How Did Hollywood Cast La La Land (and other movies)?
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How Did Hollywood Cast La La Land (and other movies)?

– Thank you, both of
you for meeting with us at such short notice. We have a few projects in
the works and we just really wanted your thoughts about the casting. Um, okay so here’s the first one. It’s a romance, a musical, it’s about a struggling actress
unappreciated by the industry even though she’s got lots of talent. She falls in love with this
passionate jazz musician who loves the history and
the craft of the music and wants to open his own jazz club. – Okay well obviously, what
did you call them last time? A woman of colour? A woman of colour. They don’t have any issues in Hollywood. They don’t have any issues
getting role, so I think realistically for the story, like a young white
woman makes sense to me. Also, the jazz musician
character, obviously jazz is a white people thing. – And actually we’ve
already cast John Legend, and we can’t have two black
guys who are interested in jazz with opposing views
of the art form they love. I mean come on, it’s unrealistic. – Oh, um, okay. Okay how about this one. It’s this drama about a
cross section of society. Everyone from a mourning
child to the Prime Minister, we see love in all of its form,
it’s positive and negative. – So big on simple cast,
I’m thinking, I’m thinking it feels like maybe we almost
have too much diversity in the narrative, so I was thinking what if we have like less
diversity in the cast. Right? So what if they were all white, maybe we do one black, one black guy. And we’ll have, like no gay couples. At least none of them make
the final cut of the film. Am I right? And then we’ll
have one disabled guy but he’ll be sort of like off screen and really just be a plot
device about how hard it is to have disabled family members. – Yeah I like this I like this. – Okay, how about this one. It’s the inspiring story of the women’s rights movement in England. It tracks both fictional
and real women from history. It’s got this inspiring message of women fighting for their rights. – Okay okay, trick question,
this one’s easy, right. They’re all white,
right, that’s historical. – Oh um, actually there were
a number of suffragettes who weren’t white, including
a literal princess. – And they’re all straight too, right? – Um, I mean no, again actual real life iconic suffragettes were known to have had romantic relationships with other women. – Great great so it’s all
agreed, it’s all agreed, yeah. – Okay. Um, magicians. – Men. Maybe one hot girl. – Magicians the sequel? – All men, maybe a different hot girl? – Really? – Sweetheart we’re actually
throwing you a bone here because all magicians
are men in real life. Men are the magic ones, women
are only magic in stories and normally they’re
witches and witches are evil so really it’s kind of a good thing, that that’s not realistic. – Okay then. How about this one. It’s set in New York City, it’s
the height of the jazz age. The Roaring Twenties are going. It tracks the rise of a
dictator that’s in parallel to the rise of Hitler in Europe. – I mean we can probably
compromise on this one, right? So like, we’ll make some of
the cast possibly Jewish. Like we’ll give them a
Jewish sounding name, like Goldstein, is Goldstein
a Jewish sounding name? We’ll do that. And I mean this is a kid’s
movie so we just need to make sure that it’s not
like explicit and obvious to the target audience. – Oh this is a kid’s movie,
oh well I was going to suggest an openly gay character
portrayed in a positive light but we can’t, we can’t
let kids see that can we? No. – And the last one. So it’s a love story. – Straight and white. – Sometimes straight and black. – Probably not interracial. – Or Asian. – And no gays or any of the other ones, you know any of the other letters. – Except maybe bi, but
only if it’s the girl. And only if it’s sexy. – Okay you know what, I feel like even if I brought you a story about real life trans women of colour, you’d still find a way of
making it about a white male. – I mean… – So yeah, I hope you enjoyed that. If you did please consider subscribing or even supporting me on Patreon. I’ll leave a link below. Patreon perks include things like, behind the scenes stuff, postcards, personalised care packages,
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  • Whiplash95


  • Poppa G

    who cares what there skin color is as long as they do a good job and the story is good? Isen't that what's really important?

  • Alexia Stewart

    It's like every movie needs a black, trans, gay, amputee for you to all be happy. Queer and disabled people are not the majority, they are the minority in society. Writers and directors shouldn't have to pander to you guys because you want to be as represented as the majority. I guess I should cry that there aren't enough characters out there with OCD and there need to be more because I MUST feel validated by fictional media. If you really turn to fictional media to feel validated, then you need to rethink your life.

  • V9incent

    Whoever wrote this didn't watch the actual movie "La-La-Land" (or didn't stick until the end): in the end it's shown that these people (two leads) are their own problems. They are not opressed: they are just dumb or impatient and they live in their dreamworld refusing to grow up and face life. If they would be played by people of colour – this movie would be offensive towards those people.

  • Sonata Moon

    I just thought the lack of Latino people was really, really weird. During Another Day of Sun, I could only really see maybe three people who were obviously Latino. I'm not saying that the black people, white people, and black-white biracials here don't exist, but there are just so much more Hispanic people here and it was just so strange that I didn't really see any.

  • Prinses op de Pingpongbal

    i love this video, i actually quote from it all the time.
    Watching a movie; this is great. but whaaat….. if they were straight and white? YUP thats better

  • Benjamin

    This was such a naive post but thank you for clarifying how you rightfully judge a movie through its cast for its lack of diversity and not through the proper ways of analyzing a movie.

  • what's it to ya!?

    God! This was amazingly done.
    I think I am now beginning to understand how deep and how wide the problem of representation runs in Hollywood.

  • what's it to ya!?

    God! This was amazingly done.
    I think I am now beginning to understand how deep and how wide the problem of representation runs in Hollywood.

  • Mali Ai

    I don't really understand what you're saying with this video.
    What's wrong with a white man interested in jazz?
    The reason the gay couple didn't appear so often was because they split up. That's why the athlete came out. Then they got back together.
    What's the problem with three male and one female magician?
    Grindelwald wasn't gay, by the way. Just Dumbledore.
    Why don't you just write your own story?

  • Popo Bawa

    Or both casters AND viewers can finally stop stereotyping people based upon their superficial appearance. It's not like I know which actors identify as being male, black, disabled, etc. I am not comfortable ascribing identity to others, whom I don't even know. That is not respectful.

  • Jack Hincks

    Lmao all the people complaining about Sebastian being white have no clue what they’re talking about when it comes to jazz.

  • Ceares

    my favorite part of this is "we're doing you a favor really because all magicians are men, women don't have magic except witches and witches are evil"

  • arourallis

    What really gets my goat about Fantastic Beasts is it was set in HARLEM. In the middle of the Harlem Renaissance. And there was TWO whole black people in the whole film. I didn't even know it was Harlem until well AFTER i saw the movie. For the unfamiliar: due to segregation Harlem was an almost ENTIRELY African American area, and the birthplace of jazz.

  • Amane Kabbaj

    Kind of Jewish and not explicitly gay. Great summary. Now come to think about it as New York is so diverse there were only 4 black cast and 3 of them in the second movie. 1 was a flashback too.

    Also for disabled people how much easier it is for wizards than muggles to be disabled. As for religion apart from the Salem witch trials there’s not much really and that’s presumably a Christian belief more than other religions.

    But I love fantastic beasts all the same

  • Jon Snor

    Funny enough there is a series the magicians with a fleshed ot gay character that is plain awesome but well developed too and a bi guy and i think t least one bi female if i get the flirting right.Its based on a book on a definitly not straight author so thatexplains a lot.

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