House Democrats Could Drop More Subpoenas As Soon As Today | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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House Democrats Could Drop More Subpoenas As Soon As Today | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  • V'GER Lightning

    Pres. D. Trumps presidency, has been only charged and filled with 24/7 , only constant, boring stoogy mumblings, mumba – see, mumba do.

  • Witch of OZ

    "let's talk Trey Gowdy, à notable pig…" I think I might have misheard what she said, but it seems suitable description of the man, nonetheless.

  • David Armillie

    #GowdyLies What a full fledged hypocrite! Obviously he is a political spinner with zero integrity! Honestly, honesty!

  • princeoftidds

    Taliban Trump is getting ready for Halloween. He's fat and orange with a scary face and almost completely hollow on the inside.

  • Susan Ray

    Trey Gowdey? Oh, wait, didn't he grill Hillary for over 10 hours and come up with nothing more than a sound bite of, "What difference does it make?" Tough speaking little Trey is all … Go and No Show. And btw, just an FYI, I can't stand Hillary.

  • USARMYvietnamVET1969

    Actually I could care less what MSNBC has to say, as usual it will all be proved untrue or overblown and will be old NEWS in a few weeks… then it's forgotten,.. nothing new….

  • Richard Dastrup

    In the meantime the whistle blower they have now is tied to the Democrats campaign. The whistle blower they have right now is based on hear say. Dont get to excited MSNBC your story line is not matching up. It's all most like the Russia collusion with Rachel mad cow.

  • Oliver Phippen

    Fired Ukraine  ambassadors   is giving  testimony   and not under oath and no republicans are there -sweet  if you can get it ?? and the dims want us to  believe them /give this credibility with out due process  – What prevents the dims from   writing    their own   transcript ???  Mitch Mc Connell   can do do the same ?? 

    Lawless witch Nancy -The DON is correct again

  • Sophia Lewis

    America… really……why is this corrupt and grotesque fake President still in the White House? Can anyone please tell me? Truly ridiculous.

  • Unknown Channel

    OK and???? whens the vote? oh that's right its never happening. once they finally stop subverting you guys, you'll see the dark reality you've been fooled into. shameful democrats.

  • Black American

    Go ahead…drop all the subpoenas you want Dems…We have only one subpoena we are interested in, and to get our votes you will address it. Don't worry…we are not letting you off the hook. And the CBC is our direct and open enemy. We were blind but now we see! The question is do you?

  • Mike C

    Is it normal for the ubject f a grand jury to paint bullseyes on the back of witnesses? An impeachment investigation is not a trial. Only if congress finds suffient and necessary grounds to propose articles of impeachment compelling enough to pass a vote, that's when the senate holds a trial. Trump has been afforded every opportunity to argue about evidence going back to Muller. Just like he promised to release his tax returns, Trump lies. He's a baby. But the offspring of satan.

  • Ranger Don

    Over three years now and this coo the leftest Socailists have been running has gone nowhere. President Trump promised to drain the swamp. Looks like the alligators are running out of water. Gotta love the fake polls. remember the Fake polls of 2016. We all know slow Joe is dirty. He was being investigated before Trump won the election in 2016.

  • WenD1908

    The House can drop subpoenas like they're mixtapes. But get the Capitol Police to folks' homes w/cuffs to haul 'em in if they don't show up in a hearing.

  • kevin grant

    Criminals always forget that there is always someone watching or or as the old ex-cons say someone is going to ( drop a dime )= snitch . LOL

  • Naomi Ogle

    It turns out that the so called whistle blower is no more than a Biden stooge with second hand gossip. It was a feeble attempt to divert attention off of Joe Biden, and the 900, 000 dollar kickback he got from the Ukrainians.

  • Robert Caraher

    correction woman he wasnt being highly critical of the rules he was praises and upholding the law during BENGAZI ,IT IS NOW HE IS OBFUSCATING THE LAW AND MAKING MORE EGREGIOUS CRIMES LOOK LESSER.

  • artistjoh

    The ghost of Nixon is filled with glee. Finally, a president and a VP who are even bigger crooks than him. Finally, when people think the word crook they will think Trump/Pence first instead of Nixon first.

  • Gary Luciani

    The fellow talking about Pence says:" all of this makes me a little bit skeptical ". A little bit?
    Stop trying to play the objective, civil approach.
    It's obvious that he's a lot skeptical. Just come right out and say it.

  • Karen Fitzpatrick

    Of course the Ukrainians will say anything (as those who are being blackmailed are pressured to do,) especially when the safety of their own Country is at stake! So Turkey has invaded Syria, letting ISIS loose on the world again! Next, Russia will be invading the Ukraine-more war, more lives lost, because our President is having a temper tantrum and attempting to divert the attention of the American people away from his Criminal, Impeachable and Treasonous acts. The faster we can remove Trump from office, the quicker The US can do damage control in an attempt to heal the wounds Trump's evil fortune and selfish choices has brought down on the stability of the World! May God help us all strive for peaceful resolutions!

  • Gunner DJ

    The Wile E. Coyote gang is at it again. It doesn't matter how many Subpoenas you drop. Or cant the DNC and you the Fifth Column read? President sent you a long letter stating where He and His Administration stand. I have a great Idea for the DNC. Take the Administration to the SCOTUS and see if what your doing is truly any kind of legal and American Impeachment hearing. If it is then the Court will have the Trump Admin give you anything you want. I do not think you will take the chance that the SCOTUS will rule in Favor of the American People the American Constitution and American Justice and tell you that what you are doing now does not equal a Legal Impeachment Hearing.

  • Soner Titanborn

    Gowdy the Joker… 😂😂😂

    I'm still waiting for him to find dirt on Hillary, and lock him up.

    He's a waste of breath and money.

  • MORRISON7585

    I always saw Trey Gowdy as one of the good guys. Obviously I'm a very bad judge of character. If this is true, it's makes me puke.

  • Bob leroy

    why can't we just have another special investigator who does not put up with anyone who does not comply and we can get the fact before Christmas

  • Richard

    Gowdy is making the biggest mistake of his life. Anyone that is associated with Trump at the end will be disgraced and dishonoured.

  • Keoki Ciervo

    You're the bloody spy Liar King. GEEZE are there still people who believe your rhetoric/lies/conspiracies ? You hate America/democracy and integrity. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. Who will cry when you die?

  • Keoki Ciervo

    Gowdy is another despicable Republican aka GOON OF PUTIN = GOP. These scum have no integrity or morality. Oh how I hope they get what they give.

  • Y Not

    😜🍿😉👌Well.. He's a natural gifted genius conspiracy theorist w unbelievable powers, to look you straight into the eyes, and lie without one single blink, or singular twisted tricker twitter critter finger pages.🤦‍♂️☻
    🐾🤞🤥🤳Nah 🤗do it again 💬😂🥂🤣👌

  • Conservative Warrior


  • Joseph MacPherson

    Trey Grodie is the new fall guy for Bozo…..this Bozo the Draft-dodging Clown really puts the "Twit" in Twitter….the "moron" in oxymoron…..

  • Joseph MacPherson

    I never knew the evil blond kid from Harry Potter changed his name to Trey Gowdy….now he's Bozo's new fall guy? Well, i have to admit he may have been a good choice – it's going to take a lot of magic for these Republiscum rats to get out of the hole they have dug for themselves…..

  • Munzy Stargazer

    The Orange Clown hires Trey Gowdy, also known as Dracula’s son., the living dead,
    what a joke. they are all corrupt to the core🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

  • Silly Sicilian

    I'm absolutely ashamed of Trey Gowdy and what he is about to do. Used to be that we could count on him for integrity. I guess that's not the case anymore but we'll see

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Oroborus

    What was Richard Neal doing, not getting his hands on Trump's NY state tax returns? Hmm? What's he hiding – and Pelosi too? Corrupt corporate Democrats don't want to get Trump on corruption/money charges, only this foreign policy stuff. That way they don't embolden progressives in their own party to come after them later on.

  • The Outlier

    Look at all of the traitors that Trump has injected into our government. Instead of draining the swamp he created a professional grade swamp.

  • Lan Hughes

    Over two years the Trump organization gang mafia Republicans ..Connie's
    All crooks con artist doing nothing for this country but full of chaotic bazaars disfunctions..Putin's clapping hands laughter drinking vodka pulled Trump puppet and count victory for them ..a nightmare disgrace..the world laughter at USA …indictment Trump puppets as soon as possible make America peaceful healthy again.

  • Tattletale RED

    Don’t look like anybody can hide from the All Seeing 👀
    These two guys look like Mafia killers

    But why haven’t the locked down of others who are closer to trump, happened yet⁉️
    And could they be removed from office by Trump like others in the past

    On another note, is Tray gowddy the replacement for Rudy Judy⁉️
    I always thought that he was a clan leader in disguise, now he is Exposed

  • Jean Redman-Roberts

    Did Putin thrown "Igor and Lev" into this mess just to keep Russian spy machine greased? Maybe Putin threw these clay pigeons into the US to see how long it would take for America to shoot them down. Watching Pence in action really made me think the Free World is safe.

  • Jean Redman-Roberts

    Trey Gowdy will fit right in as a Whitehouse escort. He will standout in the Whitehouse bordello as one who will adopt any position for money .

  • 99smite

    This will be a lot of fun watching Treycherous Gowdy defending Traitor Trumpski… What will his strategy be= Doing 180° spins until we no longer know where up and down is…

  • ASeasonedWitch

    Happy sunday bone spurs. (Hint: buy your one way ticket to Moscow and leave tomorrow. It'll save YOU a LOT of grief, prison time maybe, and save all of us TAXPAYERS millions as we don't have to suffer through your prosecution for months and months.)

  • Wonder Wonderful

    Trump is not clean he needs to be removed, he's had so many criminal around him, that he can't help but be criminal himself.
    Rudy just put the 🍒 on the 🍰.

    One Nation under God!

  • Ernesto Ybarra

    NBC not credible and needs a 'full accounting' for Matt Lauer's alleged misconduct until then F you very much especially the conspiracy Queen Rachel Maddow!

  • Charles Jarrett

    You know the Republican Party used to say that Obama is leading from behind France and Germany suspended arms sales to Turkey and other things Trump hasn't done nothing is this leading from behind because they already done something total hypocrites

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