HGTV House Hunters Greenville SC – David Painter Realtor: WYFF News 4
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HGTV House Hunters Greenville SC – David Painter Realtor: WYFF News 4

At 11 for tonight the Upstate has found its
way into the national spotlight tonight a family’s move to the Greenville area
was featured on HGTV’s hit show House Hunters. Wyff news 4 Parul Joshi is here on the
story and Perul this family chose the Upstate over some major metropolitan areas right? that’s right Michael from Atlanta to
Kailua-Kona in Hawaii, the Devore family considered a
lot as cities before moving here, but in the end they said the Greenville
area offered them so much more. Scott and Misty Devore,their two daughters,
Misty’s parents ,4 dogs and two cats moved cross country this summer and Wednesday night they were featured
on HGTV’s hit show House Hunters. It was just something fun to
do a once in a lifetime experience for us From Denver Colorado to Easley the Devores
considered a lot of places in between including Charlotte Greensboro Atlanta
and Jacksonville Dallas and Kauai-koan Hawaii. The Devores
were searching for change, especially in weather. Our older daughter
has different medical challenges and one of them is having to do
with respiratory. Coming down here she doesn’t have to
work as hard to be able to breath. And after one visit
the Devores said they were sold ultimately choosing a house in Easley’s Middle
Creek subdivision We just fell in love with the area, the downtown is
is gorgeous and it’s just it’s not too big, it’s big enough
where it has all the amenities of the big city but its but has that small
town feel. The average sales price in Greenville is about 186 which is an all-time high so is just a very exciting
time to be in Greenville. The Devore’s realtor David Painter says the
family’s debut on national television could be a boost for the area down the
road. House Hunters made two trips to the
Greenville area from California so I think that just says a lot that they
were willing to invest the time and the expense to come
to the area. For now the Devores are happy just
embracing a new way of life. Here we’ve made more
friends in you know just a few months because of the
culture, the southern culture than we made in years in Denver. The Devores’ realtor David Painter tells us the Greenville housing market is seeing a good
balance between those selling and buying houses right now, with 25 percent more sales compared to
this time last year, only about three percent away
from the peak in 2008, Carol Thanks for Perul.

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