How to convince your parents to move (2019)
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How to convince your parents to move (2019)

Convincing your parents it’s time to
right-size their living environment at first may seem like a bit of a challenge.
As your parents grow older you may begin to sense signs that they’re struggling
with day-to-day things that indicate that their current longtime living
environment may not be suitable anymore. Your parents are going to see these signs’,
after all why would they? This has been their only familiar domain for a long
time. Today we’re going to talk about the delicate subject of deciding when it’s
the right time to consider a move and also I’m going to guide you through how
you can have a stress free and happy transition for everyone involved. To be
clear,I’m not talking about having that conversation with your parents about
going into assisted living or even having the conversation about trying to
get them to move in with you. What I’m talking about is helping your parents
come to their own conclusions that it’s time to simplify their living
environment .Living a long and fulfilling life by moving into a community more
suited to their active senior lifestyle is a healthy choice!..But is the word
‘change’ a five-letter bad word in your parents vocabulary? It doesn’t have to be.
Hi, I’m Lisa Kelly Lakeland Homes and Lifestyles with Premiere Realty in
beautiful Lakeland Florida. Let’s start with signs that may be time for your
parents to start considering a move..Are you seeing signs that the ongoing
maintenance of their home may be getting a little bit too much for them? Maybe the
house isn’t as clean and picked up as it used to be, maybe it’s been a few years
too long in between painting,tree trimming, gutter cleaning or anything
else requiring a tall ladder. And you know your Dad’s not going to pay to have
someone come out !! Have you noticed if your parents are not as social as they used
to be? Maybe they’ve become a little bit isolated. Maybe the neighborhood has
evolved and they don’t have as much in common with the neighbors anymore or
maybe they suffered a loss and they claim that they just rather stay inside. Just stay in tune and read between the lines. Don’t take for granted everything
is fine just because they give you the canned answer “yeah everything’s fine”.
Let’s walk through the necessary steps to
make this difficult process easier and to ensure a smooth and happy transition.
The first three things are super important: that’s open communication
respect and choice. Parents may feel emotionally connected to their home. Expect apprehension when you first bring up moving. They need time to ponder and
accept the idea. Bring up the cost savings of moving to a smaller home, the
benefits are not having an mow the grass and the hot summers and maybe some
health benefits of living perhaps near the water. Try saying things like this:
“I can’t live your life for you, but can you do this?.. can you humor me,
let’s go together to go look at these few places I’ve already checked out. I
think you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised!” Now if you get the hand in
front of the face, then you need to back off a little bit. This is supposed to be
a very slow and respectful process. But leave the brochures so they could look at
them later on their time. Then schedule a time maybe to take your parents out to
lunch and go look at a few places. Do this several times if necessary and let
them decide which ones they like and why. Once a community has been chosen it’s on
to step two… Have a plan! Now your parents are going to feel a little nervous
anxious and overwhelmed initially and they probably won’t even know where to
begin the move itself. Have a plan to have all immediate family members on
board to help with the organizing the packing and the sorting. A good time
frame for this is about 6 to 8 weeks depending on how many items are in the
house and of course family members schedules. But whatever you do, Please
don’t rush this crucial step! Your parents belongings are not just
furniture and objects, they are their memories that tell the story of the history
of their life in the house. Take the time to reminisce with your parents about
every piece if necessary and decide which things are going to be given to
certain family members donated sold or purged. And gently keep the pace focused.
Have a measured floor plan of their new home let your parents
decide which items are going to be moved to the new house and where they’re going
to be placed. And for the main living area and their new digs, encouraged them
to buy new furniture. When’s the last time they went furniture shopping!? After
all the packing and sorting is well underway, stay ahead of any anxieties and
worries that your parents may have by making sure that the moving day itself
is pre-arranged. Make sure that you are physically there on the day of
moving. Your parents need to be reassured that the movers are professionals and
who will handle all of their things with care. Whether the move is across town or
cross country don’t let your parents arrive at the
new home alone. Family members need to be there when the movers arrive with their
things and stay until the basic necessities are in place or forever long
you feel you should stay there for the first day in their new home. It may take
several weeks for your parents to settle in. Check in with them often and make
sure they feel safe and comfortable. Take this adjustment time to make sure that
their former home is cleaned and repaired if necessary. Again reassuring
your parents all is taken care of. Every person reacts to moving differently. Some
feel relief from not having to take care of their home anymore but most will feel
some loss from the life change. Give your parents plenty of family support during
this stage. Who knows they might end up saying ‘Why didn’t we do this a long time
ago!?’ If you’ve gone through this journey with
your parents, I’d love to hear about it. Send me a little comment below let me
know how your parents are thriving in their new digs! And don’t forget to check
out the links here below in the description. You’ll find some helpful
information there to get the process started. Oh!, and please subscribe and ring
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miss a thing. Until then I’ll see you on the next one!


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