How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent: Average Agent vs Top Agent (Part 1)

what’s up everybody its BC back into the rhythm of making videos I wanted to make this quick one to kind of enlighten people a little bit I still get a lot of questions that are basic so I wanted to make another video covering some basics just to open up some people’s eyes and shed some light on the difference between the average agent and somebody like me who is actually producing right so what’s the difference between a top agent and an average agent right I come up with three or four things I’m gonna go over in this video hopefully because it’s so simple you can apply what you learn immediately and then see what you’re doing versus what a top agent does right so number one difference between a top agent and an average agent number one an average agent shows up and does their work when they feel like it and a top agent shows up every single day day in and day out no matter what what does that mean that means for an average agent if there’s a hiccup a bump in the road something happens they use that as an excuse to get off their schedule or to stop working or to maybe only work half the day or whatever it is there’s always something in the way or they wake up maybe a little bit sick or they just don’t quote feel like working and they don’t do it a top agent no matter what weather hell is frozen over whether the electricity in the office shuts down they’re gonna show up and work every single day day in and day out if they said they’re gonna prospect three hours a day guess what they prospect three or four hours a day no matter what okay number two difference between a top agent and an average agent a top agent invests in themselves whether that be mentorship coaching seminars events etc etc I invested probably close to $40,000 or more into myself last year between seminars events mentors coaches you name it and guess what the return on that has been extreme the average agents always looking for the easy way the freeway the average agents gonna look at something like my product for door knockin and say well I can just watch stuff on YouTube I don’t need to pay 277 for that product I can just learn it on YouTube and yeah you might get some stuff on YouTube but it’s not going to be the same same thing with signing up for a coach going to a Tony Robbins seminar you know I had the option of being in the back for 400 bucks or 500 bucks or being in the front row for 3,000 guess what I invested extra to be in the front okay remember top agent is gonna invest in themselves average agent is not okay and number three the last one I’ll cover in this video just to keep it short a top agent is extremely persistent and believes in the process the average agent is gonna jump from fat too fat too fat too fat or we call them the magic bullet okay still owe calls them hey I’m gonna try the Zilla leads for one or two months that’s not working I’m gonna go to Trulia oh I’m gonna go to this whole email campaign oh I’m gonna go to this mailer campaign for a month or two and they just keep going back and forth buh buh buh a top agent picks one system right now there may be pillars to their systems right let’s not get this confused however they’ll pick one system one process stick to it and see it through so if they’re gonna door knock they will continue to door knock over and over and over and over they don’t try for a week or a month and then stop they build the system based off somebody else’s success they model that and they believe in it so even if they don’t get the result right away they believe and they’ll continue and persist and persist and persist and that’s what it boils down to its persistence a top agent is persistent I am very persistent I know what we do our pillars our systems work so even if we go through a little bump where it’s not working I know it’ll work so I’ll continue to do it because I will be successful with it I have in the past and I will continue to be in the future the average agent gives up like oh this isn’t working on me try this oh this isn’t working I’m gonna try this okay so those are your three points for this video look at yourself right now whether you’re a real estate agent or not these concepts apply and all avenues of sales all walks of life all genres all types of sales doesn’t matter this anything I give related to sales guys is directly correlated to your life because how you do anything is how you do everything so if you treat your business this way guess what your health your relationships your personal life and everything else is gonna be treated the same way okay so watch this video over and over until you really get it assess to see where you are where you are sorry if you are not where you want to be work on it make the conscious decision hey I’m gonna work this I am in point B right now and I want to get to point A I’m gonna start okay cool subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already guys I appreciate the love and support I appreciate the followers if you guys could like the video that really bumps me up and it gets me a bigger following I would HIGHLY highly appreciate that if you guys having gone to my website right Casilla com go take a look follow me on all my social media channels and as always get out there keep crushing it and I’ll see you on the next video

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