Horror Short Film “Night Land” | Presented by ALTER
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Horror Short Film “Night Land” | Presented by ALTER

So where are we? Um, my brother’s room. What happened to yours? Well my Dad’s using it. Uh huh. For what? For his gym equipment. What? For his gym equipment! I’m grateful for the spare room and all but that’s just fucking mental -Sat-nav stopped working. -Use the book. Is there no way your Dad can’t just move his treadmill? I mean, come on. -Do you want a crisp? It’s a gym. A fucking gym! A gym! What does he need with a fucking punchbag? The man thinks he’s Steven Seagal. More like ‘Steven Seagal: The Fat Years’. -Oh right, that’s it! -Will you stop that, I’m trying to drive here. Oh shit. What? What? Shit. I need a piss. You’re such a dick. You’re not going outside are you? What? Well is it safe? Of course it’s safe. Oh no, wait a minute. Do it in this, okay. Jake, please. Please. Thank you. This is fucking weird. Yeah, well it’s better than going outside in that ash you don’t know what sort of chemicals could be out there, it could be anything- -I can’t go if you keep talking. Sorry. Fuck me. (Laughs) Oh no, Jake I’m sorry. Jake, I’m sorry! What are you doing? Get in the car. Sam!
-Get in the car! Jake, get in the car. Come out to play. -You look like a bird. Just get in the car, I’m serious. It’s a beautiful world out here! Jake, please just get in the car. Jake. Please. I need a drink, do you want anything? No. Jake look, I can dri- Jake! Jake! Jake? Jake? Jake? (Muffled) Sam! Jake? Jake? Jake? Jake? Jake? Jake? Jake? Jake? No! No! Get the fuck off! Get off! No! (Distant) Sam! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Jake, what’s wrong with your eyes? Baby? Sam, let me in. Come on! Sam! Sam! Let me in. Baby, listen to me. Listen to me. I’m going to go and get some help and then I’ll come back for you, okay? Okay, listen to me. I promise you. I promise you. I promise. Sam! Sam! Sam!


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