How To Buy Real Estate Without Cash or Credit
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How To Buy Real Estate Without Cash or Credit

same thing with the same thing with that guy’s to keep in I did everything myself and here that is
not how’d he do the business and that right
there is a house that I have already flipped as well. And I already know that I can flip this house to a buyer on my buyers list cause I got strong buyers was in this area Hey what’s up guy’s, john cochran here and
today is System Saturday the day that I bring you a system that I use my
business that you can rip off duplicate using your own local market now here we are at to 175 Laura Avenue in Centerville Ohio this is the property that
will just acquired and you can see here that it needs a little bit of work okay but
the thing is that this property needs a lot a cosmetic work that’s to the is like oh my gosh
why in the word is you even buy that thing but today System Saturday is all about
what do you first do go out and look for private money first
so that you can buy these types of deals or do you go out and look for deals
for so I gonna open up this paper work I’m just
can take you right into the kitchen and I just wanna open up this paperwork I’m gonna give you my take on on what you should do when they should go out and and find private money first with you
obviously need or what they should go out and get deals first so let me tell
you a little bit about how we acquired this property so it was actually a
seller that’s um really contacted us there are
two super super motivated the seller contacted us of a a direct
mail campaign we have run in and a we will look through this thing
everything was good we couldn’t get in some bedrooms when we did our seller meeting and the
guy was a super super motivated his son was living in here and he was just trying to get rid of
that we put on the contract immediately for 70,000 and a we had a little bit type of work that
we had a workout and so we put on a contract immediately
for seventy thousand and then a the the comps in this area were gonna sell that
all day for all one forty nine nine I’m so we got a little work to put these
about thirty thousand dollars so um looking at the numbers here I just
wanna show you here this is our settlement so this is
where we close on this property so getting back to what I was telling
you all about you know what do you do you know what search for the seller
first or do you actually go and you know do also seller marketing first or
do you go raise the money first and here is the answer at you I’ll tell
you exactly what I do so here’s you know this is our company
name here is uh you know the street 175 lower Avenue
in Centerville Ohio you can see here that contract sales
price is 70 grant and then you see down here at them the left-hand columns is all the buyer’s
column okay so when you see down here this number right here’s what you the
buyer has to bring to closey okay whatever their
person’s property so when you see here this is the cash
from the buyer or the cash to the buyer so and this deal the way we
structure this deal the cash to the buyer was thirty
thousand nine hundred and thirty-five dollars in 52 cents in the way you see
this was that we bought this property for
seventy thousand and at closey we went through and got a check to
the buyer which was as for almost thirty one thousand dollars okay so there’s a lot of different ways you
can structure these deals a lot of different way so the the whole world the story is that is
that if I went through and I was searching for money first rather than deals first I still will be
working on my first deal so you gotta go out and you’ve got a
search for homes first because the money will follow as you see right here the
way we structured this particular deal so go out and do a ton of seller marketing
bringing a ton of sellers go out into the MLS and find deals and the money will be attracted and if
you get knowledge and structure your deals like this you
can this is how you do no money uh you have no money into your real
estate deal so guy’s subscribe to our YouTube channel like us on
Facebook and I’ll see you on next system Saturday’s I’m out, see you guy’s


  • Robiwan Kenobi

    Hey John I'm having a hard time studying all this on my own. I been reading and watching videos and still I feel like I'm not ready to go out there and get my feet wet. When did you decide that you were ready to go out there and start finding deals?

  • The Slavery Channel

    These guys always use the same pitch over and over and over and they probably all stink from the same after shave too.

    Tom Vu was an exception, he was Vietnamese, can't blame him for bad BO

  • robert cotten

    Great videos. I use a lot of your strategies. I want to get a "Working In The Field Opinion" on Warranty Deeds versus foreclosures. Can I keep the property and the owner be responsible for the debt of the first and second mortgage. 

  • Coffee

    Hey John, How did you get your real estate licence, is there a way to do so, "without putting in time at someone else's office?"

  • manhertm

    Your saying just simply get financing plus addtional upgrade costs. That's way too vague. I'm not a real estate investor, but I have done some preliminary research and from what I understand when calling finance companys, they're not inclined to just do a loan for a purchase amount unless you have 20% down. Because it's an investment property it's a higher risk loan to them. I'm guessing you built up a relationship with a lender and they have past successes with you, but the average person is not gonna get the same deal. If you are saying the average first time investor can, you need to show how they would go about getting this no money down financing with addl fixing cost added.

  • Team Sheri

    Hi John…..loving the systems Saturdays I found on youtube. I am a born again realtor and will put some of your business systems to work for me so I can make my million in 2015. 🙂  I will keep you posted.

  • Kj Lawrence

    Hey John….I'm new to the Wholesaling + Rehabbing. Can you elaborate more on those setting up these type of deals? Please!!!

  • Jeremy Spear

    I am finding tons of deals and getting allot of leads…but I want to master how you are structuring the deals to get that kind of money at closing…what do I need to do? Where do I need to go?

  • mike johnson

    Bitch u didnt explain shit but just promoting your cheap fuck ass wack company so just stop u not a millionare and never will be u wasted my time watching this piece of shit

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