How Much Work Is Wholesaling Real Estate? (Step By Step Breakdown)
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How Much Work Is Wholesaling Real Estate? (Step By Step Breakdown)


  • Unique Leads

    Thank U Steven
    Had this question on my list to inquire on how to set up daily tasks & hours per day

    Is setting up a Corporation a good idea down the road.. ? Thanks Steve‼️👍🏼
    Awesome Content.. yes I saved that vid on the website. That’s a good site..

  • John Booker

    Amazing information Steven. I think you might provide the best real world how to get started for little or no money advice out there. Everyone else says drive for dollars but the probate skillset is so valuable. How much is it to become a student and do you have partners in different cities that you might thinking on expanding to?

    Thanks again for such great information.

  • John M.

    Steve, I'm so glad I came across you and your videos. Trying to improve my life and income has become a big obsession and I've been looking into real estate investing, mainly wholesaling. Your information and ambition with your videos seems genuine. I love your stress on personal growth. U promote material and advice I'm just learning more about now. Thank you. I'm gonna be consistent and reach the other side with your help. Thanks

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