How To Be a Successful Realtor®

Having an additional or addendum
page in Realtor® Speak, ready to go is a great way to be prepared for any
surprise moves on the part of the many players involved in your sale, like
home inspectors or lending not inspecting or lending on time. A very
common condition when dealing with lenders whose head offices are in
another time zone. So to keep the sale together, both buyer and seller need to
add that addendum page to their sales contract saying they agreed to extend
the subject removal and deposit paying dates for another one to three days if
it’s over a weekend, and if you the seller a back up deal in hand that’s worth a
lot more money well don’t sign the addendum. Go with the
back up offer. Sorry Mom. You know I really love you, but we need
that extra $20,000 from the back up offer. No, my husband’s not a successful
Realtor® but he has to say he is or we get a notice of hearing from the real
estate counsel and a huge fine. Yes, council monitors our social media and
Activerain accounts too, and that extra20,000 will make from our back up buyer will clear up his office, real estate board. and counsel fees and fines, and now
he can carry on being a Successful Realtor®

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