House of Cards – Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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House of Cards – Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

[Frank] …and that I will
well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on which
I’m about to enter… – So help me God.
– …so help me God. One heartbeat away
from the Presidency, and not a single vote
cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated. [Frank] Let’s start this new
chapter with a clean slate. I know you’ll do
whatever you think is best. We think Congressional
Leadership took part. [Doug] The Vice President
just assumed office. I can’t have this conspiracy
stuff going mainstream. The connections are troubling,
especially Underwood. – So this goes all the way
to the White House?
– It might. [Frank] I need you to delete
all of our phone history. You want me to just walk away,
act as if I don’t know anything? Tusk is in town.
He’s meeting with the
President in 49 minutes. [Frank] He’s convincing the
President to change his mind. You would be making
a disastrous mistake. [Walker] I feel like
I’m losing control of my own
goddamn administration. – Hit him again,
and hit him now.
– [Claire] He’s a dangerous man. – [Frank] I want him
– More than that. Let’s make him suffer. I don’t know whether
to be proud or terrified. Some people think that your
marriage may be a bit more
calculated than you let on. [Frank] We have to strike back
hard and fast. They done stepped on the wrong
motherfuckin’ rattlesnake. [Walker] I told you to stop
back channeling. – [Frank] I can turn this
around, sir.
– I think he’s setting her up. – I know how to handle him.
– You trying to send a message? – Perhaps.
– [Remy] Which is? [Frank] That stubbornness
is far more costly than obedience. [Zoe] I’m looking for
Rachel Posner. You let me know if anyone
contacts you. – Agent Green, FBI.
– You cannot run away from this! He’s got power, he’s got a lot
to lose and he is winning. [Zoe] I need to know that I
wasn’t a part of someone’s… – Finish your thought.
– A part of someone’s murder. [Frank] I won’t submit myself to this sort of exposure again. Hello? [Claire] Am I really the sort
of enemy you wanna make? [Zoe] Can you blame me if I
find it difficult to trust you
right now? You are out of line, Frank. [Frank] There is but one rule:
hunt or be hunted. Welcome back.


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