How to become a real estate agent in Dubai. Jobs in UAE 2018.
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How to become a real estate agent in Dubai. Jobs in UAE 2018.

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noticed that I’ve been sharing a lot of information about how to get a job in
Dubai and I notice that one of the most popular jobs in Dubai is a real estate
agent so today I have a special guest Denis hey guys my name is Dennis and I
am a real estate agent in Dubai if you’re new to this channel over here I’m trying
to help investors to understand better the real estate market in the city he is a
real estate agent in Dubai and let’s ask him a couple of questions about what is
it like to be an agent in Dubai and whether you should apply for this job or not so guys here is Denis hi Denis hi Oksy
hi guys thank you for coming so can you tell us please about yourself
and how long have you been working in this industry okay guys so my name is Denis
I’ve been working in this industry already for more than five years and mainly I’m
working with the off planned projects in the sales with the projects that are under
construction this is my focus at this stage in Dubai I am already for around 7
years and initially I came here to work in the hospitality and after that I
moved to the real estate ok thank you and can you tell us why this industry is
so popular in Dubai there are so many agents and people really want to start
working in the real estate agency when they are planning to move here well first of
all there are several reasons first of all obviously real estate gives you a
very good chance to make some good money you’re working with the most expensive
item to sell most probably the apartments and villas and obviously if you’re good at it you will have as I said a quite
good income so this opportunity obviously attracts people to this
industry another reason is that it’s quite easy to find a job in the real
estate for the real estate company it’s not a such big problem to hire an agent
because they’re not paying salary over there and they don’t have such big
requirements and this is another reason why I think people are attracted
to this industry and in the end it’s a quite interesting job to do because you
will have a chance to visit some outstanding units like something that maybe you never will be able to visit if you’re working in another
industry yeah so this is quite exciting as well and I think you meet a lot of
interesting and successful people but I don’t think it’s the reason why people
are joining the real estate but yeah this is something that you realize once
you are in already so people who want to work in a real estate industry what are
the first steps for them to start working as an agent how can they become an agent Or for example if you are not based in
Dubai you live abroad how you can become an agent in Dubai well you can send your
cv to different companies to the recruiters okay they will get in touch
with some companies you can pass the Skype interview and as I said it’s quite
easy to find a job in the real estate company and if they decide to go
ahead with you if the company decides to hire you once you’re here
you will have to get a license to get the license you will need to pass an
exam and before the exam there are like three days classes about the regulations
and the laws exam is quite easy if you study the material and yes once you pass
the exam you can start working as a real estate agent what are the main requirements when you are applying for this job well obviously the manager will check
your communication skills in the real estate we are not working with the real
estate we’re working with people because there are sellers buyers tenants landlords
and so you need to have some good communication skills to deal
with them and like your personality you should be open open-minded and and the
sales skills sales skills are very important in this
industry so all these I believe are the most important points where managers is
paying attention to when they hire somebody and some companies prefer to
hire people with experience and others prefer to hire people without the
experience so it’s not a problem if you don’t have an experience and I have a
question on my channel about what is the salary in this industry
Do they have any basic salary well as I said in the beginning the company isn’t
paying salary but there is an option like if you go to work for the real
estate developer so developers do pay some salary and Commission on top in
real estate companies there is only Commission so that’s why it’s very
important if you are joining the real estate you need to have a financial pillow for a few months so in case if you will not have any deals you
will be able to go through this period so what is the difference besides salary when you work for an agency or when you work for a developer
okay there is one main difference that when you’re working for the developer
you need to sell or rent his stock his projects only and while you’re working
as a real estate agent you can work absolutely with everybody there is no
limitation on this and like some of so you have a big variety of projects that you can sell to the clients some of my friends who were working as the real
estate agents they joined the developers and some of my friends who were
working with developers they’re moving to the agency so I
cannot really tell what is better I prefer to focus the real estate agent
because I can offer to my clients big variety of the projects you can be more
flexible yes and I will have an option to compare different
projects because if you go to the developer they will say that our project
is good but the rest is bad so yeah and what can you recommend to people who want to work in the real estate and what tips can you give them well
before I applied for the position in the real estate I had one month to prepare
myself I didn’t obviously work before in the real estate and during this month I
was watching lots and lots of videos mainly on YouTube with different
trainers that are related to the real estate and something that is
related to the sale process but I would recommend to get as much as possible
information about negotiation in the real estate working
with the buyers working with the sellers how to do the presentation of the
property viewings and practice your communication skills yes and one month was enough for
me to get quite good base of knowledge and I was lucky enough I started closing
deals within my first month and on the second week I had rentals and by
the end of the month I already had a I heard there are some guys who can’t close deals for 6 months yeah guys it’s very important it’s
very important to understand it that you can do absolutely everything right you
are hard working you are very dedicated person but by some reason you’re not
closing the deals it happens I don’t have an answer why it happens
yeah maybe an element of luck is important as well but yes just be ready
that sometimes you will not have income for some period of time and by the way I
know some guys who were not closing anything for a long time and after that
they just started closing very quickly and by the way another difference between
the developers and real estate companies that real estate companies can say okay try to close something next month but the
developer most probably will fire you they are paying you a basic salary and they don’t want to waste their money okay Denis
thank you very much thank you for your answers by the way Denis has
his YouTube channel the link is here so check it out don’t
forget to subscribe and that’s it for today thank you for watching and don’t
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