How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money Down
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How To Buy A Rental Property With No Money Down

Today, we’re talking about buying rental
property with no money down. And I’m going to make you a promise up front. This
isn’t going to be like the other gurus and people out there. They’re talking nonstop
about buying properties with no money and leveraging strategy. Today, I’m
actually going to be introducing something in a way that I do it that
nobody else does. And trust me, it can absolutely make the difference of you
buying the next property with no money. Now, I want to clarify something. Because
again, I get so many skeptics that for some reason love to subscribe and watch
my videos. Is it really true that I’m buying properties every single day or
nearly every day without money? Well, check it out. So, I’m looking at my screen
here and what I actually want to show you is my track record, for those either
like, “Kris, you talked about buying thousands of homes. Is it really true?” And
I’m just gonna kind of go through this. This is a document that I’ve got prepared for
my really professional investors that put millions of dollars into my system.
But I want to highlight a couple of things. Here you can see 4,000
homes. 15 year track record over 500 million dollars. Half a billion in 65
different distinct markets and locations. If I come through here and actually like
zoom in on my track record here, look at this. This is showing you that in North
Carolina, I’ve got one distinct market. I’ve done seven million of purchasing
there. An average of a 168 thousand dollars. That’s my square
feet. And I’m cash flowing these like a beast. If I come here to Tennessee, you
can see I’ve done 54 million there. 84 million in Florida, 55 million in Arizona.
52 million in Indiana. 6 million in Nevada. And this is just between 2013 and
2016. So, we’re talking about a pretty substantial track record here. By the way,
one of the things I’m going to be talking about today is right here. Strategic
partnerships. And literally how I can partner with you to actually make
investing in real estate without any money a very real reality. I’m going to skip
though to the bottom of this document. Follow along with me. I break down how my
whole system works. My track record and up and down markets. But look at this. You
see these properties right here? This is 231 King pond Avenue Winter Haven
Florida. I own this. This is something that I
bought or this one over here on 3962 Strathmore Drive Indianapolis Indiana,
I bought this home. These are actual deals that I’m buying on a pretty
regular basis. I have a team of 200 experts and we go out in the marketplace
and we find these deals. My research team will find them. Make sure they’re good
deals. I present offers. We get them under
contract then we purchase them. My team will fix up to them and then basically
we rent them out. Hold for 5 years and we sell and double the portfolio. We
double money every 5 years. That’s the goal and focus every single time. So, I
just want to make sure you understood. There’s not lip-service going to this.
Same thing here’s another property here on Perkins Road Memphis. And this is
Tyler Bennett my acquisitions director. Who has helped me put a lot of this
together. I wanted to show you this because I want you to understand how
real this actually is. So, now that you’ve seen that, let’s actually dive in for a
moment and say, “All right. How can you actually buy properties with no money
and no credit?” Every single time you buy a property, there’s 4 things that you
need. You need someone that can find the the deal. You need someone that has money
for the deal. You need somebody that actually has credit for the deal. And then you need someone to execute and handle the management of the deal. You’re
buying the round. These are the 4 things that every single property means.
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is believing they’ve got to do it
all. Well all of a sudden, you look at all the hats that you’re wearing. You’re
saving up money, you’re making sure your credit looks good, you’ve got to find the
deal. You’ve got to do all the management. And if you do everything yourself,
I’m just going to tell you right now, that’s the killer. That’s the reason why so many
people aren’t actually out there investing because they think they have
to do it all themselves. I’ve created a program called maverick.
And you might become one of my Mavericks. Here’s what it means. If you want to know
what the most difficult part is on this whole list, what would you guess? I want
to hear you. You might think that it’s money. But ironically, money is not the
most difficult. The most difficult first is actually setting up the long-term
success strategy to make sure that the property does what is they’re supposed
to do. What do you actually think the second most difficult is? It’s not money
again. It’s actually finding the deal. How do you know that you’re fighting the
best of the best? I’m averaging a 25% ROI on my properties. How am I able to do
that? That’s crazy. That’s quadruple more than any average person is able to do.
Other than that, money and credit, that’s next. These are
the easiest things because they’re in great abundance. They’re commodities.
People everywhere got about. You’ve got deals. And if you’ve got the right
management, I Got News for you. This is a cakewalk. This is something that it’s
actually pretty easy. So, here’s what the Maverick program is. I’ve got teams out
there that will find the best deals each and every day. And I’m buying them with
my partners. Here’s what you can do: If you become a maverick, I will go out
there and show you how to find people with money. Now by the way, the people
that really have money don’t have money in the bank account. That money sitting
in 401Ks. They have money sitting in IRAs they’ve got money sitting in the
stock market. Which means to them, that’s not money that they can actually spend.
They don’t really feel that they actually have any money. They might even
be living ironically check to check and have a couple hundred thousand dollars
or a half a million dollars sitting waiting for retirement and it’s not
enough. They know they need a solution. I actually will train you how to find the
people with the money in the credit. I’ll bring the deals of Management. And if
these people actually partner with me to do deals, then I’ll take my cut and I’ll
make you an equal partner with me. Just think about that for one second here. Is
it true what I just said? Am I saying that if you use the system to introduce
people to me that have money and credit sitting in 401Ks, IRAs and they
decide to say, “Kris, you’re the solution. Like, now I can get enough money for
retirement.” If those people come together a partner with me and I do the deals and
I did the management, I put together the LLC’s and the bank accounts and I take
care of all the details, am I saying that I’ll take my half and split it equally
with you?” Yes. Why would I do that? Let me give me the answer. I’m obviously buying
a lot of real estate. I’m building lots of wealth. My passion, I love helping
people with tens and hundreds and millions of dollars build wealth. I’ve
got my billionaire clients. But you know what? I love helping the beginner that’s
who I feel called to. The people that haven’t made their first million dollars,
those are the people I love to work with. There’s a lot of skeptics out there, so
I’m not talking to you. But the people that have been watching
my channel for a while, feel my heart get who I am. Come out to one of my events.
Try it on. See how life-changing it is. What I’m doing here is I’m making real
estate as easy as it possibly can be. I’m taking the most difficult parts and I’m
removing them and I’m saying, “Let me teach you how to do the things that can
get you real estate today.” By making those things happen, guess what?
You can become the owner of real estate in a very short period of time. Now,
listen there’s a link below for you to learn more about maverick and what it
means. There’s also a way for you to get in contact with my team to say, “Hey. tell
me more about partnering with Kris. What does that look like? And could I really
have access to all of his deals?” And the answer is yes in a really big way. And I
could be out there with you helping you by dozens of properties if you take
advantage of what you’re learning about right here. Next up is for you to get
more informed. Click the link below, learn what it means to be a maverick and let’s
get out there and help you actually do real estate. Hey, thank you for watching
today’s video. It was all about can you actually go out there and buy real
estate with no money? And while there’s many ways of doing that, I’ve shared the
most intimate way that I know how to do that in a way that is real that works
that I’ve done a lot. And what it really means now with this brand new program is
that you literally just might be a few conversations away from your first
portfolio of actually owning real estate. So friend, I’m creative. I’m thinking
outside the box. It’s time for you to come and join me. If you’re not a
subscriber, do that. Learn about my events. Come join me for my four-day event. So unleash your financial destiny. Have life-changing experiences and then find
the 1 or 2, 3 people there in your world today that could actually
go out there and build real estate wealth with me and I’ll give you a cut
of the action. And you’ll find yourself a successful real estate investor today.


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