How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent Part 2
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How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent Part 2

what’s up everybody its bc making another video today that is part 2 of the installment of the series that I started named what separates an average agent from a top agent okay now I have three more today that I wanted to go over that should really help you distinguish to see where you’re at and what you can do to improve okay number one difference between a average agent and a top agent is environment if you take a look I have sold signs no negativity allowed I have a lot of positive triggers in my environment you know the cars that I want properties I want to own the type of money I wanted my bank account relationship goals everything visual cues all around me in my environment okay that also has to do with people however today I’m going to focus on the actual environment that you create remember you create you’re not gonna be the effect of your environment as a top agent you’re gonna create and cause positivity around you as a top agent okay average agent has a messy desk or maybe has really no desk and just kind of shows up does whatever they’re doing and even outside of the desk the room where they spend their time at even in the house their bedroom everything is a reflection of them being average a top person everything is organized because there has been a study shown that if an area is more organized your office is more organized and wherever you conduct business is more organized you tend to have a higher income not rocket science guys okay stay environment make sure you have things around you that pump you up to motivate you that help you you have control over that I know a lot of people think they’re not even thinking about the environment it’s very important if you look up and you see that Lamborghini you want to buy every day you think it’s gonna motivate you a little bit more absolutely remember average person Messi doesn’t care about their environment a top agent meticulously puts their environment together and uses it to their benefit doesn’t just leave a neutral or for it to work against them okay number two top agent versus an average agent morning routine I have them all written down right here what is your morning routine I have a routine I follow every morning powering journaling reading working out affirmations positive positive reinforcement reinforcement okay there’s a schedule there’s a routine now just every top agent follow my routine no however I can guarantee you they have a routine period the average agent just wakes up whenever it changes every time they don’t know what they’re doing they’re scrambling they’re behind they’re waking up late you’re waking up early the next day they’re doing whatever pops up they’re checking their email first it’s not structured it’s not scheduled a top agent wakes up and already from the moment they wake up knows exactly what they need to do and their morning routine is tight all the way up to noon I can tell you from experience if from when you wake up to noon is solid jam-packed with activities positive strong it will carry you for the rest of your day and you will be that much more successful okay number three relationships average agent versus the top agent average agent spends spends time with the wrong people people who sit there and drink who don’t really do anything or maybe other agents who are on their level of production or people who don’t really contribute to their life or are in a worse off position than them okay you flip over to a top agent they spend time with other entrepreneurs other millionaires billionaires people who are producing people who can then they can exchange ideas with people who they can exchange with as far as value right I spent a lot of time with people who are more successful than me or at least minimum on my level because we exchange ideas we push each other to grow and then from the people who are doing better than me I learn from them and I copy or a better word would be mirror what they do and model their successes in order to get ahead in my business and in life okay so an average agent doesn’t really care they spend time with anybody their same friends who are drinking and smoking every weekend and not really doing anything top agent is gonna spend time with people who are more productive who have new ideas and who can help them grow remember you always want to keep improving because in this universe there’s no stagnant state you’re either getting better they’re getting worse okay that’s it for this one guys to keep it short and sweet remember environment morning routine and relationships and the people you spend time with take a look at where you’re at now see where you can improve make the improvements make the adjustments and watch your heavens to your life this is BC signing off remember like the video guys that really boost the viewership subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already it’s growing I love it BC puttin BC as a discount code on my website brian kocel accom and you’ll receive 10% off all my products I have a few more products in the works right now as we speak I’m gonna be releasing them grab my bundle before the discount is over it’s a 10% discount remember at the checkout put BC press enter and it will apply the discount for you okay see you guys on the next video


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