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(energetic music) – Take cover! In today’s video, we play
extreme hide and seek in our new house. But, before we get started, give us a big thumbs up and
subscribe to our channel. – Hi, SOTY Family! What’s up guys? Today, we’re at out new house again. – We still haven’t moved in guys, but that’s not gonna stop
us from playing some games. – So, why not play hide and
seek in our brand new house? – Extreme edition. (gasps) – What a second, what does that mean? – It means that every SOTY kid is gonna get a chance to seek. – I’m seeking first! – Dibs on second! – Third. – Fine, I guess I’m last. – And, your job is to find
everybody that’s hiding without getting hit by the Nerf darts. – But, if you do get hit. You have to go right to the beginning. Which is? This door. – And, let me guess, if you
get hit three times we’re out. – Correct! – The person that finds
everyone the quickest? Wins! – All right SOTY Family, get hiding! One, two, three, four. (toy gun whirring) – [Mom] Um, you guys better get hiding. The timers now! Three minutes to hide! (children squealing) – All right guys, I know
exactly where I’m going. So, this is the secret cupboard thing. Over there. But, Peyton’s gonna think
I’m inside of there. But, I’m gonna be in
the cupboard next to it. (humming) See, this doesn’t open. It’s a push one. But, I’m gonna hide that’s impossible. That’s impossible. Nevermind change of plans. Actually guys follow me. I have a great idea. (upbeat music) See this? (grunts) It’s scary in here. – All right guys, I’m hiding
in the secret room, which is, secret. Hmm, now if I just can just remember what
the combination was? Oh, there’s so many numbers. – All right, I know somewhere
where Peyton will never go. She’s a little scared of this place. In the dark cellar. And maybe, I’ll just hide behind this. – I remember it, but, you can’t see. (beeping) I did it! She’ll never find me in here. – With the lights off,
she’ll never come in here. – Peyton’s coming. Shh. (toy gun whirring) – Time’s up everybody! Ready or not! Here I come! – [Mom] Timer starts now! (energetic music) – Where did that sound come from? Run! I see him! He’s right there! All right guys, this is the hardest game of hide and seek yet. I need to find everybody fast! Without getting hit! (dramatic music) Okay, is anybody in here? I can’t see. No, no one’s in there. I hear him over there, but,
I wanna check the theater. I’m terrified. (toy gun whirs) (laughing) – Argh. – He missed me, ha-ha. (dramatic music) (gasps) – Gotcha!
– I’ve been hit. (buzzer dings) – [Mom] You have to go
back to the beginning. And, you only have two more chances. – I have to go! I have to go! It’s been four minutes and
I haven’t found anybody. Uh, let’s go. Okay, I’ll gotta check
everywhere in the kitchen. Who would fit down there? I’ll check over here. What about in here? Little cold, though, but… So glad no one was hiding in there. (dramatic music) (gasps) I have an idea. (dramatic music) (triumphant music) – You found me! – I found you! Finally, one down, two more to go. (dramatic music) I see him. (cupboard thudding) How do I get in here? (toy gun whirring) (toy dart popping) (beeping) (toy gun whirring) – Ah!
– Gotcha! – I’ve been hit, again. (buzzer dings) I only have one life left and I’ve been looking for 10 minutes. (dramatic music) All right, going back downstairs. Let’s go see. Carefully. (heavy breathing) Hey, Jordan. (triumphant music) – You found me! – I found you! (gasps) I need to find one more person. (dramatic music) Huh. I’m scared. (yelling) (triumphant music) – You found me. – I found you. I found everybody in 12
minutes and 58 minutes. – Whoa, 12 minutes and 58 minutes? – Seconds. Seconds. Beat that. – I am not happy about that. – All right Jordan, quick interview here
before you take your turn. Where do you think your
siblings are hiding? – So, where I think Steven
is going to be hiding in the secret room. – Hmm, like you did? – Um-hmm, and Taylor in the secret pantry. – Hmm, lots of secret
places in this house. – And, um, Peyton, I think
will be the bonus room. – And, there you have it guys. – Three minutes starts now. – Hide everybody the timer starts now! (yelling) (upbeat music) – Shh. – Don’t tell her I’m up here. – It’s huge guys, I can
hide all the way back here. – Ready or not, here I come! All right guys, I’m starting downstairs ’cause I have a feeling
that someone’s down here. (toy gun whirring) (toy dart popping) I’m getting shot! He’s coming after me! To bad no one’s in the theater room. (dramatic music) (beeping) (thudding) No one’s in there. (toy gun firing) (laughing) He missed me. (yelling)
Shh. He’s coming after me. But, I found you.
(triumphant music) Two more to go guys and I’ve been searching for three minutes. (thudding) – I’ll just be in here. (dramatic music) (toy gun whirring) (laughing) – Take cover! He’s out of ammo. (dramatic music) (heavy breathing) (sneezing) No one. (panting) (triumphant music) That was a good hiding place, Peyton, I walked right past you. – Thank you. (toy gun whirring) – Gotcha! – Not fair! (buzzer dings) All right, I got my first strike, but I found two people. I’m rocking it! And, I’ve been only
looking for six minutes! Where are you Taylor? (toy gun whirring) (triumphant music) I found everybody! Stop the clock! Six minutes and 36 seconds! Woo-bam! – It seems like you found
me, now it’s my turn. – But, you guys are going to
have to wait until next time to see Steven and Taylor go. And, see who actually wins
this hide and seek challenge. – Thanks for watching today’s video! – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below!
– Give a big thumbs up! – To see you back tomorrow! – [All] Bye. (upbeat music)

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