How To Build a Real Estate Team – Find a Realtor
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How To Build a Real Estate Team – Find a Realtor

Comment after comment has been demanding
information on how to build your very own real estate power team and friends,
we’re bringing it right now in a three-part series to show you how you
build a real estate power team so you can have a whole team of people doing
all of the work to help you build a powerful empire in real estate. Alright, welcome, my friends. I am here
with Steven Michael Miller and we’re here to teach you how to build your own
real estate power team. Hands down when people jump into real estate, number
one mistake they make is they try to wear all the hats. I’m the realtor, I’m
the bird dog, I’m the lone office, I’m the person getting the loan. I’m the
property manager, I’m the handyman and you know what? That turns into a weight
that can absolutely crush you and I know what it’s like to actually do that so
this is the beginning of a three-part series and what’s going to be happening
as Steven and I are going to share our story of how we built a team, we’re going to
share what the essential components of a team are and we’re also going to talk
about where you go and get these people because when you pull them together, you
are ready to go out there and crush it in real estate and instead of being
alone, we’re going to give you the team and we’re going to give you the action plan on
how to make it happen and it all starts with building your freedom team. – This
video is brought to you today by the letter F, okay. This is the
5 F’s of building your power team and like Kris said, the first thing that
we all want is freedom and this is important to talk about here in building
your power team because we have a saying that we’ve been talking about and saying
for years which is, if you want something done right, don’t do it yourself. You’ve
heard us say it over and over and over again and that doesn’t mean go out
necessarily and hire somebody else or that you have to come do it with us..
No, you can do this on your own with the power team, right, and you’re not
doing by yourself, alright you can find that power team because that power team
is going to do something for you that you really want, it’s going to create freedom.
Now just think for a moment, why do you want to do real estate? Chances are, you
want to do real estate because it’s going to give you more time. At least that’s
what you’re looking for. You’re looking for more time, you’re looking for more
money. Obviously, that financial freedom but I
think more than anything else, most people are looking for peace of mind,
they’re looking for that clarity, they’re looking to be able to say yes to their
kids, to be able to say yes to their wife or husband, to be able to create more for
themselves that will create that peace of mind, that’s what people really want,
that true freedom that comes from those types of things. So freedom is the first
F in this series and if you are looking to do real estate,
make sure and build your own power team, I hope that you have that freedom as one
of your wives that should be part of that as well.
You know, Steven, when I jump into real estate, my whole journey started because
I wanted more out of life and I felt handcuffed, I felt like I was in bondage,
I had a job that I didn’t want, I didn’t know how to provide for my basic
necessities for me and my brand-new bride my wife and you know
fortunately, we didn’t have any kids yet but we didn’t even know how to have
enough money to take care of us and it was right there I saw this path laid
before me of working corporate America for 40 years and hating every bit of it
and I thought, you know what, that freedom sure, yes, it’ll mean freedom of time, one
of the most valuable commodities we have. Yes, it’ll mean freedom as in there’s
money to say yes once you often were saying no but the peace of mind has been
irreplaceable, it’s been a priceless value that I’ve now been holding on to
and have experienced now for all these years and I just want a second that,
along with what Steven is saying that the first F of all F’s we’re going to be
talking about today, it’s it really does come down to a desire for freedom and a
wide big enough. Now once you have that, what we’re going to be doing in the
three-part series is, we’re going to talk about how you find the deals with the
right power team, how you fix the deals with the right team, how you fund the
deals with the right team and how you fill and follow up on the deal with the
right power team. You do not have to go it alone, life was never meant to be a
solo journey so lift your head up. Too many of us are so afraid, we’re sticking
her head in the ground like an ostrich, waving the big meaty part now for the
tiger to come and snatch. – Absolutely so let’s jump in. After the freedom, after
you understand this, the first step is to find or to get someone who knows how to
find these deals for you, this is a crucial step and you can go to a lot of
different people. You’ve probably heard the word bird dog before, right? Someone
who’s going to scout out and look for and find the deals for you. That bird
dog is often going to be a realtor. Now Kris, I know we’ve got ideas and
opinions about realtors and this isn’t to knock any realtor in particular, I
mean, I’m a realtor, I have my license as well but there are a realtors are a dime
a dozen, there are so many realtors that are hitting the market place every
single day, taking their tests and getting ready and they study then
they’re excited, they’re ready to go out and find you a property but the problem
with that is finding a realtor who has experienced,
finding a realtor who has that investor mindset, that’s extremely important. What
are the what other aspects are you looking for in a realtor or in someone
who’s going to find those properties for you, Kris? – I got to start by just saying,
the friend that you know that’s a realtor is not who you’re looking for, 99
out of 100 realtors, they’re a no, don’t try to make a round pig fit into the
square hole. Outright sweet. So instead, it’s this idea of make like a
tree and leaf, these idioms, they don’t.. I don’t even know.. so instead you’re looking for a
realtor that is not just investor minded but preferably is an investor. They have
a track record of finding investment deals. If you talk to 10 realtors and
say, “Hey, I’m looking for a good deal on houses.” 9 out of 10 are going to say, “You
can’t get a good deal…” You know, most realtors don’t
know. So real quick, where do you go to find these people? It’s really simple. When
you go to your classifieds, real estate is always being represented by realtors
and what I do is, they still put into print the little real estate book,
they’ve got it online, there’s all sorts of advertisement places where people are
trying to move the real estate and realtors are listing them. Go to where
the realtors are and look for the ones that specialize in using words like
special opportunity, investor friendly, bring your tool belt, handyman special,
bank-owned. If they specialize in distressed properties, there’s a good
chance there the realtor that you’re looking for and once you find them, you
got to interview them and how you do that is real simple. I’m an investor, I’m
qualified to buy property and right now here’s my criteria. I’m looking for
properties with a 15% equity position or I’m looking for properties that can
produce a 15% annual ROI and when you share those standards, they’re
either going to look at you and do one of two things. Most of them will say, you
crazy and don’t worry that’s not who you’re looking for. Once in a while
you’re going to get one that say, I can do that, I can make that happen.
Guess what. You may have found a realtor for your team. I say may have because
sometimes you have to go through a number of them. I remember I used this
tactic, I found this realtor, they found for me that afternoon a hot deal. This
was a deal that I made over $100,000 on by the time I sold it. I was
grateful to the realtor. When I reached out to them again, they sent me another
swath of homes and not one of them met my criteria. I’m like, did they just get
lucky and the reality is yes, actually sometimes they do. The question
is, does the realtor know what they’re doing? Are they doing it
intentionally? Are they doing it on purpose? Because the deal of the decade
comes along every week and they either found it by luck or they found it
intentionally and you’re looking for the ones that can do it over and over and
over again. Okay so now you found a realtor but I will say this, make sure
that in the finding process, you’re not relying on one single point of failure.
In other words, if you’re only ever working with one realtor who may or may
not be good, maybe they’re awesome but if you’re still only working with that one
realtor, there’s only so much that one realtor is going to be able to provide for
you because you’re just one client for that realtor. So again, this
idea of not having one single point of failure. I know in our journey,
Kris, when we first started expanding outside of real estate, well in the state,
we had multiple realtors already going to work and doing things and bringing
deals to the table but when we expanded out of state, we had a lot of realtors, we
had other bird dogs – We had a massive acquisitions to them nationwide. – Doing all
sorts of different types of finding, we even enrolled different banks and
different things to to go out and find properties for us and so again, when
you’re finding the properties, when you’re trying to create that freedom and
and you’re getting into the finding aspect, make sure that you get out of
that one single point of failure and create a power team beyond just you and
one of the person, get as many people involved as you possibly can. – Because the
reality is, you’ve got bank options and you’ve got arios, and you’ve got for sale
by owners and you’ve got real estate that comes in so many different shapes
and forms and you’re looking for realtors that can access all of these.
Remember, you’re only looking for your next deal and it might take a handful of
these bird dogs, these realtors to go out and find them for you and so this is the
first person that you want to bring on to your power team. Now in the next video,
Steven and I are going to hop back on, we’re going to be talking about how you fix these deals
and how you fund them but not you. Remember, if you want it done right, don’t
do it yourself. We’re going to teach you how to build a team that can help make
that happen and if at any point in watching this three-part series, you’re
interested in what it would be like just to
use our power team, then click the link up here and we’ll give you a shortcut,
have a conversation with us and our team and we’ll share with you our track
record our last 3500 homes, we’ll share with you the best markets that we’re
going in. In fact, if you click that link, we’ll actually show you some of the
properties and some of the reports right now. Where we’re headed next is we’re
going to tackle fixing and funding and the two next key players you need on
your team to make that happen. Come back tomorrow for part two, we’re going to be
sharing with you the next steps on how you build your real estate power team
and by the way, if you are not a subscriber, if you haven’t rung that bell,
do so right now because we want to let you know when that video hits.


  • Matt McKeever

    Finding a great realtor is soo critical! You need to have a realtor that's relationship oriented (not transaction), someone capable of thinking long term. I went through several realtors before I finally found an investor oriented realtor. Signs of a good realtor – they use docusign, they know market rents, they're willing to go into a basement with you, you always have pocket listings, and know about properties before they hit the market. (Often they're an investor themselves)

  • Luis Inzunza

    Hey chris, does your team help us with a game plan to become financially free like you? Im just skeptical that theirs people willing to help people like me get their

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