How do you reinvent real estate?

How do you reinvent real estate. Step one, start with a couple of dreamers. Build a new business model. Okay not that model. Bring in the strategy team. Think. Now the engineers. Add data and research. Get feedback. Realize agents are the key. Okay, need some coffee. Recruit top agents. More agents. The industries best agents. Talk with them, learn from them. They need answers to real estates toughest
questions. Whats my home worth? When should I sell? Where should live? They need a top design team. They need tools in the palm of their hand. Okay, take a vacation. Wait, what? No, skip the vacation. Launch a new city. Then another city. Then another city. Never enough cities. Call your clients, call the press, call your
mom. No seriously, call your mom. We’re building the future of real estate and
all we need is you.

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