How To Buy A Property That Is Not For Sale
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How To Buy A Property That Is Not For Sale

Is it possible to buy real estate that
is technically not for sale? My name is Kris Krohn and I’ve done thousands of
deals and today, we’re going to explore that very topic. In fact, stay tuned because
coming up next I’m going to share with you a time that it worked a time that it
didn’t and what you need to know about doing it correctly. So today, I’m going to give you 2
strategies for how you can actually approach the owner of a property so that
you can buy it from them even if it’s technically not for sale. But before I do,
I want to share with you a couple of examples just from my own life where
this has actually happened. There was actually a particular piece of real
estate that I really wanted to own. I had been looking for about a year and a half
for this very specialized piece of property and it was for rent. And I ended
up making a purchase offer on it. And you know what? They not only entertained it
but they gave me a better deal with better numbers and I was planning on. So
I was absolutely thrilled. And that deals gone on to work really really well. But
there was another time actually just recently. Right now, I’m actually looking
at another piece of land and if this one is actually not a property. It’s a piece
of land that I really want to buy. And I made an offer to purchase it even though
it’s not for sale. The guy came back and basically said no. And I’m like, “Alright.
Well, obviously you can win some and you can also lose some.” The question is how
do you give yourself the highest likelihood of getting a property that
you want even when it’s not for sale. So, there’s 2 fundamental strategies here.
The first one is what can you give the owner that they want? The first option is
literally cash. Meaning can I give you the right purchase price that you want?
And it never hurts to go to someone that has something that’s not for sale and
literally making them offer. And they might come back to you and say, “You know
what? I’ve thought about your offer. And if it was at this price or the price
you’ve offered. I’m good to go. Let’s actually do this deal and sell it.” That’s
the easy one. The second strategy requires a little bit more finesse. Maybe
even a little more creativity. Here’s my question for the second strategy. What
are you going to do with the property and what can you offer the existing
owner that might be worthwhile for them to do a collaboration with you? You know
I was in New Zealand and I went to Hobbiton. Right? So, if you watched Lord of
the Rings or The Hobbit, the Shire is filmed in New Zealand and it’s on this
man’s land. It’s a farm. The Scout that went out looking for the proper land
found it on this man’s farm and they basically offered to give him some money
and he let them shoot the film there. But then something interesting happened. All
of his neighbors started recognizing what’s the
movie came out that that his land was the land of the Shire. And they were
going to bulldoze it down and he actually stopped them from breaking down
the set. It actually went into a collaboration with Peter Jackson and
essentially said, “Hey, you can continue using our land and you can continue
having tours and trucks and people coming through and check this out. Let’s
split the money.” that ended up being a win-win. So, it’s not always about
ownership. You’ve got to be thinking in terms of control. So for the second
option, if you really want this land, is there any kind of benefit of what you’re
going to do with the land that you can pass on to the previous owner? Maybe it’s a
vacation cabin. And you can be like, “Hey, and you can use it two weeks out of the
year.” Maybe you actually have a different way of cash flowing it and you want to
give them a piece of the revenue. There’s so many different things that you can do.
But you got to put yourself into their shoes and ask and even find out. What do
you want? And I think that’s the final advice that I would give you that is
perhaps most important is that you should sit down with the owner and find
out what’s important to them. They might want to hold onto the land for
sentimentality sake and you might find that you can actually keep the land and
honor its original intention and they get that benefit but they still get to
cash out. Find out what’s important to them. find out what they want So, that you
can structure an offer they can have an appeal to them. One of the ways that I
utilize this methodology in my world is I have developed a system for example
for finding some of the best properties in the world. You know, all of my
properties are producing between 20 and 30 plus percent annual ROI. It’s some
of the best investments that you can find out there. And I’m finding more than
I can actually purchase. And it is in my best interest to find as many good deals
as possible so that I can buy them whenever I want them but I also have to
motivate my team to keep finding them when I can’t buy them. And that’s why
I’ve created my partnering program that says, “Hey, for those of you with money out
there in 401ks and IRAs, there’s all these good deals I can only buy some of
them. If you help buy the rest, we can split it and it’s a deal for both of us.”
People love striking that deal because I give them the peace of mind of all of my
track record and professionalism and they get to own property without putting
in all of the time effort. I mean, think about it it’s 341
hours of work per deal that they no longer have to do. So, learning how to be
creative is actually how you make deals happen. And I think that that’s
noteworthy. And it’s something really worth your time and actually thinking
about. The last example I’ll share with you that gets this hyper creative really
comes down to another one of my programs called the Maverick program. It’s the way
I help people that don’t have money. They basically go and find the people that
have hidden assets in 401k’s and IRA’s. They talk about my extensive real
estate experience. They talk about partnering with me. And when they do
partner with me, I share some of that ownership with them who may actually
made that referral. So, at the end of the day, what I hope this this content is
doing is helping you understand that it can be a highly creative process. You
just got to figure out what drives people. What do they want and then do the
best you can at fulfilling those needs and wishes. So, property is not for sale,
you want sent property. How do you actually find that property? The good
news today is that Dr. Google is here to serve all of our needs. And on Google, you
can find the local county records. Now, almost every county at least in America
actually makes it public information I think they have to by law. And if you
find the county online for your district, you can type in the address. Basically
find who owns that property, how do you get in contact with them. Because once
you know who that owner is, sometimes you’ll get into address. But you really
want to search you can go put their information in Google and sometimes you
can wind up with a phone number. And if you can get that phone number, that’s the
best first approach is to contact them. If you can’t talk to them on the phone,
send them an email. If that doesn’t work, send them something in snail mail but I
think that that is always the least practical of all the different 3
options that have just gone over with you. Hey, thanks for watching this video. I
hope it was really helpful for you. For those of you that are saying, “Wow, Kris.
Thank you for the advice. Thank you for the information.” For those of you that
are also interested in maverick and saying, “Wow! Kris, can I learn how to
actually cone properties with you and accelerate my wealth curve?” I can do that
for you as well. All you got to do is click the link below. You can get some
more information about that and we can find out if you might be my next
maverick. If you are, I’m going to show you how to get creative and the ways
that we talked on this video and help you buy your next
properties with no money and no credit.


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