How to Buy a Rental Property
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How to Buy a Rental Property


  • Steve Englehardt

    Are we able to choose the state in which we invest with your company?
    How does Morris Invest make money, on the purchase , rehab or management?

  • Road to the 2 Comma Club

    Great video! One of my awesome subscribers sent me a link to your video, and I already liked and subbed just after seeing this one video 🙂 Quick question though, at 4:01 you said there was a card to click but I think you forgot to add that in? I'll look through all your videos probably anyways but just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks again!

  • Ben Cooper

    Hey Clayton, thanks for the videos, they are great. You talk about the 40k homes renting for 700 a month, I was wondering if prices like that will stay correlated as home prices increase- what I'm saying is here in maryland 40k is basically impossible. Say it was a 80,000 property, should I expect to rent it out for 1400 a month?


  • Matt Wennerstrom

    Are you seeing any appreciation in the properties you are buying/selling? I can currently buy and fix up around 50k and then rent it at $800. The appraisal usually comes in around 80-100k. Is that kinda of the same story you get on your properties?

  • Dallin Stagg

    So I am only 19 and going to college and I'm afraid if I do a real estate deal, I might screw myself over financially for college. Do you have any idea of a type of deal I could do? I'm going to be studying finance and my goal is to get a decent income during college to not have to work and focus on my studies. Love the videos!!!

  • David Banfi

    If I buy a property across state lines, do you have any recommendations for finding management of those properties?

  • Ilan Friedman

    hey Clayton,
    you said that seller financing allows you to avoid capital gains tax, but is that true? doesnt seller financing just allow you to spread out the capital gains tax rather than paying it all at once?

  • Karen Kirby

    Hi Clayton,
    My name is Karen Kirby and I'm a tax accountant with a focus in Real Estate … I recently started watching your videos and I love them (subscribed). Thanks for all of the information. It has truly been very helpful. I live in CA and I recently started investing in Orlando, FL and I have a few questions for you. So, I was wondering if there is anyway i could talk to you over the phone sometime? If so, can you please let me know?

  • Orencio Medina

    Thank you for all this great information. I have been watching at least two of your videos daily. I am almost ready to schedule my call. Thanks again.

  • Simon L

    Hey Clayton, I love your videos. Any chance you can make a one about finding properties out of state and how to identify good investments on craigslist while avoiding scams?

  • Zane Mooneyhan

    Can you buy a house undervalued (say you buy it 40k under market value) and take out a 40k dollar heloc in order to rehab it?

  • Dino

    I made an offer twice on tow different properties but got cold feet and backed out on both. How can I overcome the fear of a first time home buyer? I have the funds to invest in real estate but fear is stopping me.

  • scott banta

    I love these videos. I am in the baby stages of doing this have purchased one duplex under a heloc and I love seeing videos with examples and explanations about small inexpensive transactions, since being a beginner that's the market I'm in right now. I must say that every time I see your company name I can't help but to think it was an opportunity missed. Instead of being " Morris invest" i think it should be "invest Mor'ris" with the pun of "Invest More". haha

  • jo

    hi there! thank you so much for your insights! I'm a newbie on the real estate field. I'm realtor but not active. My question is this.. My husband and I are being offered by my mother in law to join here in real estate investing (rental property) but it's in a smaller city which is 7 hours away from where I am. We are thinking of moving down where she's at, but my concern is I already know that it's not the city where i want to spend the rest of my life. I like living in the big city but i know that there's possibility of being successful in the small city. My question is, how can i make this transition, how many years or how many houses should i need to managed or owned in order for me to move back to the big city? How can i managed the property/ies if i don't live in the same city? Please advise, I would be so grateful for your input! thank you and God Bless!

  • AJ48911

    Great information & Awesome videos since I have subscribed!
    I am ready to grow in cash flow in 2018 but I need to find a great property manager around the Atlanta area, what do you look for in a GOOD P.M. any suggestions?

  • Brian Canady

    Im new to your channel so my apologies if you have made this video already. On this video you have a point of finding a great property management team. My question would be, if this is your very first purchase, at what point do you think you are needing to get a property management? I know its kind of individual based and what a person can handle but just from your handling, what would you say is a solid number of properties to have before getting a property management company to assist you?? Thanks! Love your videos.

  • KeilaniDa Koala

    I Have a plan….to convert my rental garage into one of those granny units because of the new ADU laws…currently i dont live in that rental and live/own in another city. the ADU laws require owner to occupy on property…..dont want to have to move in rental…i rather rent both house and garge out….any advice how to take advantage of ADU..

  • Honest Lee Handyman

    Such great advice!! Thank you. My Plan is to buy a duplex and rent out my current home and rent one of the two units on the duplex!

  • StudentStay

    The big advantage of holding real estate is the cash flow, but also the price increase of the property in the long run (20 – 30 year). The property you rises in value each year. The money in the hand of a flipper decreases each year due to inflation. This is the big differences why you should hold and never sell.

  • Pxchy Aeshtetix

    Great videos! Question, a Property that I’ve had my eye on has been on the market for awhile on and actually has had a price decrease. Would that usually raise a red flag? Or if it’s sold “as is”.

  • Upside diy

    It's a good way to make a living in 2018. The only problems if you don't have luck with the tenants, city's bad and cost of livings. Rental property isn't for everyone. It's a good idea, but renters are reallly crazy people, barely getting by.

  • estero verde

    When remodeling a house _ where to invest more money for greater gains___? Like

  • Hands Solo

    Is it a good investment to buy a rental apartment with one occupied by myself And rent out the other apartment to cover the monthly mortgage payment ? I have never owned a property before , now am looking at my options .

  • Malea Seng

    Mr…Morris, you seem so honest and trustworthy….was wondering why you want to share your knowledge? Isn't that like giving pieces of your pie to strangers?

  • C S

    i live in massachusetts and want to buy property in baltimore so i just need to open an LLC in baltimore and not mass right?

  • The_Big_ Neutron

    Great videos… Thank you! Florida future investor and I have a question. Have you ever built rental units instead of buying units requiring some extensive rehab? I have found a few units for sale in the Orlando area but at exorbitant prices; however, upon some additional research I've been noticing very cheap land prices, and having some basic knowledge of construction, I realize it would be 3x cheaper to buy land and build than to buy a standing property. Any thing I'm missing? Thanks

  • 梁盛楠

    hi,there are residential properties but the cashflow is negative,and there are commercial apartment buildings the cashflow of which are much better,but people say the commercial apartment appreciate too slow, and here in China,if you are living in commercial apartment you can not have your kids in school, what do you think? as a investor should I buy commerical or residential? Any comments will be appreciated! thank you !

  • Dan Bass

    Clayton, love your content! I'm closing on houses 5 and 6 this month and can't wait to leverage more! I have been asking around on how to get past the 10 property/mortgage issue. One loan officer said, pay off your lowest mortgage and then you can buy an 11th. There just has to be an easier way. Does anyone have any advice? The point is to leverage as much as you can, paying them off slows this down drastically yes?

  • John Paul Paquibot Cebu Real Estate

    wow this is Gold thanks …… for the location i think its best to buy a condo inside a township with residential buildings and BPO offices that way you will never run out of tenants. another youtube says if the township is huge trendy he then buy houses not condo but houses beside that trendy township since people who will be working in that township will look for cheaper houses / apartments to live … learning a lot from you guys..thank you for making a video like this

  • Gonzalo Avila

    As many houses that you buy, wouldn’t you save money by obtaining your realtors license and make the house purchasing yourself??

  • dustovshio

    roi implies cash on cash return and 10-12% isn't that good. I think you meant cap rate. 10-12% cap rate is good.

  • Leann Riffle

    We're buying our first rental now. Buying a new construction home. We will live in it for 2-3 years and then rent out. My question is, how soon after buying a new construction home can you get a HELOC for the down payment of the next home?

  • Michael Shankland

    Lol really? Larger than Memphis Invest? Larger than Norada? As measured by…? I like your channel, am a subscriber and avid listener but this seems a claim too far. Please elaborate.

  • View Park

    Hello Clayton, what's the best way to calculate the rent potential of a certain area? How do I know what rents are going for in that area? I know they can change from street to street. Thanks.

  • eman

    Hello i know i want to get into real estate and buy rental properties but i would love to have maybe you instagram or anything where i may be able to contact you personally , i would be so grateful to get a response back. 🙏

  • from 2050

    I bought my home 7months ago. But it's too far from work am expending a lot of money on gas( 700$) should I sell now or wait till it goes up more in value.

  • Brandon Parijs

    This is a bit of a stretch but are there any property manageement companys that you would recommend here in Georgia?

    Thank you!

  • Angelo Lozano

    Clayton, I find myself shuffling between your Youtube channel and Podcast. Sometimes I don't know if one is a repeat or new one. Is it possible for your shows to be on one source? I vote Youtube 🙂

  • Oliver Nanetti

    I'm new I want to get into renting homes and creating a passive income. I plan on taking classes on plumbing and electrical to learn more about this subject.

  • Joel Duran

    Should these properties be commercial or residential I'm from NY just asking and new to investing in RE. Just finished college and interested in pursuing this

  • Herboski Johnson

    Im going to be completely honest with you i have three properties and i enjoy learning i watched dozens of videos but i must admit you are definitely my top 3 very short simple and to the point keep up the great work

  • Heather Middaugh

    I need to sell approximately 80 properties near Abilene Texas. We have been in the business myself for 16 years and my husband 25. He’s a retired coast guard commander and we want to just retire. We have 80% equity and would sell pretty cheap but would like to sell it all in one big shebang!!!!

  • D4Ofthepack 510

    So do you never actually go out of state and inspect the property? And how do you gauge a good property manager? Are you essentially taking there word that they will do a good job

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