House Hack: How To Live For Free By Investing In Single Family Real Estate
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House Hack: How To Live For Free By Investing In Single Family Real Estate

Who wouldn’t want to live for free? I
mean,come on. Let’s be honest with each other. I’ve been living free now I think
for the last 15 years. It’s crazy! And how did I do that?
Well, it’s because I found a way to hack single-family homes in real estate and I
buy enough of them to basically not just make me live for free but actually
support the rest of my lifestyle: My travel, the cars that I Drive, all sorts
of things. And if you want to learn how to do that,
today’s videos going to show you how. But I want you to understand something.
It’s not about living for free. It’s actually more about living for free and
then having your car paid for and then having your trips paid for and your
health insurance paid for and then not having to have a job. And essentially, we
elevate from a level of financial security from having our bases covered
to financial independence to not needing the job to financial freedom to be able
to do whatever we want whenever we want however we want. Here’s kind of the cool
thing about life: Either you can either work for money or you can have your
money work for you. And I’ll take it one step further. You can either work for
money or you can have someone else’s money work for you. Because I feel like
that’s ultimately what I really did. When I bought my first house, I bought it with
a lot of equity. I only put 3% down payment which came out like 3,300
bucks or 3 grand or something like that. Because it was about it for $110,00. And on that house, it had a basement apartment. And
after I rented it, that basement covered my mortgage. Now, I knew when I bought
that house, what I was trying to do was I was trying to go from renting $400 a
month hole in the ground to actually upgrading from a hole in the ground 1
bedroom to a 3 bedroom home plus living for free.
And true story, that’s exactly what happened. Like it was so thrilling to
have my biggest expense gone. Because that worked out, I’ve been said, “Huh,
I have some credit card debt I’d like to eliminate but let’s buy another house.” And I
used the equity in the house to go buy a second property. And that house had a
$600 month cash flow. Which meant that I was now living for free and the extra
$600, I had a choice of what I wanted to do with it. And in the beginning the most
meaningful thing at the time was getting out of debt. So, it took like 6 or 7
months and we wiped out all of our debt. We got out of debt really fast because
having extra $600 a month was really meaningful. When I did my third house, it
brought me in another 550- dollar cash flow and the next
house brought me in $400. Living for free, and bringing in roughly $1,500 a month
now meant that tuition, a lot of it was covered. My books were covered. But that
some of her food was now getting covered. Our house was already covered.
Our car was cheap and paid off 3 little Honda Civic 1993. So, I look at all
those things and it’s like, “Oh, my gosh. My livelihood is getting paid for.” And my
wife and I decided that if we had $12,000 a month, our expenses at the time
of pry like 3,500 a month. But we just said if we had $12,000 a month that I
could quit my job and be financially free enough to travel and and just have
more options in life. So, here’s the house hack that I want you to get. I want you
to look at a house as an asset that you can turn into like a cash flow machine.
Like I really want you to get this. So, check this out. I was pulling this up
here. This first house that I bought, this $500 a month, here’s what it really meant.
It meant that my normal expenses of 3500 a month, that 500 counted towards it. And
the 600 them in the next house counted towards it. Now, I had 1,100 against my
3,500. My next house did 550, boom! My next house did 400. So, my living expenses drop,
drop, drop, drop. And once that were as that a break-even,
now I had 3,500 extra dollars a month that I was making it my job plus all the
money that was paying on my expenses. And I threw them all at my next investments.
And guess what happened. It’s snow balled. It became bigger and bigger and bigger.
You got to look at a house as a means to financial freedom. You got to look at a
house as $500 a month cash flow and ask yourself, how many of those do I need?
Like let’s just say that you’re living off of 5 grand a month. That means 10
houses at cash flow. 500 bucks a month would set you free to be
independent enough to not need a job. Dude, think about that. To get out of your
job, to count to 10 to freedom, 1 house, 2 house… 8, 9, 10. 10 houses
be able to produce that. For just a moment, comprehend. We’re talking about
small numbers. And I get it. You’re immediately thinking, “But Kris, dude. The
house is expensive.” I mean, where am I going to come up with the money for the
down payment? If you want, you can be right and there’s that… That… Either-or
thinking versus the both thinking. You see, millionaires think in terms of both.
Poor people think in terms of either/or. I can do this or I can do that. They
think an opportunity cost. A millionaire says, “How do I get creative
and how do I get both?” The solution here is the same. It’s a matter of creativity.
Let me share with you some ideas on creativity. Really at the end of the day,
you need someone to find the house. You need someone with money for the house.
You need someone with credit for the house and you need someone to active
manage the house. And it’s like, which do you want to do, what can you do?
Like for example, managing the house, that’s a matter of taking my lease
option course. That’s cheap. You can click the link below, get a copy of my real
estate book. Reach out to my team and say, “Hey, I want to possess the knowledge so I
can actually put all of this together.” So boom! You call in you make a small
payment and now you have a mentor teaching you how to do that. Next, you
need credit. I’ll show you how to find credit for crazy cheap. Now, all you have
left is finding the deal and the money. In the course I showed you how to find a
house, so that’s done. The last one here is how do I get the money? And I got a
secret for you. When you have a really good deal, the money shows up really easy.
So, all four of those go away but it starts with knowledge. You have to
understand how do you take a house and turn it into a cash flow machine that it
can really pay for your living? And that’s what that entire course is about.
And my team can actually set you up with that. Start with the knowledge and then
use that knowledge to go out. Never let the lack of money be an excuse to why
you can or can’t do real estate. Frankly that’s pathetic. That’s what poor people
do. That’s how poor people think. And you want to learn how to start thinking
abundantly that says, “I get to have it all.” My new podcasts on iTunes, Have It
All. It’s really all about how do you get it all, how do you have it all. It’s not
thinking in the and or it’s thinking in the both. How do I get all of the things
that I’m looking at? And that’s probably why you’re watching this video because
you want to know “How can I live for free? How can i hack a house system.” So, I’ve
been doing it now for years. I’ve been living for free all this time. Then my
cars got paid for, then my trips got paid for. Now, everything’s paid for. Everything
gets covered out of all of my cash flow from all of my properties. And it can do
that exact same thing for you. Right now, you just got to figure out how to start
with one house. And you probably need a little bit of training and mentoring to
make that happen. And if you’re agreeing, then the link is
in the description below. Get with me in my team. If you do not have a copy of this
guide, this book is liquid Gold. What I would have paid in the
beginning to read this book and have it actually show me exactly my path to
creating financial freedom. And it now can do that for you as well. So, thanks
for watching. I hope that’s helpful. Yes, real estate can pay for everything in
your world without you needing to work. It’s just a matter of you putting in the
work to make it happen and set it up. Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe. We’ll see you in tomorrow’s video.


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