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– So you gotta let me
show you this one, Dave. There’s a missing piece here. – [Narrator] The Rob Jensen
Company specializes in guard-gated luxury homes
in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Penderson. Rob Jensen has served as
an expert guest commentator for numerous national broadcast
networks and media outlets. Let’s see what’s happening
today with Rob and the team, it’s the Rob Jensen Show. – So we’re up at Regency by Toll Brothers, a really exciting, age
qualified brand new community. Tons of amenities, and
we’re actually headed over to do a walk through
with one of our clients who is buying a brand new home here. And one of the things
that’s important to do when buying a brand new
home, whether it’s here, or anywhere, is I strongly
recommend that you get a home inspection beforehand. You can start as early as
the foundation and framing stage, or even if it’s just at the end, or just the final, and you
do that home inspection before you close, it’s just a great way to get everything tested and checked out. Yes, your home is under
warranty, but there’s limitations to that warranty
and how long it extends. And its best that you figure
out everything that might need to be addressed before hand. During the walk through,
you’re definitely looking for things that are cosmetic. Now’s the time to bring
friends, family, kids, and really get out the magnifying glass, get out the flashlight,
make sure the lights are on, and really look for those cosmetic issues, whether it’s paint that
needs to be touched up, or some knicks in the cabinets. Yes, it’s a brand new
home, but it was just built and they’ll fix it for
you, so now’s the time to just get down, hands and
knees, and just go over it with a fine tooth comb so you can make sure its as perfect as possible. (light music) If you look on this wall,
it looks like they have the wrong touch up paint. You look at the walls suck from
an angle, see in the light? There’s one, two, three, four down there. Not the end of the world,
and five right here. – [Edith] Yeah, I have
to stand here to see it, but I see it. (light music) – So you gotta let me
show you this one Dave, there’s a missing piece here. This kind of here, and along
here needs just touched up. There’s all these little scuffs. And I don’t know what these are, but there’s more of the
same, one, two, three, kind of just a long here. (light music) So, you’re gonna get
back to us when you’re ready for the second walk through? – Yes… Yeah, we’ll give you a call tomorrow. – Thank you, you have a…
– It was good meeting you. – nice day, appreciate it. So we just wrapped up the walk through, and once again when you’re
doing the walk through, the person that works for
the company, or the builder, they’ll have the roll of tape,
or the little sticky notes, so we went through and tagged
all those little issues that need to be addressed. It’s a good idea as well
to take video or photos of all the sticky’s, that
way when you come back, all those sticky’s should be gone because they’re supposed
to fix everything. Yet you can’t remember
everything they’re supposed to address or touch up,
its good to have your own little reminder with you. So, we’re going to have
one more walk through to make sure all that stuffs been done. And then sign a title and she’ll
get the keys pretty quick. (light music) – So we are headed into the Palisades, which is a Summerlin
guard-gated community, that is guarded 24 hours a day. There are a little over 130
semi-custom luxury homes in the community that
was developed by luxury home builder, Christopher Homes. There’s a wide variety of
floor plans in the community. Some of which have
courtyards, and a select few have stunning golf course
views of the TPC golf course. And it is very close to Summerlin Parkway, which you can really get to any
part of town pretty quickly. So this is Jolene, she is
one of our amazing clients. And we are looking at this
listing and lets go take a look. – Great, I’m excited. So I’m looking, I’ve been
in Vegas for about 20 years in Summerlin and I really like it. So now I’m looking for something
with a little more space than I have today, but
something in these older parts of Summerlin where you get more lot space, the houses are more separated. I’ve been looking mostly in
Palisades, in the vineyards, Eagle Hills, and those are the
areas that I’ve been watching and hoping to find something come up. (light music) People get these gorgeous barbecue’s and they never use them, like it looks like its almost never been used. – Oh yeah. – Big fridge.
– Yeah. – Huge fridge. Nice big kitchen.
– Look at this layout of the kitchen. – I’m thinking as I get something, I’m gonna have to put some money into it, refurbish it a little bit,
but I think that this is a big kitchen, which is
what I definitely want. But, I feel like the island could be moved and taken out and put the long way, and it would so much
more space to cook on. But I love the size of it. – Yeah.
– I think it’s great. And right off the family room. Rob was saying that you guys have someone who could help me get a generalized idea of how much it might be to redo things. So if I wanted to redo
cabinets, and counters, and things in here… – Yeah, he can just come
walk through with you. – Okay, you can walk
through with me, okay. Because that would be helpful. Because a lot of this is nice, but there’s some of it that you say, pieces of it that I’d wanna… – Yeah, we can get an estimate for sure. (light music) – So I like it, I love the neighborhood. I like the view, I feel the
bedrooms are a little bit small. And that’s some of what
I’ve been running into, is trying to find
secondary bedrooms that are a decent size, for my kids. But I think it’s a contender. – Would you want Alberto
to maybe come by a few to see how much things would cost or? – Let’s look at the one this afternoon. – Okay. – Because I think that one,
I think is a little bit more, since we’ve looked at that model before, remember that was the one
that I loved the model, but the location of
the busy street was not something that we wanted
to do, so I’m kind of excited about seeing that one. – Okay, yeah. – Time to buggy on over to
a little broker preview. Broker opens, or like broker open house, the concept is great. Basically an open house
just for brokers to come and preview the homes, in this case, before it goes on the MLS, and find out, perhaps its a good fit
for any of our buyers. One of the things, there’s a lot of neat, really nice new communities. One thing you don’t get with
new construction these days, is there’s restrictions
on front yard landscaping. It basically has to be rock now. And with this, you get
all mature landscaping, which is super nice. Knock knock, I gotta camera
man rolling around these days you okay with that? – Absolutely. – What’s the price, it
didn’t say on the thing? – [Broker] We’re at $1.7
million, fully furnished. – [Rob] How big is it again? Sorry I grabbed the wrong print out. – [Broker] On the MLS it’s 4,900 plus, but it is truly permitted at 5,239. – A lot of privacy back
here, big corner lot. See the stools, kind of fun. I think this all may be a little much. So there’s four bedrooms, and
they all have full bathrooms. They’re all en-suite,
with a loft upstairs. Which is nice, clearly if
you have a lot of kids. Keep all the commotion
and the mess upstairs. With the downstairs
master, your in business. So we have a closet there. Now this is a great lot, I love it. All right, we’re going to
buggy, appreciate your time. – I appreciate it a lot. – So 1.7, you’re a little over 300 a foot, it’s a custom home, it’s got
a lot of neat things about it. However, most people, you
could live in it the way it is now, but the problem
with today’s market, is you’ve got purple,
green corean counter tops, flat panel maple cabinets,
oak in a lot of the places. So a lot of it is just not updated, this was built, I don’t need
a print out or whatever, but probably built 15, 20
years ago in custom home for more like blown out track homes. So its nice, I’m not
trying to say anything bad, I’m just look at it through
a buyer point of view where you’re spending about
$300 a foot for a two story, that could be updated, you know? It probably isn’t going to go very well. Another thing that he
mentioned as well as the square footage is actually bigger,
and that’s one of those things I always tell
sellers, get that fixed. If you’re committed to selling the home, you want to just fix that. You don’t want to try
and market it at one size and have the clark county
say something else. Then that just looks goofy to the buyer, doing their homework. Because usually Zillow
pulls square footage, it shows tax record size,
then that just looks like you’re trying to make it up. Or include a garage, or
balcony or something. Hey, we gotta head back to the office now, got a great interview lined up. Hi, I’m here with Jared Fisher today, who’s running for the governor
for the state of Nevada. And he’s also a local business owner that owns the Las Vegas Cyclery, which is right across the street from us. I thought it’d be fun to
just kind of have you in, and get a little idea of your platform. And what you’ve got in mind, and what even inspired you to run for governor? – Okay, well the platform
is education, and economy, and energy. And I feel that those three
items are basically where our state needs to be if we’re going to progress in everything. And that ties back to the Nevada plan, but we make just under $9,000 per student, is what we’re putting into
each student in Nevada. But the national average
is around $12,000. – Okay.
– So we’re not there. We need to be there, if we’re
going to compete with other states, and we’re going
to get out of this slump that we’ve been in forever, so. – And when are elections? – Elections, so we have
the primary elections, which everybody needs to
go and vote, is June 12. – [Rob] Cool okay, thank you. – [Jared] Fantastic. – So we’re here, waiting for
Jolene, our buyer client. And she’s looking at a
house here in the Palisades, a new listing that just
came back on the market. And as you can see, there’s
some great curb appeal, it has a beautiful lush
courtyard, and backyard. Really excited to see it, we’ll see what she thinks when she gets here. Here she is! Hi guys, so lets head on in. Oh wow, look at this, Hi Kathy. This is Jolene and Michael. – [Kathy] Hi, nice to meet you. – [Jolene] Nice to meet you, hi. (upbeat music) – [Adrienne] So, as we were
walking through the home, they did like the wet bar area, although they thought that
would need to be updated. The kitchen is a great
layout, it has lots of great natural light which is important to them. But they would want to
renovate the entire kitchen. Jolene likes more of a modern look. The master retreat has
its own second floor, that’s all that’s up there,
so there was a sitting room in the master that they would
make into a fitness area. They definitely noticed in
both the secondary bedrooms, they have kind of a
Victorian look to them. Both of the bathrooms have
different types of floral wallpaper, that they would like to remove. Thank you very much, Kathy. – [Jolene] I know this because
they’re still living here, it’s a little harder to
get in when its convenient for them for Alberto. – Yeah, we’ll set all
that up, I will do that. – Thank you. – Good to see you guys again. So we just left the house and
I think Jolene and Michael like it, they want to come
back with our contractor, Alberto, and see what some
of the renovations they have planned, what those
might cost and the length of time they may take. She definitely wants to redo the kitchen, and the bathrooms, there
was a lot of wall paper in the bathrooms that
they would want to remove. And she actually would want to trim back some of the landscaping. They want as much natural
light coming in as possible. But overall, they thought
the house was in great condition, and well kept up. We’ll get them back in with Alberto, and see where this goes. – I’ve been meaning to get
online and pull my Sprint bill because literally, like one
of the last times I checked was like 9,000 minutes and
thousands of text messages. It probably has gotten worse now, because it’s literally
nonstop, which is fun. It keeps the excitement,
it’s definitely something I thrive off of, but I
need to be in communication with our clients. I’ve got a great team
and they help with a lot of what we do with marketing
and sales and showing our listings and getting
these deals closed. But, I need to talk to
clients that are both potential new clients that
are looking to get scheduled to come to town to look at property, to sell their homes, I’m
talking to current clients that were on the market and where we’re at from a strategy point of view. If the homes not sold,
what are we doing next. And then when it comes to negotiating, whether its a Friday
night, a Sunday morning, I’m on the phone negotiating. When we’re in escrow,
hey this is real estate, and like I say, its never
over until its over. So these things require
escrows and listings, they all require constant attention. And whether its from the fun stuff, between like you said,
new clients, and offers and sales, to the stuff
that makes it work. Which is, hey we’ve got
problems, this person whatever, we’ve got an
alarm going off over here, we’ve got irrigation
leak here at this house. There’s a water company
and there’s a leak, and we’re supposed to
be recording that day. There’s just always these
things where it’s like the ambush, it’s like
real estate is anonymous with its being ambushed like 24/7 because I’ll look at my calendar for a day, and I might say wow, this
looks like a pretty chill day, I’ll be able to get in the
office, get a lot of stuff done, I’ve just got that appointment at 2:00. And before you know it,
the calls are coming in, I’m helping, I’m negotiating,
I’m putting out fires, I’m training, I’m engaged, and
I’m engaged with our staff, I’m on the phone,
connecting with our clients. It’s on the phone, it’s
on text, its on messenger, it’s on WhatsApp with
people out of the country. But its fun and it keeps it interesting. And that’s what I’m up to today, I’m on the computer, sitting
down, talking with people. – [Narrator] Thank you for
watching the Rob Jensen Show. (light music)

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