How To Choose A Realtor – Hiring A Buyers Agent
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How To Choose A Realtor – Hiring A Buyers Agent

Hi everybody, your real estate expert, Lance
Mohr. And today, I want to talk about how to buy a house and more specifically, how
to pick a real estate agent to work with. Okay, so now you’re thinking about buying
a house and you want to get a real estate agent. For most of you out there, this is
going to be one of the first things you do; you’re going to choose a real estate agent.
And I can’t tell you how vitally important this is. Every year, the National Association
of Realtors comes up with statistics, and almost every single year they show that 75%
of all homebuyers work with the first real estate agent they meet. And you know, there’s
a lot of great real estate agents out there but there’s a lot of bad real estate agents
out there. So your job is the buyer is to determine the best real estate agent is for
you, because this is most likely going to be the biggest financial decision of your
life and you don’t want to just leave it to anybody.
So I want to give you a few tips. Now, there’s not just one single question or one single
solution to find some great real estate agent. You have to do a little digging. You have
to do your homework. Now, you might be going to open houses or going on to different website,
talking to different agents, and you really have to talk to them and see, is this someone
that really sounds like a professional, that acts like a professional, someone that returns
phone calls in a timely manner, do they know what they’re talking about. So a couple things
you could do if you get their name, try going into Google and just type their name in. So
maybe, whatever, Joe Smith and then whatever county you are in. I’m in Tampa, so Tampa
realtor, and see if their name comes up, see what they are on. Look at their Facebook page.
Look at their website – the main thing is their website; do they have a professional
website, do they have an informative website or do they just have a cookie-cutter website
that they really put no effort into. Go on their website and read a little bit about
them; check them out, how long have they been in the business, what do they like doing,
what are their hobbies. Just get a little bit more information about them, maybe they
have reviews. You could type their name in and put “reviews” next to it or hopefully
they have some reviews online or they have some reviews and testimonials on their website.
So really just see what type of person you are working with.
And at the end of the day, experience, I can’t tell you how important that is. Experience
has a lot to do with it because when you get in a situation and it’s not a good situation,
the last thing you want to do is be with a real estate agent that doesn’t know what the
heck they are doing. So you want to pick a real estate agent that has a lot of experience.
Now maybe they are newer in the business, but maybe they have different experience in
other areas; mortgages, maybe they were an investor. Do they have a lot of experience?
The second thing is their negotiating ability. I can’t tell you how many agents, when I’m
on the listing side, they just send the purchase contract over. They never call me and tell
me it is coming over. They never represent the buyer in presenting the purchase contract.
They don’t have all their ducks in a row. And they’re really just putting their buyer
at a disadvantage. And I always think to myself, how can you do this? You are working with
the buyer, what would the buyer think if they knew you didn’t even contact the real estate
agent on the other side and talk to them and try to get them to take the offer that might
be less than full price and why should they take the offer? What are they doing? Are they
going after and negotiating like a pitbull or are they just lying over and playing dead?
So you want to really do your homework, and at the end of the day, you just have to go
with your gut. A lot of times people will say well, I have this real estate agent and
I don’t really like them that much, but they’re really nice. I mean and that’s good, it’s
nice to find a good agent, but you don’t need a really nice agent. You need an agent that
knows what the heck they are doing, that’s going to represent your best interest and
negotiate like a pitbull for you. So you do your due diligence. And what I tell everybody
to do, if you don’t want to ask them over the telephone or you don’t want to ask them
face-to-face, get their business card, email them, say hey I’m looking at buying a home
and maybe give them a little bit in what you are buying, what area and ask them why should
I work with you, why should I choose you as a real estate agent. And in all honesty, I
wish every single person, and I’ve worked with thousands of homebuyers and home sellers,
I really wish every single person ask me this question because I would have loved to answer
it. There are some agents, maybe they won’t like the answer, but you deserve it because
you don’t want to wind up with someone who is not good and then you lose the home. And
then in some cases, you might not even know why you lost a home. Start asking questions,
get on their website, see what type of person they are and then go with your gut. Who should
you work with? The beauty about YouTube and the beauty about a lot of these videos that
people do and other realtors, they really give you some good insight to help you. If
you have any questions whatsoever, please send me a comment. If you like my videos,
please subscribe and give me a thumbs up. I hope you have a wonderful day and I wish
you the best of luck.


  • iJp

    Hey nice this was a great video! I see a lot of potential if you keep working on it! Don't let the haters drag you down! make sure to check out my channel! Welcome to YouTube and keep up the good work!

  • Hsehseng

    Thanks for the info, I don't know what kind of questions I must ask before watching this video. Now I got the idea. Thanks a million 🙂


    Thank you for the info. I am a first time buyer and stressing terribly over making the decision… If you have any good agents in milwaukee you could recommend I would appreciate it

  • borg386

    hello! your info is super helpful. We are in the beginning stage of wanting our second home. Just trying as you said " getting our ducks in a row". We live Brooksville not far from Tampa. For sure gonna look yoy up when we are ready. Thanks.

  • Sunny T.

    Lance-The people who work in sales center after model homes being built, are they sales rep or real estate agents such a realtor?

  • Hyden 35

    I liked your way of explaining stuff and I found them pretty helpful , I subscribed right away. What state are you in if you don't mind me asking?

  • Angela YT

    I don't want any realtor that will negotiate like my pitbull. She is too far of a softie and people pleaser. Thanks for the great tips! Just a reminder that pitbulls are awesome, too! 😉

  • Sugar Free

    I need to know how to find an agent to sell my 100 year old house. You really have to be dedicated to a hundred year old house. I think my realtor needs to be more aggressive with the market and the buyer. She wants me to fix a tiny floorboard. I said this house is 100 years old the squeaking floorboard goes with the territory. No termites here. This house has been flipped and it has beautiful property it's real estate.

    My first instinct was not so good with them. What should I say to my realtor when I'm selling my house because it sounds like she's trying to call the shots and I'm balking. she has never sold s house before. she wants to list it too soon and now she's gone off to have a baby.

    I am doing her due diligence and mine !!

  • mukome robicheaux

    very interesting and helpful, I appreciate it. I'm just wondering why I'd want to know what the agent's hobbies are?

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