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  • Seema Varghese

    Hi Clayton- I want to touch base with you. I have done my first real estate investment. I want to keep going. Need some suggestions for my next multifamily. Can I get your email?

  • Doug Barlow

    You've got me convinced Clayton. Unfortunately, my wife and I are in still in school so we are going to have to wait a few years before getting into the real estate game.

  • WiRE Coaching

    Just remember to buy right, buy right, buy right. If this is done correctly regardless of the market shifts you will be safe

  • Zaheer Jabbar

    Hi Morris, there a few questions I wanted to ask you:
    (1) does rental management fees included in the expenses you would charge investors?
    (2) assuming that it does, would one investment be profitable after all the expenses are included?
    (3) if not, how many Class-c properties are needed for a combine reasonable income with a 60% ROI?
    (4) the homes that you rehab, how long is the duration for a refix?
    (5) On a scale from 1-10, what's the scale of defaults in rents and eviction?
    (6) On a scale from 1-10, what is the effectiveness of your rental management team?
    (7) What's the average duration of your vacancies?

    Would really appreciate your help and responses..

  • Claudia Schloeter

    Morris Invest, I’ve been listening to most of your videos lately trying to get the most information as possible. I’m a self employed personal trainer but I need to start investing for my retirement. I’m very excited to get into the real estate market, my question is how do you find off the market properties? Not MLS. Your help will be deeply appreciate it.

  • Ravens Nest Shop

    Clayton, I understand that you are holding back 40% to cover vacancy, taxes, insurance, repair and management. After paying the fixed costs of taxes, insurance and management how much/how long do you hold the remaining balance before either turning it into another property or taking it as income? Do you have a bank account in your holding company to handle repairs for all properties under that umbrella or hold dollars for each property separately?

  • Danny Santos

    again great information will call soon getting all my information first so I can ask questions
    Thanks for all you do God bless

  • Humberto Alegria

    Love your videos. Getting ready to sale my house in California and move to Texas. I'm going to make some money on it and plan on investing my money into multi-family properties. Just need to get the wife on board..lol

  • roland agustin

    Regrettably watched this very informative video at the latter part of my life. Being retired and with fixed income, passive income would have been quite beneficial. I own an A class rental that bleeds money every month due to high HOA, high living standard, and far from the city. I'm not a hands on investor so that this is being managed. Anyway, I will try and watch your other videos because you know what you're talking about and it's easier to understand. Thank you so much.

  • Tereance Williams

    I seen the video of one of your Roth IRA accounts my question is I don't think you really explain how 2 get funding using your Roth IRA exactly

  • Northern Stealth

    Hi Clayton, I'm 45 and have several retail businesses in South Africa but do not want to invest in property here due to the "Land expropriation without compensation" issue the country is currently facing. So I moved my family to Coimbra Portugal, we have dual citizenship and because our 2 young boys want to pursue a professional soccer career. I thought I'd invest in Coimbra, the city we live in. It's got one of the oldest Universities in Europe and therefore I thought of buying to rent out for student accommodation. After watching some of your videos and doing some ROI calculations I realize Portugal like South Africa might not be a good place to invest for a passive income. So , the USA it is. I need help to get started there. How can you assist me ?

    John Vicente

  • J Dillon

    I started watching your videos 3 weeks ago. Guess what?! My husband and I are buying a Duplex. I went from 0 to 60 so fast my head spins! I took action…we have a LLC, I got a bank preapproval of $225K before I even found a property, I have an awesome property manager who's ready to put a tenant in as soon as we close, I got my business cc approval today…and so much more! I'm a 51 year old housewife with no career skills and a history of anxiety and depression. I felt so low about myself for years, not anymore…I'M A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR!!!

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