I have selected
that one the busy home you also have four restaurants for medical anyways
this is for four homes okay this is the template check how how good-looking this
page you see you can and you can modify
everything in here you can just click and change okay let me remove that again
you can even change the logo you can change change the image here in the
background of course here it is and put anything you want very easy to do
everything drag-and-drop and of course you can change absolutely everything and
you can connect this form with your autoresponder I won’t give the details
because every autoresponder is different you only need an IP code this is a code
they give you and then you can connect this really easy okay so let me show you
this is how it appears on a tablet this is the page on a tablet and then the
most important part how we chose on a mobile this is a mobile view let me go
down a bit and you see this is extremely important all your pages have to display
very very extremely good on mobile because most of the traffic nowadays is
mobile I would say 70 80 percent of the traffic is mobile so if you don’t have a
responsive page that means are a page that looks good on mobile then you don’t
have a page okay so you can see how good it looks
now let me show you the preview page this is it this is the page you can of
course modify everything you can add in here an image or a video whatever you
prefer this is a good page for Facebook and even for Google for Google Ads to
generate leads for your properties very nice page and then you can add some
testimonials and you only need WordPress hosting and
thrive architect let me show you the hosting I recommend the most this is
site ground for only three point ninety five dollars per month you can have your
WordPress I will also leave you the link below and I have a tutorial about how to
create our WordPress in case you don’t know how to do it but it is very easy
just clicking our two or three buttons and you have it installed on your
hosting okay this is for one website if you have many websites that I would
recommend that that other that other option and this is this comes
recommended by workers so I highly recommend this hosting don’t go get
another hosting ok then this is the plug-in I told you about the one to
create landing pages it is called thrive architect this is the one I all also
gives you the link below with this plug-in you can create any any page any
any page okay and it is very cheap you only pay sixty seven for one website if
you want more of course you can pay more but if you are just starting with your
real estate business you can use this single license you just pay for the
license and therefore the hosting and that’s it you don’t have to pay for
anything else I believe they give you also a domain
when you buy the the hosting they do many promotions you would just have to
confirm it with them but and 80 80 percent sure they give you
also a domain with with the hosting and I also have blog post that explains
everything in detail about how to create a blog of the bigger name and everything
this is what you need I would also recommend this section about emails
because you need a database a CRM to collect emails and names and phone
numbers with this you you have one of the best in the market which is active
campaign I will just check the check the the links that we live in the
description and also in that page I explain everything in here very easy to
follow I also have a video in here in the middle of the page and I will also
link to this page in case you you need it ok so if you have any questions
please leave them in the comments I’m not enough now

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