Home Inspection Tips for Sellers, San Diego Real Estate, Erik Braceland (619) 947 3560
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Home Inspection Tips for Sellers, San Diego Real Estate, Erik Braceland (619) 947 3560

– Hello there! Erik Braceland here with
the Braceland Home’s team at Reef Point Reality where we guarantee the sale of your home
or we buy it ourselves. Today I want to share home inspection tips for sellers. In my experience with
San Diego real estate, there are over 33 physical problems that will come under scrutiny during an inspection when
your home is for sale. We’ve just prepared a new report which identifies the 11 most common of these problems and what
should you know about them before you list your home for sale. Whether you own a old home like this one, or a brand new one here in San Diego, there are a number of
things that can fall short of requirements during a home inspection. If not identified and dealt with, any of these 11 items
could really cost you in terms of time and repair costs. That’s why it’s critical
that you read this report before you list your home. If you wait until a potential
buyer’s home inspector flags these issues, you will
almost certainly experience costly delays and the
close of your home sale, or worse turn prospective
buyers away altogether. In most cases you can make
a reasonable pre-inspection yourself if you know
what you’re looking for. And knowing what you’re looking
for can help you prevent little problems from growing into costly and unmanageable ones. Let’s go ahead and take
a look at some of these. – Hey everybody, I’ve got
my inspection gear on here and I’m ready to go! So number one is defective plumbing. Defective plumbing can manifest itself in two different ways;
leaking and clogging. A visual inspection can detect leaking and inspector will a
gauge water pressure by turning on all faucets in
the highest bathroom and then flushing the toilet. If you hear the sound of running water, it can indicate that the
pipes are undersized. If the water appears
dirty when first turned on at the faucet, this is a good indication of rusted pipes or some
other issue which can cause severe water quality problems. You also want to check that
your sinks, tubs, and showers are draining properly. If we take a look at some examples… (sink running) We’ll see this one runs very well, but it doesn’t drain very well. (laughs) So it takes a minute
for that one to drain, this one we can see, if
you look closely there, it’s leaking with the
valves fully shut off. So, want to get that taken care of. (sink running) And the water is also
discolored when we turn it on. So we want to have that
checked out as well. Number two: inadequate
wiring and electrical. Your home should have a
minimum of 100 amps service and this should be clearly marked. Wires should be copper or aluminum. Home inspectors will look at octopus plugs as indicative of inadequate circuits and a potential fire hazard. This is a great example of
a good looking service panel that is clearly marked
and in good service. Number three: roofing problems. Water leakage through the roof can occur for a variety of reasons such
as physical deterioration of shingles, missing or cracked tiles, or mechanical damage from a wind storm. When gutters leak and
downspouts allow water to run down and through
the exterior walls, this external problem
becomes an internal one. Number four: rotting wood. This can occur in many
places such as a door, window frames, trim,
siding, decks, and fences. The building inspector will
sometimes probe the wood to see if this is present,
especially when the wood has been freshly painted. So if we look here, just
quick visual inspection shows some evident dry rot and
then if we go in there and see this is all
rotted away and wiggly. This I can push in with my finger. So, those are some items you
will want to get replaced before you put your home on the market. So there are four of the
11 items in an effort to draw your attention to
this very important topic. Once you’re aware of all these, you’ll know how to prepare and what to do during a home inspection. If you’d like to see all 11
of these inspection traps, before you list your home for sale, I’ve created a free,
special report entitled, “11 Things You Need to Know
to Pass Your Home Inspection”. This lays out all the issues. To order this free, special report, please visit inspectiontrapslist.com or just give me a call at (619)-947-3560. Get this free, special report now! To learn how to ensure a
home inspection doesn’t cost you the sale of your home and as always, if you or
anyone know is considering making a move in the next few months, please give me a call
or pass on my number. Again, it’s (619)-947-3560. Thank you! – Just about every real
estate agent will promise to sell your home, but I guarantee it! Hi, I’m Erik Braceland and
I guarantee, in writing, to sell your home at a price
and time frame you agree to, or I’ll buy it myself. Because the Reef Point
team and I consistently sell more homes than any other
agents in San Diego County, I can simply do more to
market and sell your home. According to real estate board statistics, our clients’ homes sell for
an average of three percent more money and twice as
fast as selling with your typical real estate agent. And if we don’t do everything we promised, you can fire us but I
know you’ll be happy. Don’t take my word for
it, check out our clients’ reviews on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Google, and Facebook. Right now we have over
50,000 buyers in our database that may be looking for
a home in your area. In fact, your home may already be sold. To discuss the sale of your home, call me at (619)-947-3560. I guarantee, in writing, to
sell your home at a price and timeframe that you agree
to, or I’ll buy it myself!

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