Home Staging FAST on a $200 Budget 🏠 Realtor Tips | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY
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Home Staging FAST on a $200 Budget 🏠 Realtor Tips | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

sometimes a house just needs a little
bit of staging before it hits the MLS so today on this episode of Melanie Loves
Tampa Bay we’re gonna go through that process and I’m gonna give you some tips
for a light sea gene on a budget hey everybody Melanie Atkinson realtor
with Smith and Associates here in beautiful Tampa Bay Florida today we are
on location at one of my new listings in Palm Harbor so it doesn’t matter whether
a listing is three million dollars or a hundred and seventy-five thousand
dollars whatever it takes to get a house ready to hit the MLS is what I’m going
to do and today I had a great opportunity to show you guys some light
staging tips now some houses are perfect from the get-go the people that own them
have wonderful style we take pictures and it all goes very smoothly sometimes
if a house is vacant we bring in a professional stager and that’s something
that I do a lot for houses this particular house is one of those unique
circumstances where there’s already some furniture here that we can work with and
some accessories that we can work with so what I’m gonna do is repurpose some
of that stuff add some of my own staging items and just get the house ready for
pictures tomorrow so really the main goal with this particular light staging
is to neutralize some of the colors that we have here in this house we have some
break curtains so I went actually to Ross yesterday and got some white sheers
that are gonna be super easy to put up they were not expensive at all there’s
no reason to spend a lot of money whenever you’re doing light staging the
other thing that I use all the time are white towels for bathrooms they do a
great job of giving a bathroom a spa-like appearance these are towels
that I actually just keep in my garage and use them for staging the Orcutt is
it also another great thing for bathrooms they look great in the
reflection of a mirror so again this is just another piece of staging materials
that I have that I use for people’s houses
anyone who has listed a house with me knows that I love lemons in the kitchen
I call them my lucky lemons lemons allow for a really nice pop of color
you’re neutralizing a kitchen so I love the yellow that a lemon brings out the
other thing I got yesterday from home goods is this rug it’s just a neutral
color I’m gonna put this in the kitchen I think we’ll see what it looks like
once we get in there for the most part the key to light staging is really just
to create some accent pieces in your rooms to make the the space look homey
and that’s what we’re gonna do today I can’t wait to show you guys the during
and then show you the after so this will bring in the silvers and
the Grays in the kitchen so I’d like these better I was going to use them
with a master bedroom but since it’s not making quite the impact that I wanted with just the one panel because they’re
sheers I’m gonna do two on each window because this room is super important
sees where you’re getting the house ready it’s really about to neutralize so
the next thing you want to do which might take a while is put a painting on
the wall that’s very helpful because I forgot my
level today so one and now I gotta get the other one in in the right spot level
which is always the tricky part first ones easy I’m gonna check to see if it’s
level cuz very anal yay Wow what a transformation I’m so happy
with the way this turned out this was not really a hard staging project
definitely falls in the category of light staging but I think it makes a
huge difference all we did was take out some of those bright colors that would
be distracting and we added some neutral colors and we added some accessories
that really make this room look homey and inviting this is something that
anybody can do and you should do it even if it costs a little bit of money to get
some neutral items into your house you absolutely need to do it before you list
your house I hope you learned a lot from this episode I had a lot of fun doing it
if you have any of your own home staging advice or you’ve had somebody come in
and do your own house and you want to share that advice with the viewers
please put it in the comments below I’d love to see what you guys have to say if
you like this video please click the like button below and consider
subscribing to this channel I’d really appreciate it you can also follow me on
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com thank you so much for joining me I look forward to seeing you next time
with love Melanie


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