House Flipper but I am a lazy worker
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House Flipper but I am a lazy worker

Hey, there friends how’s it going, my name is kevin and today, we are playing house, flipper i’m like, super strong So i’m convinced i can flip this house welcome to house flipper, this game will allow you to buy renovate decorate and sell houses. for now however you need to be content with this shack that you can call your office -kevin laughs- and the laptop that is your command center, ok Is this like to stop, my place getting robbed or something?? i expect to flip houses when i live like, this, oh my God this place is TRASH should i fix it up? all right you know, what let’s let’s forget about it for now i i i i have an email why, would your ex-boyfriend break in and steal the radiator of all things Wait i got it he was feeling COLD so he stole in and took the radiator but little did he know she was the warmth in his life, after all and then they get back together i unlock them up great, okay? oh, my GOD he trashed the place and maybe you shouldn’t get back together with him.. let’s get rid all this JUNK anyway But if i can clean this efficiently, why don’t i clean my own damn house? yeah just mop mop yep that’s That’s great yeah just mop everything i don’t think i’m even mopping i think i’m like casting a spell on it or something Why am i playing this i could be cleaning my own house let me tell you this much okay, wouldn’t go amiss god your couch is destroyed all right let’s mop up your couch yes that’s better My, mop even my MOP needs to be replaced perfect, we are 100% done how much did i spend on that i i don’t know Anyway, we’re done we’re done oh god can i mop my door oh
Where’s my mop gone??!! this is a disgrace can i just tear the whole thing down?? Wait resume what?? i have to go back to her house, WHY, i fixed everything! Oh, wait okay i gotta, say “complete” okay i thought that, was kind of implied but all right i’m going back home, again, how come my mop works on everything else but not my stuff? Oh, this goddamn mop is defective jack “gray hen”, i will pay you If i’m fully satisfied or you will get nothing winter is coming the winters are hard and there are no radiators in my house how do i bin this i hope you freeze Jack, is, there’s no need to be rude hello im the cleaning man pretty creepy if anyone sees me just looking in the children’s window expecting this to be easy, but it’s all over the place i really don’t think, we need a company to do what i do i just kind of wave my mop around the place i’m sure any kid could do it ahhhhhh yes the most satisfying sound on the planet -weird af high pitch creeky screechy sounds- Hope you love it as much as i do how many times am i gonna be cleaning up in games this week Doing job simulator, clean up the tail and this Just been cleaning all week i can’t find the last bit of dirt i’m done wait i can pick this up??! i CAN! Oh, i AM strong i have a camera and i can, make wallpapers and stuff okay great lemme let me see Oh, that’s a perfect picture i have a picture of the outside of the the door so it’s like a Security camera i can just check on it and i know it’s not real time but it makes me feel better that there’s no one out there BAABY on the way??? oh sounds like you need my help oh, soon-to-be dad i thought he said Soon to be DEAD i was like, why are you worrying about your house being renovated Whoever lived here has no shame at all all right let’s get mopping come on thank god this mop is amazing in getting stains out of couches i would, have liked if there was a bit of variety with the cleaning tools It’s just this dry mop on everything and it’s AMAZING right you know what that’s fine the baby can live with dry mold that’s that’s fine these people asked me to do way too much I left crap everywhere and the baby’s room i just threw all the furniture down half painted the place and left all the dry mold around the bottom I hope, you like it i’m out God i still can’t afford a house i’m almost there but can i sell this? i would love to sell this house all right i’ll do the radiators for the rude guy then come on mount devices? oh in here okay why do you want to keep the baby warm?? they’re not able to talk, you won’t be able to hear them complaining this guy, does not know how to raise a child this guy just pops up in the bottom, giving me life tips i don’t think they’re even about the game they’re just general tips okay now this is a serious job he wants additional walls – that, i’m up to i can, do that no problem like look this: how can i protect my family without a gun well how, is that relevant to this game? -hah- Think, he’s in the wrong game go back to far cry i’m not sure where he wants a wall Here??? you know i’m gonna go ahead and build a wall god dammit i didn’t leave enough space i can’t get through Because i’m really fat apparently like i could just go sideways right?? here’s JOHNNYYY is this a supporting wall?? maybe i don’t know i’m just not breaking the wall that i just built not a chance can i demolish this too?? ok this is stronger than a wall apparently i can’t destroy this i’ve gotta remove it but i don’t know how wow it looks great -deadpan sarcasm- i don’t even care i just want to get my own house maybe it’s this this does not look, healthy Have you been putting forks in here ??! what did you DO? all right let’s do the full job this time if i can find what it is…? This, maybe? no i ah this one okay …. you know what i can’t be bothered doing the same thing again it takes too long wait let’s see how much i actually get $2800 we’ll say rounding up you know it slightly worrying that he made me get rid of all the kids stuff and it looks like, there’s some kid being sticking forks inside this, electrical socket an extra $500! i think i might have enough money to buy, my, own feckin house now Yes i CAN afford somewhere oh yes this is my kind of house yep exactly like my old house BUY it Wait i can’t even get the option to live in here i just have to flip it?? but i don’t wanna i love this No just use the super mop on the whole house really ?? it can clean the gutters too It’s just such a pathetic mop it looks terrible and what is seeping out of the VENT?? i don’t even, want to know what’s stuck in that air vent i’m just gonna leave it i just need to temporarily clean until i can, sell this place Oh, my, god the inside is even worse. Jesus christ i’ll mop around the trash first and then i’ll pick up the garbage Doesn’t make much sense let me pick up the garbage this was definitely owned by a serial killer a hundred percent What a clean home they’re saying REALLY? i mean like, not so much it’s clean-er, i’ll give you that much the serial killer idea, would explain the vent as well i’m a fan of that idea- i think it could be right New cleaning skills available?? what? Oh please get me faster cleaning. Oh this is great look, how fast i am now, game just got a whole lot better i’m not even looking at the dirt now i just kind of walk around following the minimaps dirt and now i gotta clean, these, nasty windows -SCREECHING NOISE RETURNS- Should just buy a house without windows next time, it gets really frustrating just cleaning the windows over and over again can i sell this rug ? will anyone be willing to buy it 250 that is better than i could have hoped for i think the house is like all clean now Oh, no i am stupid god damn this place is just horrible i gotta like repaint it and everything, it just looks terrible you know i kind of want the kitchen in this room i don’t like to walk through the bedroom to get into the fecken kitchen Got damn i moved the counter and didn’t realize it wouldn’t move everything else get rid of all this furniture i HATE it i hate it and get rid of all the weapons he has as well Someone’s actually buying his used cutlery, and plates i’m impressed see now it is a nice little kitchen area i’m not a huge fan of where the radiator is but i can’t change that apparently so it’s staying Who cares if there’s dirt i’ll just paint over it right that’s the way i do things yeah That’s looking nice and clean i hate how, the windows aren’t symmetrical though i would nearly knock this wall just to fix it see all this dirt and cracks and everything like, a fresh coat of paint will keep that okay for a few weeks and by then it’ll have a new Owner- it’ll be too late the money will be in my account Sucks to be them no one wants to see it yet? WHY it looks so clean and great now you can see the potential here’s where you get in on the ground floor just don’t look In here it’s like a, disaster yeah just buy these tiles let’s stick them up there. Oh this is gonna take forever “A package of tiles would be useful” don’t get cheeky with me game getting feckin SNIDE with ME i’m not even removing the old tiles i’m just tiling onto them seems like a fine strategy until you’re on like layer 20 and you’ve lost a foot of your room i don’t even like these tiles it’s just too late to change them wait can i paint over them because if i can paint them i’ll just paint it white i don’t care Okay i can somehow. God damn i’ll have to paint this room too don’t i yeah, what do i want …What do i want…. i don’t think i really care what i want anymore give me a sleepy blue i guess i don’t even like this i’m just getting really tired of painting at this point i mean it doesn’t look horrible it’s just not what i’d go for and where’s the white, where’s the white come on i’ll just dip the blue paint right in there and get the white Wait why did the light go down, when i got rid of the paint?? “no bathroom are you serious” i’m just replacing the shower!! give me a break! all right that looks kind of nice now Great i’m done with that what, do they, want do they want a bedroom because i can give you a bedroom wait: aragon sewer spoot turbine power generator??? Why is there a survival category?? i’m scared yeah that looks very nice doesn’t it I’m not even changing the colors anymore because i just want to go home and my home is horrible so that really says a lot See now it’s looking, brighter isn’t it you love it you should buy it PLEASE just buy it oh this is good this is good this just does it great “Single bed is enough for a student?” Like me i got you a Double! it’s pretty impressive to be honest i didn’t think i’d get one in here i don’t really know what else they, want from me like i think i’ve done an, okay job the place looks pretty dandy I mean i got a double bedroom and everything for the old people and the bathroom looks all right i’ll replace the sink see if that does anything Finally there’s order he says come on please just, buy it it’s brilliant look at it -kevin sounding desperate af- wait do i just auction it off?? Is that how it works? Am I done? okay I’m gonna, try and auction it off but i’ll you read a final tour so this is the house it’s basically a tiny Box you go in you get the living room little Kitchen combo that i swapped around a bit remember the bedroom was here and then you go in the bedroom Is here it’s compact But hey i got a double in there so that’s awesome Then you got the bathroom in here which is nice and clean now So, yeah there, we go we’re, gonna try and auction it off and see how much, we get i bought it for $34k, my budget was $1,900 that’s not bad,,, start auction i don’t understand what i need this kitchen for what?? i like that there is only one bedroom? What a shame there is no living room in this house?? i they bought it anyway joke’s on you i mean i don’t know What you expect it’s literally a, three room house it’s not a three bedroom house…. a three ROOM house so i made 15 grand i mean i mean i i made five grand off a job that took, me like, five minutes earlier Yes i’ll accept i don’t have much options here… i’ll go back to my shack oh he left notes for buyers i like that i have a place to sleep wow he’s picky, oh my, god who are these people Oh, god i’m glad they didn’t show up for the auction 37 years old former military tactical planner – he wants to protect his family at all cost even if he needs to kill someone all right you’re being a bit upfront for an auction site buddy all right 50 grand time to retire in my shack i can live out the rest of my days on that kind of money if i live like this hey if i need more money i can, grab my chainsaw & threaten people wow for a Handyman, you think i’d fix up the bloody place all right well i guess i’m gonna end it there i hope you enjoyed me flipping that house I like it i like the whole idea but i have to say some of the jobs were so tedious i don’t know if i could ever play it again so take that as you wish but i really hope you enjoyed as i did enjoy playing it I appreciate you watching for sure and i will see you next time so bye for now -autogenerated names- shout out patrons josh self-insured goodies kailyn Valencia, catana puffed, even bridge caprica, and kim group, numa tina marcus bachmann, barry megan jones michael david rolls midnight cook Nadine camille nancy kirk nicholas mcmichael nicola block nichols colts niles stark hill adiz Drunk, dictatorship reilly simpson rob ava hannah shawn, locks levin Jones toby warren tom lennon valerie r del v dv country alena nikitina and zachary parents


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