How Do I Find A Reliable Realtor?
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How Do I Find A Reliable Realtor?

Kris Krohn here with Limitless Wealth TV
and today we’re going to be exploring an answer to the question of how do I find
a really good realtor to help me out with my real estate needs? So here’s the
question this comes straight off of Quora. I’m thinking about buying my first
house. How do I find a good and reliable real estate agent? This my friend is a
fantastic question because here’s the deal.
Realtors can be some of the most amazing individuals on the planet. They can be
totally heartless. They can be idiots. They can be absolutely brilliant, they
can they can go away above and beyond. I mean there’s so many different flavors
and the reality is when you have that license, you really don’t know exactly
who you’re going to be dealing with right? I love working with realtors because they
ensure that the paperwork’s deep being done correctly. They ensure that all the
property diligence has happened and so realtors are really important part of
transacting real estate thoroughly. You need to understand that the majority of
realtors are the people that you don’t want to work with. They’re not
experienced. They’re not trained, they don’t really have a philosophy, they
don’t know who they are. And frankly they got a license because just like most
people were eventually going to do a home and they did one and they saw their
buddy or a friend or somebody make $10,000 or $15,000 and they
went through all this effort thinking they’ll build a career out of that. But
that doesn’t mean that you have someone that really knows or gets what they’re
doing. I’d say for every competent realtor out there, there’s got to be at
least a hundred incompetent realtors. It simply means inexperienced and untrained.
So you can’t just go with anyone to answer your question on how do you pick
them. You’re looking for the realtor that knows who they are and what their niche
is. That knows who they are and what their niches. I would specifically be
asking yourself if you’re trying to buy a home, are you buying an investment
property? And if it’s an investment property that you’re not going to live in,
then go find a realtor that specializes in investments and getting discounts and
getting good deals and doing awesome negotiation skills. If you’re finding a
home that you guys want to live in and you don’t care about equity and you just
want it to be perfect. Then go fund that realtor that has done
lots of volume and it helps first-time home buyers buy their home
and they get it perfect in just right. They don’t care about showing you 50
homes if that’s what it takes to get you in a contract. If you’re doing commercial
deal, then you need to work with a realtor, that understands TI and and all
the different components of what commercial real estate brings. I guess
what I’m sharing with you here out the gate is you got to start by working with
a realtor that is in the niche where you need help. Beyond that the second thing
that I really look for is personality. I look for someone that I’d jive with, someone
that I can work with, someone that I want to work with. The third thing that I look
for, that in the end maybe one of the most important, track record. What’s her
experience level? I’m bit of a brat. I want to work with someone that has done
a lot of transactions instead of a few, why? because they’ve learned a lot.
They’ve made mistakes. They’ve messed up. And I hope they’ve learned their lessons
so now when I talk with them and I interview them, they can say things like,
“oh I moved you know 19 houses last month or I just got three new listings.” These
people should be up to big things. They should have good things going on. They
should be able to give you some referrals of people that they’ve worked
with. So with all of that information, if you’re saying I’m looking to buy a home
in the marketplace, I’m looking for a quality realtor, how do I find the right
one? I hope this information helps you basically know, that I’m looking for
someone that’s good at what they do, that knows how to specialize in helping
specifically what I’m looking for, someone that’s got experience, they’ve
gained wisdom from it, they’ve got track record and when you find that, they got a
personality, like boom! You found your realtor. Hey, thanks so much for watching
today’s video. Listen, if it was helpful then like make
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but if you do go over to the website, I’ve got a team, an expert team of real
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