House of Cards – Season 2 | Teaser Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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House of Cards – Season 2 | Teaser Trailer [HD] | Netflix

[Frank] There are
two kinds of pain:
the sort of pain that makes
you strong, or useless pain.
The sort of pain
that’s only suffering.
I have no patience
for useless things.Moments like this require
someone who will act.
Who will do
the unpleasant thing.
The necessary thing.– You think he’s dangerous?
– I know he is.[Frank] The road to power
is paved with hypocrisy.
And casualties.I need to prove what the
Vice President is capable of.
[Claire] I know you’ll do
whatever you think is best.
[Zoe] I need to know that I
wasn’t a part of someone’s…
[Frank] Finish your thought.A part of someone’s murder. You cannot run away from this. – [Claire] But he’s
a dangerous man.
– We can be dangerous too.[Frank] I did my part.
Now put it to bed, Doug.
I won’t submit myself
to this sort of exposure again.
[Tusk] The tip of your iceberg
is melting, Frank.
Mr. President, you would be
making a disastrous mistake.
– This goes to the White House.
– [Ayla] It might.
[Walker] I told you to stop
[Frank] I can
turn this around, sir.
You are out of line, Frank.[Tusk] I have no choice
but to retaliate.
[Frank] We need to invite
a full-frontal attack.
[Doug] I don’t think that’s
a good idea, sir.
You have a better idea?[Doug] Remove hope
from the equation.
And hit him now.[Doug] What else
have you got on him?
– [Seth] The Underwoods
are careful.

– What are you up to?[Janine] I’m really scared
this time.
[Zoe] I know how to handle him.[Doug] Watch yourself.[Frank] I want him obliterated.Let’s make him suffer.[Lucas] He’s gonna get away
with it, isn’t he?
[Frank] For those of us
climbing to the top
of the food chain,
there can be no mercy.And the butchery begins.


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