Hide and Seek GAME MASTER Spy Challenge in Real Life for 24 HOURS!

– Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca
and I’m with Daniel and right now we’re about
to do a hide and seek chase with the Quadrant to
rescue a mystery Youtuber. – So here is your Spy Mission debrief. – We had to do the Floor
is Lava challenge at Kurt’s house after he was trapped
for 24 hours by the Quadrant, but they ended up taking him. – We rescued Ro inside of her closet after her clone tried to replace her. – A ton of you guys in the
ZamFam thought Carter Sharer was the third Youtuber target, but Ro gave us the Clotopia clue and then a ton of you guys think
now that it’s CloeCouture. So right now we are in front
of CloeCouture’s Clotopia, and there are a ton of
Quadrant members guarding it. What’s up there, maybe
that’s where Cloe is? – [Daniel] Oh yeah. Two Quadrant outside. – [Rebecca] You’re right, its like they’re guarding the space. Cloe must be in there. – [Daniel] Yeah. Wait, look! – [Rebecca] Look, they’re going inside! Now’s our chance Daniel! – [Daniel] This is our chance, okay. – So we need to rescue Cloe
now that they’re inside, smash the thumbs up button
to give us good luck. But Daniel, we can’t go dressed like this. – Right, yeah, I have an idea. – Okay ZamFam, so we are
dressed in our spy outfits. – Smash the thumbs up if
you like these outfits. – Daniel, you’re too
excited about this, okay. – I am. – So The Quadrant’s inside
and we need to rescue Cloe. We have no idea where
she is, can you hack in? – Yeah, well remember how we
busted out the Game Master? – You’re right. – I brought this device
again just in case. – [Rebecca] Hold on, okay. – Three, two, one. – Oh, got em, got em. – Okay.
– Okay. – We made it inside. – I guess we go through there? – Yeah I think so, what? – I’m getting a message. From the Game Master. – Wait, why would he be messaging you? He said he wanted to meet
Matt, that’s why we split up. – I thought he’s on a
secret meeting with him. – Yeah, at the world’s
worst reviewed hotel. – So he’s saying that
once we touch the handle of Clotopia, that a sleeping
cloud will be released and the Quadrant will fall
asleep for 15 minutes! – So we’ll have 15 minutes to rescue Cloe? – Yeah.
– Okay, let me see what else– – No, I mean it actually just went away. It’s just gone which is weird but yeah. – Okay so we need to figure
out where Clotopia is and then we need to touch the handle. – Right. – And we’ll have 15 minutes to rescue her. – Yeah, so let’s figure out how to get in. But we gotta probably hide
and seek around here, right? – You’re right. Okay ZamFam, smash the thumbs up button, this is gonna be a hide and seek chase with The Quadrant, and then
we need to touch the Clotopia door so they fall asleep for
15 minutes and we can find her. – Wish us luck.
– Okay. – Daniel! Shh, we’re on to something. – Did you hear that? – [Daniel] Gummy bears? – There’s no way that anyone
will be able to reach her? And then something about
figuring out gummy bears. That must be a clue, Daniel! – [Daniel] Yeah, okay. – Do you think that they’re hiding Cloe? – [Daniel] Yeah, gummy bears
must have to do with how they’re keeping her? – Exactly, look, a tiny room! – I’ve spent 24 hours in a tiny room. What if she’s in here, Daniel? – [Daniel] They just went upstairs, that’s where she’s gonna be. – You’re right, and we did see
the Quadrant member walking. So they were like keeping guard. It has to be up high! – [Daniel] You’re right, yeah. – Okay ZamFam, do you think
that we are going to find Cloe if we go through that door? We just have to play hide and
seek this whole time, Daniel, until we get to Clotopia. – The noise, these stairs are so loud! – See, that’s Quadrant right above us. – [David] Okay. – Okay, we need to follow them! Do you think this might
be the location for E2? That’s coming up! – [Daniel] Music is supposed
to play a big role in E2 right? – Yeah! – We need like music–
– Music related! – [Daniel] Something like that. – Okay. – Stay down, stick it low! – [Rebecca] Let’s get to that door. – [Daniel] He went that way. – Do you hear the piano? – [Daniel] Oh yeah! – Someone else is playing the piano. – ZamFam, do you think it’s
Kurt playing the piano? Comment below, I think it’s Kurt. Let’s go in there. – [Daniel] Go, go, go, go! – Hey! – Listen, the song must have
something to do with E2! – [Daniel] Go, go, go, go, go! – Okay. – Look! – That must be Clotopia! – [Daniel] You’re right! Hold on, you don’t know how
many Quadrant are in there. – Okay you’re right. – [Daniel] What if I try to
hack into the security system, I’m sure there’s one here. – So we can see because,
as soon as we go in, we’re only gonna have 15 minutes. – [Daniel] Yeah, we
don’t wanna go in blind, so we can like check it out before hand. – Okay, so we need to find
the control panel, right? – [Daniel] Yeah, let me look for– – [Rebecca] Where would it be? – [Daniel] There’s some wires here. – [Rebecca] Oh, you’re right! Oh Daniel, look! – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right, quick! – [Rebecca] Follow the wires! – [Daniel] Okay. – There’s someone still there, Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay, quiet. Wires, wires, wires. Oh, down at the end of the hall! – [Rebecca] Great! I’ll take the camera! Okay. – Okay. We’re gonna hack in and
I’ll send it to my phone so we can look at it right now. – [Rebecca] Okay, so ready? – The signal’s not great but– – [Rebecca] How many Quadrant do you see? – Looks like three.. – [Rebecca] Three are inside? – [Daniel] Three inside,
they’re pacing around. Okay, so we have three to deal with. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Alright, I’m losing the signal. I lost it, I lost the signal. – [Rebecca] Okay. – But at least we know
there’s three in there. – [Rebecca] There’s three? – To deal with. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Okay. – Look, a Quadrant. It’s like he’s vlogging? – [Daniel] Weird. Go, go go! – [Man] Tom, you still
got the mystery box? – [Daniel] Go, go, go, go. Okay, hold on. Before you try to remember
the Game Master’s message, he said once you touch it
then he’ll be able to make the Quadrant fall asleep. – You’re right, he’ll activate it. So as soon as we get in
we need to be ready to go. And remember what the Quadrant said? Something about gummies to save Cloe. – [Daniel] Okay, so we gotta
keep our eye out for gummies. – Yeah. – [Daniel] But we only have 15 minutes! – Okay, three, two, one. – Did you hear that? – [Daniel] Yeah, I can hear it. The Game Master was right! – It just went quiet, they must be asleep! – [Daniel] Okay. – I think I just hit their knee. There’s another Quadrant there, there’s. Okay so we have 15
minutes, they’re asleep. The Game Master did it! You guys, this is Clotopia! I’ve never been here in person. This is Cloe’s place! There’s like a slime mural here. I saw her tour of this place but I haven’t been here in person. There’s like cotton candy clouds – [Daniel] Wow! – This is so cool, and then
look, they’re squishys! – [Daniel] Oh they are! – And they have ice cream cone seats! This is so cool seeing it in person! – [Daniel] Rebecca!
– What? – [Daniel] A gummy. – You’re right! Let me see this one. – [Daniel] Put it back, put it back! – Whoa, they put something on it! It’s like some type of activator! Okay so let’s find those gummies,
we’re running out of time! Keep your eyes open if you
see any gummies comment below where they are. This is huge! Look, ZamFam there’s like a green one! – Look, our first one! – [Daniel] Green. – Okay and there was a blue one out there. Do you see anything else? – [Daniel] Check these giant pillows. – [Rebecca] Do you see anything? – [Daniel] No, I don’t
see anything over here. – Look, a yellow one! So we have yellow, green, – Okay, okay we’ll try to be quiet ZamFam. – [Daniel] Wait, so yellow, green blue. Like a rainbow? – Rainbow? – [Daniel] Oh, you know what? – What? – [Daniel] Now that I remember, at the very end of the
note from the Game Master, there was a rainbow emoji. – Do you think that these might have to be arranged in a rainbow? Or maybe it’s the number
of gummies we have to find. Like we have to find every
color of the rainbow. ZamFam, if you knew that comment below I knew the rainbow first. If I wasn’t in this I trust Daniel attire, this would actually look pretty. – [Daniel] We have to find the gummies. – Okay, okay. These are cotton candy clouds! And I think we have something in here. Okay Daniel start searching! – [Daniel] Okay! – [Rebecca] Pillows? Do you guys see anything at all? Look up, do you guys see? – [Daniel] Is that one? – It’s like hidden in the blue light! – [Daniel] Oh it blended right in. – Blue. – [Daniel] Or is it purple? – Oh, it’s purple, you’re right! We’ll have to see it up
next to the other one! Four total, right? The one over there plus these three. – [Daniel] Yeah. – We need red, and we need orange right? Okay well lets search the kitchen. Do you remember when we
did the ninja training for the Quadrant and we snuck in? – [Daniel] Yeah. – How I pretended to be RC twin. – [Daniel] In the pink house. – Yeah but there was a clue on the fridge. – [Daniel] Oh right. – I don’t even know how to open it. There’s nothing. – [Daniel] Nothing, below is the freezer. – Nothing, okay. – [Daniel] Nobody
checked in the microwave. – [Daniel] Wow, great! – Okay so we have the red. We’re just missing orange. – [Daniel] Orange,
where’s orange gonna be? – I don’t know! – [Daniel] I didn’t see it anywhere! – I know, there’s nothing else in here. We’ve checked all the appliances. – Daniel! – [Daniel] What? – ZamFam! – [Daniel] Right there! – It’s with the Quadrant! But we can’t wake the Quadrant up! How are we gonna do this? We’re gonna have to be like ninjas. – [Daniel] Yeah. Hey, they’re still asleep. – Okay, okay. – [Daniel] I think you’re okay. Careful, careful. Maybe tap on this side,
and then tap on this side. – Okay. – [Daniel] And then he’ll lean over. You got it, you got it, you got it! – Should we just put them up? – [Daniel] Yeah, do you have
to put them in an order? – Just get them up. – [Daniel] Are we missing a gummy? – There’s one missing. What color gummy bear are we missing? – [Daniel] I don’t know. – We checked that room. – [Daniel] Wait, Rebecca! There’s these rope, this wire here! – What is this rope tied to? It has to be tied to something? Maybe there’s like something up above? Okay, guys it’s moving. – [Daniel] What happens
if you pull the other way? – It feels like I’m pulling something up. – [Daniel] Its connected to, oh it’s connected over
here, in the clouds! – Okay, Daniel there’s something on it! Can you grab it? – [Daniel] Oh it’s the last gummy! – [Rebecca] Oh, pink! – [Daniel] I’m gonna add this. – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Both Together] Nothing happened. – Do you guys think that we
need to put it in rainbow order? – [Daniel] Oh. – That’s why there’s a rainbow emoji. Can you grab that blue one? And put the purple, it
would go blue, purple, pink. – [Daniel] Blue, purple, pink. – Yeah, there’s the pink one there. Three, two, one. – They all lit up! – [Daniel] They all lit up. – The door! – [Daniel] The door! – There’s a ladder! Why is there a ladder? – [Daniel] Rebecca, ladders
get us up high, right? – What if Cloe’s up there? Ro was asleep in her closet,
maybe she’s asleep up there. This must be it! Okay, I’m about to climb up there. If you guys think Cloe
will be up there say, Cloe will be up there. We need to stop E2. – [Daniel] What? – Cloe’s here, she’s asleep! Wait, here! You guys it’s Cloe! – Why are you shinning a light in my face? – [Rebecca] Cloe, You’ve
been here for 24 hours! What happened? How did you fall asleep? – Where am I? – [Rebecca] You’re in Clotopia! – Oh my god, oh my god
I’m afraid of heights. – [Rebecca] Wait wait,
what are you drinking? How did you get that? – I don’t know this in a red
hood came over and she was like trying to get me to drink
it and normally I don’t take drinks from strangers, I know
I’m not supposed to do that. But it’s so cute and sparkly
and I couldn’t say no, and it was a nice gift, ya know? – [Rebecca] Wait someone in a red hood? – Yeah! – She was here. Lets get her down. – [Rebecca] Alright Cloe, I
know you’re afraid of heights but you need to come
down, it’s safe I promise. Come on, here, I’m gonna move the ladder. – Do you know that there’s
a bunch of people there? – Yeah, so they’re asleep right now. I’ll explain everything,
let’s just get you down. – [Cloe] What is happening? – It’s okay. It’s okay, you’re good. Hey Daniel, why don’t
you put the ladder away. – [Daniel] Okay. – This is wild, I’m so confused. – Daniel, – [Daniel] Got it, got it. – Okay, are you okay? – Yeah, the ladder was up
there and now it’s down here. – What should we do, they’re
waking up, they’re gonna know we’re here, we’re trapped! – I actually have a secret
alarm to protect Clotopia. – [Both] Oooh. – And it makes a really loud noise. – [Daniel] Okay! – Oh, that’ll scare them,
they’ll leave that way! What do we do? – Okay, we have to put our
hands on the squishy donuts in the formation of a C. – [Daniel] Oh! – Like for Cloe! – Yeah and it like unlocks the alarm. – Okay, how many people do we need? – So we need like lots of hands. – [Daniel] I’ll have to
set the camera down, okay. – Okay. – And you go here.
– Okay. – [Together] One, Two, Three! – What is that? – They’re waking up! – [Daniel] Hide, hide, hide! – They’re leaving Clotopia! – [Daniel] They’re leaving! – So scared! – [Daniel] Great, they’re gone! – Okay, so you have your studio back. You have Clotopia! That was crazy. Okay you guys smash the thumbs up botton, and if you haven’t seen
Cloe’s videos she does a whole house tour so you
need to check that out. Daniel we actually have
to get going, right? – [Daniel] Right, yeah. – Thank you for rescuing me! – Yeah yeah yeah, just go
back to filming videos, you’ll be totally fine. I don’t think they’ll come back. – Okay?
– Okay. – Alright. – Bye Cloe! – Bye! – Wait, Daniel what if
the Quadrant’s down there? – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right. – Is there another way out? Look, look! – [Daniel] Oh, window, okay. – Yeah, it will take us down
we can just go down the ladder. – [Daniel] Oh you’re right, great! – Okay. – [Daniel] Okay, Rebecca why
don’t you try to unlock it. – Okay, yeah yeah. – [Daniel] Here, take the camera. – Okay, sure, okay. – [Rebecca] Alright you
guys, so I think, okay. downstairs. – I’m sorry about this. – [Rebecca] What are you
doing with that blanket? – Just trust me.

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