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Buyer Disclosures One of the most important parts of purchasing
real estate is the disclosures. Now as a buyer, during your due diligence period after getting
your offer accepted, you will receive disclosures on just about everything—market conditions
disclosures, property tax disclosures, loan disclosures, seller disclosures, local area
disclosures, natural hazard disclosures—I could on for a while. Listen, these documents are very important
in that they inform you of items pertaining to the property, the neighborhood, the market,
and the loan,—some that you may already know, as well as many you probably don’t
know. Now your agent should be reviewing these documents
as well to ensure they don’t catch anything out of the ordinary or of concern, but it’s
imperative that you as the buyer completely review and understand them in their entirety.
Some of them will be as simple as disclosing to you the unpredictability of the real estate
market, while others, such as the seller disclosures, will disclose everything that the seller knows
about the property. Don’t get overwhelmed with the paperwork!
It’s all part of the process and believe me—it’s well worth it. I’ll see you in the next video! 🙂

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