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Hemp Farmacy | Business of the week | Elena Kovrigin | Asheville Realtor

– Today I am at the Farmacy
but not a regular pharmacy. It is a… – Hemp pharmacy. Hemp Farmacy is a health
without the high CBD dispensary. We also are a cannabis
dispensary in technicalities. We have everything from
raw flower to tinctures to pet products to edibles
as well as US derived and third party sourced
dabs and concentrates. Wide variety of products. Presented here a full spectrum of products from actual full spectrum products that you’re looking at now all
the way to isolate products that you would find maybe
in your Medterra tincture or even maybe your caramel chew here. – [Interviewer] So, these
products displayed in order of the fastest to slowest absorption. – [Adam] Right, onset for bioavailability as well as longevity of use. The flower as you see, it’s an instantaneous onset. You smoke your joint, and you’ll see immediate
effects and relief. – [Interviewer] So you inhale. This one you inhale. Next one is: – [Adam] Sublinguals. It’s about a 15 minute onset. You hold it under your
tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. – [Interviewer] Mhm. – [Adam] Then it enters your bloodstream through your oral glands. The transdermals or topicals. Rub it on in the isolated area and it will help within
an inch within the skin. So if you have inflammation from arthritis or pain from arthritis, this is a great option to try. If you don’t want to start using products internally
at first, you can then try a product to see how
it fits your situation. – [Interviewer] That’s a good option. And the last one is… Takes longer to take effect. – [Adam] Yes Ma’am. It’s edibles, so with edibles, it’s about an hour onset on average. You have ranges of
isolate to full spectrum. The full spectrum products would be your Carolina Hemp Honey, or your dog treats. The isolate products are
your gummies from Green Roads as well as your caramel
chews from Extract Labs, or giraffe nuts. Another great options are
these peppermint teas, that you can have something to drink. You can make a pitcher of tea for the family on Thanksgiving. – [Interviewer] From
this side to that side, anything that takes longer
to take effect lasts longer. – Right, correct. Based off metabolism rates, there is research that shows
that edibles last as long as four hours to eight hours
depending on your susceptibility. When it comes to topicals, you’re looking at about
an hour to three hours depending on sweating or absorption rate and then with tinctures
you’re looking at about two to four hours. Then when it comes to your flower, you’re looking at the maximum three, but you know at the high
rate of bioavailability use, let’s say an hour to two hours. – What is hemp? – Okay, hemp is derived from the Farmville 2014 as Cannabis sativa L that’s 0.3% or less. – And by 0.3% or less you’re referring to the amount of THC? – Yes ma’am. – And THC is what gets you… A different kind of effect than this pharmacy is going for. – [Adam] Right. Health without the high. THC delta-9 creates a psychotropic effect at 5% or greater. Here in store and what the
US government has allowed is 0.3% or less THC in any product that we can offer in store. Our key goal in the dispensary model is to educate and present clean CO2 and full spectrum as
well as isolate products. When I say full spectrum, we’re pulling and extracting
all compounds from the plant and presenting into products
such as a muscle cream or your flower. These would all be considered
full spectrum products. – It says cannabis, but it’s not your, I don’t want to say traditional, but it’s not what people might think. It’s not an illegal substance. – Right. – This is just a full spectrum flower. – Right. And you can take that QR code right there and everyone right now can save the video and screenshot it. Follow that QR code to
hempletonlabreports.com It’ll guide you and it’ll show you that flower is under 0.2% THC, which follows the 0.3% THC guidelines set by the federal farm bill. Now, that would be a
full spectrum product. That’s Cannabis sativa L, and anything that’s 0.3% or less is now defined as industrial hemp. They also have products
that are considered isolate. Such as your Medterra CBD tincture. Or your Green Roads frog. These are all CBD only. No THC or Delta-9-THC, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of THC in your system. – [Interviewer] Spectrum meaning? – Whole plant or full cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. – [Interviewer] So as
far the affordability. It’s CBD option, just CBD option, the isolate option
would be more affordable for some people? – [Adam] In certain products. With tinctures or the sublinguals, we have products that range from $50 at the smallest dosage compared to $75 at the same dosage. But what we like to do here
is offer an array of products so you don’t have to
choose one or the other, but you can choose something
like a honey product that is full spectrum, but doesn’t set a price tag that you know, might not
be out of your budget. – Who is your typical client or customer? Who comes to you? – Typical consumers run all the way from the young adults such as 18
year olds to 30 year olds, looking for mood
stabilization or homeostasis or homeostasis within there. Anxiety or stress reliever, all the way up to you know
your adults and elders dealing with pain related, chronic pain, cancer, maybe some post
menopause bone loss, or muscle deficiencies. We’re just really trying to
present a clean environment and clean access to CBD for all demographics. – Are there any side effects? – We like to caution about like if you’re taking
blood pressure medications, or any kind of insulin dependencies, wait two hours after
taking your medications to really start ingesting
or using CBD products. – You mentioned that it
helps with pain management, and speaking of pain management, you are here in the same building with pain management clinic? – [Adam] Yes, we’re a pain managing clinic with integrative pain solutions. So we are a retail
facility for CBD products but we also have a HIPAA compliant nurse practitioner on
staff that can speak to you about any of your needs, you can set an appointment. If we can’t really help you, because there’s no prescriptions
required for the shop, it’s open access and open retail, but we like to offer a
nurse practitioner on staff so that they can deal with opioid issues, medication counts so that people can A: titrate off or even
utilize the services for their medical needs beyond just CBD. – Alright, so Hemp Farmacy is located on Hendersonville Road. – [Adam] Yes, we’re located
at 1550 Hendersonville Road, in the Wilcox travel center at suite 104. – [Interviewer] Okay, and also besides offering
all the hemp products, plus pain management consultation, you also have classes? – [Adam] Yes. – To educate about what you do and the hemp industry generally? – Yeah. Every third Thursday we’re going to be doing hemp education classes, so we’ll have a hemp educator here and some staff to just explain CBD, cannabinoids, hemp farming, and all other aspects from
hemp derived conversation. – Great. So people can find information about it on your website? – Yes. You can go to hempleton.com or even contact your local hemp pharmacy about all the hemp
education that’s offered at every hemp pharmacy, not just ours. – Okay, great. Thank you so much.

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