Hiring Mistakes Realtors Make While Growing Their Team

– By the time a Realtor calls me for help filling an open role on their team, chances are they’ve looked on their own and they’ve probably made a few hiring mistakes along the way. Today I’m going to share with you the four most common hiring
mistakes I hear from agents, and this is based on my more
than 10 years of experience working with agents to
fill roles on their teams. So today we’re going to talk about the four most common hiring mistakes so that you can avoid them. Let’s dig in. (hip hop music) Hi, I’m Vanessa Rosenblum,
President of Pro REA Staffing where we are passionate about fostering careers in real estate and growing real estate teams. For help landing your
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and ring the bell so that you’re notified every
time we post a new video. So there are four common
mistakes I hear from Realtors, and the first is hiring
for the wrong reason. And there are really
three subcategories here. The first is hiring out of desperation. They just needed a body and so they hired the first person who showed up. The second is hiring out of pity. There was an agent in their
office who was struggling or a candidate really
pulled on their heartstrings and so they hired them. And the third is hiring
someone that they like but who isn’t fit for the job. And this makes sense. Real estate agents like people. They’re attracted to people
who are dynamic and polished. And so when that kind of a
candidate walks through the door, sometimes they get blinded by the package and they don’t look below the surface to make sure that the person
has the skills and experience to actually do the job. The second most common hiring mistake is just not being truthful about the job. Now, I don’t think most realtors
or most people in general try to be deceitful during
their interview process, but I think it’s easy for a Realtor to have a more grandiose
idea of what this role is. And when you try to sell
an operations manager on a clerical job, and that
person takes the position, you’re going to lose them. They’re going to feel really
disillusioned by their job and they’re going to move on. The other part of not being truthful is not being truthful about
what’s happening in your world and your life. If you have ADHD, if you’re
going through a divorce, if you have four young children, whatever’s happening in
your life that impacts you, impacts your executive assistant. And they should know before you hire them what they’re getting into and what kind of things
you’re dealing with that are going to impact them. The third most common hiring mistake is not checking references! You guys must check references. And I can tell you
after all of these years of hiring assistants, that sometimes the people with the most perfect package have the biggest
skeletons in their closet. And even if you end up
with perfect references, this gives you an
opportunity to understand how to communicate with this
person, how to manage them, and how to support them in their growth. So check references. Now, if this is something
you just don’t have time for, we do check references for clients. It’s just $50 per reference and we have a really
fantastic and detailed reference check form that we go through. So if we can help you
with that, let us know. Now, the fourth most
common hiring mistake is hiring salespeople before you have your full administrative staff built out. Your first hire must always
be an executive assistant. This person is responsible for building the
foundation of your business so that you can continue to grow. Once you have your systems
and procedures in place, and you’re ready to scale,
then hire a second assistant. Do whatever you can to avoid
hiring more salespeople until you absolutely must hire salespeople and then do it strategically. Buyers agents are looking
to you for guidance, coaching, support, nurturing, leads, and if you’re not ready
to give all of that to another agent, if you don’t
have the systems, procedures, and the experience to provide a healthy work environment
for your buyers agents so that they can support
you in closing more sales, you’re just gonna waste your
time, money, and energy. So administrative staff until you absolutely
must hire a buyers agent. That’s the rule. Now, have you made any
of these hiring mistakes? If so, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. And it’s all well and good to know how to avoid
these hiring mistakes, but do you know what questions to ask during the interview process so that you can get to the
truth with your candidates? We’ve created a interview guide for interviewing real estate assistants. The link is in the description below. If you liked this video,
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