How Much Should You Spend on a Rental Property Rehab?
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How Much Should You Spend on a Rental Property Rehab?


  • Matthew Monroe

    LOL Where are you finding homes that cheap? Detroit? In my area you will only find houses that cheap in the highest crime areas. Generally I have to look for properties between 100-160k.

  • Sonny Pacheco

    Im in the process of buying a triplex. Any suggestions on what i should do to update the apartments? Just wondering what i can do to help keep the properties rented out.

  • richboogie1

    Hi I'm looking to invest in rental properties later this year and my sweet spot was $40,000-$60,000 now should my total add to that or should that be before renovation?

  • Michael Ridley

    Mr. Morris, I love your show and if I ever go the turnkey route I will definitely contact you. I am a newbie investor and was wondering the following question. I would like to know how do I go about financing a rehab? If I purchase with a mortgage, do I buy low enough to pay for the rehab cost from mortgage/loan?, do I find a private lender?… Thanks for your help.

  • Jim Limberakis

    Hi Clayton, When you say all in cost are you referring to the cost to buy and the rehab cost or just cost to buy ? Thank you.

  • Rikko B

    The $60k figure seems to be a solid number for single family homes, but what about town or roe homes that are converted into apartment units?

  • S C

    I like the video however I need clarification .so is 20k the total cost just for the cosmetic portion after you have done the major repairs such as water heater roof plumbing electrical furnace etc? Or is it just 20k for everything…also I live in southern California where the cost of properties are really expensive. Do you recommend going to the lower income neighborhoods to purchase properties that are complete guy jobs and vacant to keep the upfront cost low or buying in lower income neighborhoods period but need minor work. Sorry for the questions I'm new and starting out….

  • DJ Grier

    Hi Morris!
    I would love to know what price to expect in Indiana to replace old knob and tube wires with new ones and old plumbing with Pex plumbing.
    Thank you!!

  • Turtle Quickness

    How do you deal with older homes that might contain lead paint and or asbestos? These can both be very expensive to remove.

  • Mike V

    Thanks for your channel! I’ve been watching non-stop. Similar to your strategy, we’ve been purchasing $20k-$30k 100 year old homes in Louisville and typically replacing everything. Long term buy/hold. My question is, how do you keep your renovation costs to $20k-$25k? In my experiences fully replacing plumbing runs $5-6k, electrical $5-6k, insulation $2k, doors/windows $1-3k, framing/drywall/paint/trim $7-8k, flooring $1-3k, HVAC $3-7k, roof/gutters $5k, landscaping, etc.? That’s with me acting as the GC and performing some of the work. Do you have your own subs?

  • ZanesFacebook

    This isn't exactly real estate related, but I really appreciate your pronunciation of words. Thank you

    It's a major reason why I watch your videos.

    I don't subscribe – but I watch

  • Daniel Meana

    Thank you for your guidance sir. Do you recommend using a real estate agent to find these deals or should I look for the deals myself ? I’m in the south Florida area. Thanks

  • pinkorganichorse

    If equity is not important to you but cash flow is, what do you think of investing in mobile homes on private land, not in parks?

  • Airborne Alltheway

    Excellent advice…it confirms what my take on the issue is. Such as the Rental is to be used for Passive Income. My partner, has missed the boat on that aspect. Also, my partner wants to buy a House with the prospects it will gain equity down the road, however, we would have to purchase in a higher income bracket area, which means paying more for the property. Whats your take on this? Buying a New Construction Home, renting it out with hopes it will increase in value??? Thx

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